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This Australian Politician Claimed He Was Hacked After His Twitter Account Liked A Gay Porn Tweet

Australian defence industry minister Christopher Pyne claims the defences were down on his Twitter account when it liked a tweet containing gay pornography at 2am on Thursday.

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At 2am Canberra time, as celebrations from the "yes" vote in the same-sex marriage debate wound down, the Twitter account of defence industry minister Christopher Pyne liked a tweet from an account sharing gay porn videos.

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The video in question is from a porn studio called Cocky Boys, and features two young men going at it in a variety of positions.

BuzzFeed News reporter Mark Di Stefano was one of those online at the time who picked up that Pyne had liked the tweet when it appeared in his feed.

If people are wondering how this gets spotted - there’s now a bot account that tweets what politicians like and pic…

The tweet remained liked for a full three hours before at around 5:30am, Pyne's account unliked the Tweet.

It reminded everyone of when US Republican senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz also had his Twitter account like a porn tweet for several hours.


But unlike Cruz blaming a staffer, Pyne, the man with ministerial responsibility for Australia's defence industry, claimed he was hacked.

I was hacked overnight! I was 😴 at 2am. Someone tried to hack my social media yesterday. Maybe they are making mischief over the plebiscite?

The minister claimed he was fast asleep when the tweet was liked, but people weren't super convinced.

@cpyne That’s not how “hacking” works, Mr Pyne.

@cpyne Hahaha....funny as. The hacker got in and liked one post

No word yet as to whether Australian Signals Directorate or the cyber advisor to the prime minister will be called in to investigate the hack.

Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi is calling for a full investigation into how the account was hacked.

Deeply concerned about national security implications of hacking of Pyne’s social media account. Need full investi…

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