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    "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" Wins Everything For The Funniest Marketing Stunt Of All Time

    "It was like... an eclips-phany."

    Some movies don't need flashy marketing to get butts in seats, and I would argue that the upcoming Kingsman: The Golden Circle is one of them.

    After the success of the first film, many will be returning to see the next chapter in the lives of the modern ~James Bond squad~ with or without flashy trailers and promos.

    Despite this, a video was released last week promising in no uncertain terms a truly fantastic promo for the film to be shown today: Aug. 21st, 2017.

    And... it's honestly fucking hilarious.

    View this video on YouTube

    20th Century Fox

    Basically (according to 20th Century Fox) everything you know is a lie and the eclipse occurring today is really just a big marketing ploy for the upcoming sequel.

    As depicted in the video, after a six hour marketing meeting that went nowhere, an insult turned into an idea to, and I quote, "LITERALLY MOVE THE MOON".

    According to the team, this idea is perfect because it fits right into their "target audience": people who know about the sun, and people who know about the moon.

    It took some serious science(?) and a lot of (not real) money to make this unbelievable promo happen.

    And it's safe to say the promo lived up to its name.

    They even released this mini trailer on Twitter, proclaiming it officially #GoldenCircleDay.

    This Monday, you will know the Golden Circle. #GoldenCircleDay #Kingsman #Eclipse2017

    And have offered these (funny AF) branded eclipse-viewing glasses.

    Ready for the eclipse? Protect your eye(s) with these special Harry Hart edition glasses! #Kingsman #GoldenCircleDay

    So go out and marvel at the greatest movie promo ever (with the proper eye wear, of course) and get excited for an even bigger spectacle coming Sept. 22nd, 2017.