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18 Signs That You May Be The "Aunt Friend" Of Your Friend Group

Like the "mom friend," but with less responsibilities.

Allie Hayes • 22 hours ago

What Piece Of Movie "Advice" Do You Live By?

"Do or do not. There is no 'try.'"

Allie Hayes • One day ago
Allie Hayes • 3 days ago
Allie Hayes • 5 days ago
Brian Galindo • 19 hours ago

Here's Everything We Learned About "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker" At Star Wars Celebration

Not such a long time ago in a convention center in Chicago...

Allie Hayes • 6 days ago
Allie Hayes • 6 days ago
Allie Hayes • 8 days ago

18 "Eating Sins" People Have Witnessed That Scarred Them For Life

"My mom puts peanut butter on cold pizza."

Allie Hayes • 9 days ago
Farrah Penn • 8 days ago
Allie Hayes • 10 days ago

18 Brutal But G-Rated Insults You Should Begin Using Immediately

"It is impossible to underestimate you."

Allie Hayes • 14 days ago
Allie Hayes • 17 days ago
Allie Hayes • 20 days ago

9 Awesome Movies Coming To Theaters In April 2019

So many comic book movies, so little time.

Allie Hayes • 21 days ago
Allie Hayes • 22 days ago

17 Tiny Romantic Gestures That Will 100% Improve Your Relationship

"My boyfriend boils water when I visit without asking because he knows I like tea."

Allie Hayes • 23 days ago
Allie Hayes • 24 days ago

Only True Disney Royalty Will Pass This Disney World Quiz

Do you basically pay rent in the house of mouse?

Allie Hayes • 24 days ago

Everyone Has A Song That Matches Their Sex Style And We Know Yours

Ask yourself W.W.P.D: What would Prince do?

Allie Hayes • 25 days ago