Marriage equality was achieved, but at what cost?

Josh Taylor • 5 days ago

Documents obtained by BuzzFeed News reveal BHP told the federal government that the Great Barrier Reef Foundation was a good investment.

Josh Taylor • 6 days ago

The jury took 57 minutes to find James Gargasoulas guilty of the murder of six people, and of injuring 27 others, during the Bourke Street rampage in January 2017.

Josh Taylor • 6 days ago

Seventy-four-year-old Sisto Malaspina had run Melbourne's Pellegrini's Espresso Bar since 1974.

Josh Taylor • 7 days ago

ASIO has over 400 high-priority investigations.

Josh Taylor • 8 days ago

The broadcaster agreed to part with just one email out of six.

Josh Taylor • 10 days ago

The former prime minister has again said same-sex marriage was one of his biggest achievements, but LGBTI people say he can't claim credit.

Josh Taylor • 11 days ago

We've collected the data, and it turns out a lot of same-sex couples got married.

Josh Taylor • 12 days ago

"Prime minister, you're on a bus tour. Why are you flying?"

Josh Taylor • 12 days ago

Reaction has been mixed, and now Virgin says it'll talk to veterans before making any changes.

Josh Taylor • 14 days ago

Sky News has pulled down audio where the Outsiders host describes Chinese people as "black haired, slanty-eyed [and] yellow-skinned".

Josh Taylor • 17 days ago

Dutton claimed in parliament that the documents were "confidential", but the department said it didn't provide anything for the files.

Josh Taylor • 18 days ago

It's not a lashing out or a rebuke, according to the former prime minister.

Josh Taylor • 18 days ago

The government says it has been bringing kids from Nauru to Australia for a while, yet it is still fighting court cases to stop this happening.

Josh Taylor • 18 days ago

But the high school students admitted that some of their friends don't even know who the prime minister is.

Josh Taylor • 20 days ago

Refugees on Nauru get better healthcare than some people in regional Australia, the former prime minister has claimed.

Josh Taylor • 21 days ago

Touted by some as the man who brought down Malcolm Turnbull, Alan Jones had a hand in the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Josh Taylor • 22 days ago

Strawberry "food terrorism" legislation passed in a day, but the government needs more time on this one.

Josh Taylor • 25 days ago

The TV regulator found the segment "provoked serious contempt on the basis of race", and now Seven is seeking a judicial review.

Josh Taylor • 26 days ago

Assistant treasurer Stuart Robert has repaid close to $38,000 for his internet bills, but Labor still wants answers.

Josh Taylor • 27 days ago