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18 People From Aberdeen Who Are Way Funnier Than You, Sorry

"Apparently Fifty Shades of Grey isn't a film about Aberdeen."

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3. When this Aberdonian guy made a startling discovery.

reminder that kevin smith looks like a stack of children hiding inside a coat


6. When a local farmer trolled Donald Trump.

Someone has raised the Mexican flag on the border of Trump's wildly unpopular golf course near Aberdeen:

7. And when the local paper was wonderfully deadpan.

The headline of 2016 comes from Scotland's Buchan Observer: "Aberdeenshire business owner wins presidential elect…


10. When Mia asked the important questions.

How do people go on nights out and not humiliate themselves and ruin their lives every time?? Asking for myself xx

11. When Andy had the perfect comeback.


15. When the police started a "neep of the week" award.

This weeks #NeepOfTheWeek goes to the #Macduff man who called 999 from his mobile to say that his mobile had been stolen! #CheckYourHand

Such a neep.