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    15 Facts About Dreams That'll Make You Go "What The Actual Fuck"

    Try screaming while having a nightmare. You can't.

    1. We dream every night. We just don't remember most of it.

    2. You forget half your dream within five minutes of waking up. Within 10 minutes, you forget 90% of it.

    3. The average person has about 1,460 dreams per year. THAT'S, LIKE, FOUR DREAMS A NIGHT.

    4. And in an average lifetime, you'll spend about THREE YEARS OF IT DREAMING.

    5. Men can have up to five erections every night while dreaming.

    6. And women may be more prone to nightmares.

    7. You can totally be diagnosed with something known as "nightmare disorder."

    8. But there's something even scarier — it's known as a "night terror."

    9. Some people can only dream in black and white.

    10. While some people claim to have the ability to smell while dreaming.

    11. You can't scream for help while having a nightmare.

    12. But a freaky nightmare might actually make you feel better.

    13. There are techniques you can use to get better at lucid dreaming.

    14. If you're "acting out" your dreams vividly, you might have REM sleep disorder.

    15. If you're having recurring dreams, there may be some unresolved issues in your life.