"When you're cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start gliding."

Allie Hayes • 17 hours ago

"My brother would eat sticks of butter out of the fridge under the cover of night."

Allie Hayes • One day ago

Someone picked the blue pill, apparently.

Allie Hayes • 6 days ago

I'd like to thank the Academy for this list of movies...

Allie Hayes • 6 days ago

"I genuinely owe her my life."

Allie Hayes • 7 days ago

Blink and you'll miss 'em!

Allie Hayes • 9 days ago

From fashion to phone calls, this post has it all.

Allie Hayes • 10 days ago

Don't you DARE close your eyes!

Allie Hayes • 10 days ago

This glow-up IS more than I bargained for.

Allie Hayes • 10 days ago

And it comes out the same day as Toy Story 4, so...

Allie Hayes • 12 days ago

Good boys and girls being great boys and girls.

Allie Hayes • 13 days ago

"Sometimes dead is better."

Allie Hayes • 13 days ago

"I was sent to the principal's office for saying I could see the moon during the day."

Allie Hayes • 14 days ago

"See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen."

Allie Hayes • 15 days ago

Very spooky!

Allie Hayes • 16 days ago

"I slept with the AC off for weeks because I was too afraid to use a blanket."

Allie Hayes • 18 days ago

Horror movies but, also, Legos.

Allie Hayes • 19 days ago

"I'll hide bananas until they're brown just so she'll make banana bread."

Allie Hayes • 20 days ago

Single and ready to strangle.

Allie Hayes • 22 days ago

Any one of these couples could adopt me anytime.

Allie Hayes • 24 days ago