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Allie Hayes 6 hours ago

People Are Sharing The Song Lyrics That Changed Their Lives And — I'll Admit It — I'm Sobbing

Don't click on this post without grabbing tissues first. You've been warned.

Allie Hayes 7 hours ago

Make A Disney+ Watchlist And We'll Tell You Which Disney Villain Is Most Like You

Because your cinematic choices will reveal your dark side!

Brian Galindo One day ago

Disney+ Is Here, So Here's Everything You Need To Know

Literally where the magic happens.

Allie Hayes One day ago
Allie Hayes One day ago
Allie Hayes 2 days ago
Allie Hayes 4 days ago

"Soul" — A Pixar Movie About Death — Has Its First Teaser, And It's Already Too Sad

Y'all really trying to top what you did to Bing-Bong, huh?

Allie Hayes 6 days ago
Allie Hayes 7 days ago
Allie Hayes 7 days ago

29 Funny As Heck Jokes About My Chemical Romance Reuniting

Eyeliner! Sales! Are! Through! The! Roof!

Allie Hayes 7 days ago

9 Movies Coming To Theaters In November 2019 You Won't Want To Miss

Why go to Thanksgiving dinner when you can go see Frozen II instead?!

Allie Hayes 12 days ago

26 "Little Things" That Keep People Happy

"The way the sun can warm you up on a chilly day."

Allie Hayes 13 days ago
Allie Hayes 13 days ago

"Pirates Of The Caribbean" Was, Is, And Always Will Be Amazing, So Here Are Some Jokes About It

"Why is the rum ALWAYS gone?" — Me, an adult woman, any given moment of the day.

Allie Hayes 13 days ago

The First Trailer For "The Grudge" Is Here And I Wish It Wasn't Because I Was Sleeping So Well Before

"You know what this movie needs? More loose hair!" — the director, probably.

Allie Hayes 16 days ago
Allie Hayes 16 days ago

19 Jokes About "The Mummy" Because, Fun Fact, It's The Greatest Movie Ever Made

Is it possible to give a movie an Oscar 20 full years after its release???

Allie Hayes 17 days ago

27 Tattoo Tips Absolutely Everyone Should Know

"Just remember these words: NOT EVERYONE WILL LIKE YOUR TATTOO."

Allie Hayes 18 days ago

13 Funny-As-Heck Stories About Haunted House Fails That Are Worth The Price Of Admission

Moral of the story: The scare actors are not paid enough.

Allie Hayes 19 days ago