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    Here's Everything You Need To Know About That Woman Saying "Well...Next Question...See Ya" question.

    Recently, footage of a woman backing away slowly and saying " question...see ya" before running away from a press conference went super viral.

    People were having a lot of fun with it, trying to think of what inspired the reaction.

    me: smoking weed hasn’t affected me at all someone: count to 10 me:

    My mother: So how much did you spend on the Beyonce tickets? Me:

    someone: are you gay? 15 year old me:

    employer: why should we hire you? me:

    Some people didn't really know who the woman was.

    @GSNCHX The woman interviewed deserves a Employee of the Month wherever she is!

    @Scarlet4UrMa @Cheekytelles27 What is this actually from?! I want to hear the real question!

    Well, the footage is actually of an Australian politician, Lucy Gichuhi, answering a question at a press conference earlier this month.

    maybe the year's best reaction clip from SA senator Lucy Gichuhi

    Gichuhi is the chair of the Australian Senate education and employment committee and has been in politics since 2016. Her viral video response came after Gichuhi was asked about a threat the jobs and innovation minister, Michaelia Cash, made to name young women in opposition leader Bill Shorten's office "over which rumours in this place abound."

    See, Australian politics had been engulfed in a sex scandal for the previous month, and most people took Cash's words as a threat to out other affairs happening in parliament. It was all a bit of a mess and a whoooolleeee thing.

    Michaelia Cash threatens to name "every young women in Bill Shorten's office" that she's heard rumours about. Labor senator Doug Cameron tells her to take what the young people call a "chill pill". #estimates

    So, the day after Cash made her threats (and later withdrew them without apologising), Gichuhi was asked about it. Her response was the wonderful response we have before us. The clip rattled around the (relatively) small Australian Twittersphere but never really took off. Until now.

    “Hey aren’t you one of Jesus’s disciples????” Peter:

    We asked Gichuhi how she felt about becoming a meme. She didn't respond, but if she had, we assumed it would have gone something like this...

    Me: how do you feel about being a meme? Senator Lucy Gichuhi: