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"Kingsman: The Golden Circle" Wins Everything For The Funniest Marketing Stunt Of All Time

"It was like... an eclips-phany."

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After the success of the first film, many will be returning to see the next chapter in the lives of the modern ~James Bond squad~ with or without flashy trailers and promos.

20th Century Fox

RT all I need is the promise of Taron Egerton's jawline, and I'm sold.

And... it's honestly fucking hilarious.

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20th Century Fox

They even released this mini trailer on Twitter, proclaiming it officially #GoldenCircleDay.

This Monday, you will know the Golden Circle. #GoldenCircleDay #Kingsman #Eclipse2017

And have offered these (funny AF) branded eclipse-viewing glasses.

Ready for the eclipse? Protect your eye(s) with these special Harry Hart edition glasses! #Kingsman #GoldenCircleDay