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Hannah Hart Plays With Kittens While Answering Your Most Burning Questions

"No regrets. I don't think you can be an online creator and think that you made any big mistakes."

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Macey J. Foronda / Angelica Baini / BuzzFeed

Hannah Hart is undoubtedly one of YouTube's most hilarious stars. From her wildly successful online series My Drunk Kitchen to her latest book, Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded, Hannah has proven to be a force on the internet and beyond. To celebrate her brand new show I Hart Food on Food Network, Hannah stopped by BuzzFeed to answer YOUR most burning questions while talking soufflés, Malibu rum, and of course...kittens!

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Why did you create My Drunk Kitchen?


Hannah Hart: I started out My Drunk Kitchen as a joke for a friend. I was a proofreader working at a translation firm — I had just moved from San Francisco to New York — and a friend of mine...[stops to pet kitten] He's so cuddly and warm! A friend of mine was going through a little bout of depression and I just wanted to make a joke to cheer her up!

How did your Food Network show I Hart Food come about?

HH: I Hart Food is a show that's about going to different cities across America and seeing how each of those areas highlight local ingredients. How many ways can you cook a lobster? Isn't it all basically the same? That's something we explore.

What are the best and worst dishes you've ever made?


HH: I think the best thing I ever made was um... Well, I made soufflé and it wasn't that hard, guys. So, that's all I have to say about that. And the worst thing I ever made was...nothing! No regrets. I don't think you can be an online creator — I'm going six years strong — and I don't think you can look back and think that you made any big mistakes. Unless of course you did, and then you make an episode called "My Drunk Kitchen: Whoopie Pie" where you explain that you're sorry.

Would you ever consider opening a restaurant?

HH: No! Restaurants are really dangerous investments, and I'm more of a "put your money under a mattress" type of person. Now, would I ever consider opening up a cat café? Yes!

What advice do you have for people who are trying to come out?


HH: I would say, "You're purrfect exactly as your are, and you already know that. Don't let anyone teach you otherwise." Also, take as long as you need. I always feel like there's a lot of pressure to come out, but you should come out when you're safe and sound. When you feel like you're in a physically and emotionally safe environment and you have a support group, then come out. Don't come out just because people are saying, "Why aren't you coming out already?" Take as long as you need. It's your journey, nobody else's.

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Did you have an inspiration or role model that helped you come into your own sexuality?


HH: Yeah, Britney Spears was a real inspo for that. [laughs]

Any tips for staying mentally healthy?

HH: Definitely cats! I also believe in kitties and puppies and babies.

What does happiness mean to you?


HH: Happiness means appreciating what you have and staying present in the moment. And not always thinking about what you don't have.

Who are your favorite YouTubers?

HH: I really like AsapSCIENCE! I think that they're really crushing it right now. Obviously my friends — Grace [Helbig], Mamrie [Hart], Tyler [Oakley] — I think they're all hilarious. Jon Cozart, aka Paint. I really like MinutePhysics. I don't know what he's up to these days, but MinutePhysics was really great.

What was your go-to drink in college?


HH: I would say my go-to drink in college was whatever was available and/or nearby. In college you really can't be picky, but you can drink responsibly. [winks]

Is there a drink that college ruined for you?

HH: Malibu coconut rum. I don't think anyone can drink that anymore because of college.

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Tune in tonight for Episode 2 of I Hart Food at 10 ET/9 CT on Food Network! And to learn more about how to foster or adopt an insanely adorable kitten like these, visit for more info.


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