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    50 Ghost Stories So Scary They'll Haunt You For Weeks

    Warning: paranormal activity below.

    If you TRULY believe in ghosts, you probably have a creepy as all heck personal story that acts as your main reason for believing.

    And let me tell you, those stories are SPOOKY, Y'ALL. Here are just a few of the scariest ghost stories we could find on Reddit, including supernatural sightings and otherworldly encounters.

    1. "When I was in my late twenties I was dating my girlfriend (soon-to-be wife). We had been together for a while. One summer, her sister was abducted and killed by a group of six men."

    2. "I once saw a creepy reflection of myself at the end of a hallway in a friend's apartment building."

    3. "During the time my grandma passed away, my husband and I were having a lot of money problems."

    4. "In high school, the place I worked at was basically a giant gym, and gymnastics classes were also held there. One day, I came in and a girl I worked with was freaked out."

    5. "When I was in the fifth grade, I was playing with Silly Putty in my room. My mom called me down for dinner."

    6. "I was staying in the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado — the hotel that inspired Stephen King's The Shining. Around 1 a.m., I heard what sounded like children running up and down the hallways interspersed with laughter."

    7. "In 2011, I was studying abroad in Morocco. We were staying in a riad in the medina of Marrakech with tall, ornate windows."

    8. "I was visiting my mother after my dad died. She went shopping with her sister and left me alone in her house. I heard my dad as plain as day up in his room."

    9. "I worked at a public pool. At night, I would work alone after-hours cleaning the building and the pool. One night, around 2 a.m., I was cleaning the changing rooms. The pool has been closed for four hours at this time."

    woman floating in the pool at night

    10. "My girlfriend's grandfather's ashes were on a little shelf in the living room, right next to a very solid and heavy angel statue. One weekend she and I are fooling around on the living room couch and — out of the corner of my eye — I see the angel statue FLY OFF OF THE WALL, accompanied with a deep grunt."

    abandoned living room

    11. "My uncle's house out on a very eastern part of New York was said to be haunted because the family that used to own it in the 1800s decided not to give it to the stableman and sold it instead."

    An old house with wooden siding and two chimneys in a field with ominous clouds behind

    12. "My grandparents have a helpful ghost. Their house was built in the 1860s, and they've lived in it since the late 1960s."

    13. "We had ghosts in an old house that I lived in as a child. While being home alone, I could hear sweeping downstairs."

    A sepia photo of a woman in party dress holding up a glass to cheers, behind her a man with shiny, parted hair and glasses plays a banjo, and just behind him stands another man in overalls and a cap

    14. "I lived in a house for about five years that was haunted, but not in a malicious way. In a 'shitty roommate' kind of way."

    15. "I lived in an old, haunted house in college. Things got so weird that everyone moved out except for me and one roommate."

    16. "I had a one-bedroom apartment once, and as soon as it got dark enough outside, this old dude would walk from the bedroom to the bathroom all night."

    A dark walkway with a bright light at one end, within it is the dark silhouette of a man

    17. "I watched one of our cats being pulled backward about 5 feet by her tail."

    18. "I get sleep paralysis occasionally. It usually feels like someone has me by the throat and is pushing me into the bed."

    A girl sleeping in bed with a ghostly figure of a woman in a nightgown and dark hair covering her face, standing on the end of the bed above the girl's feet

    19. "Closest I've got to a haunted house is a haunted room: I used to sleep on the second floor (the bottom one being the first) and my sister in the attic."

    20. This child's closet creeper:

    21. "My grandfather was in bed, reading before going to sleep, and he saw my grandmother (his wife) walk past the bedroom in a nightgown."

    A '30s styled woman perched on a lowback chair wearing a long, flowing nightgown with short sleeves and high-heel slippers, looking into a hand mirror

    22. "When I was younger, my parents would frequently go run errands in the neighboring city and be gone most of the day from morning to night."

    23. "My wife claims she also had a doppelgänger event with her brother."

    24. "When I was around 9–10 years old, I remember waking up to see a large shadow standing at the foot of my bed. I was living with my dad at the time; he has a very large (five-floor) terrace house built in the 1800s."

    25. "My husband and I own a martial arts school, and the building that it's in (which we also own) is about 130 years to a church... And I never (and still don't, really — there has to be another explanation) believed in the paranormal, but the things that happened in it didn't just happen to me."

    26. "When I was younger, I used to take naps upstairs, but by the time I was 8 years old, I absolutely REFUSED to go upstairs. The upstairs had two large...closets? Attics? They ran from one side of the upstairs all the way to the other side, on both sides."

    Side view of a dark attic with slanted ceilings with a ray of light on an abandoned baby doll

    27. "I used to live in an old, big five-bedroom house with six other people. My S.O. and I shared one of the rooms. I 'saw' a stranger in my room when I was in my 20s."

    28. "I lived in one when I was a teen, along with my parents. Several instances come to mind. We were remodeling an old farmhouse and had been there a couple of months before witnessing anything."

    Top view of the torso and legs of a person in a worksuit and boots underneath a vehicle supported by jacks on either end

    29. "My father-in-law died before my son was born, so he never met him."

    A vintage photo on a piece of wood, showing a man with side-parted hair and mustache wearing a large-collared shirt underneath a v-neck sweater

    30. "So two weeks before we moved, my dad and I toured our house and I noticed this guy was painting the water heater, which I thought was weird AF, but I was like 10 so whatever."

    An abstract drawing with circles of various sizes stripes and scribbles in slightly different colors of crayon

    31. "I am not the type to believe in ghosts, but this happened to me and I have no explanation. My mom passed away in 2016 at 56 of cancer. She was in hospice and died in her home. One of her favorite songs was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" — which I added to her memorial video."

    "Fast-forward months later, I am cleaning out her home of her belongings by myself. There is no one else there. At one point I have an emotional breakdown and step outside to collect myself. When I return, I hear music coming from the other side of the house...which immediately struck me as weird, as not only was I there alone, but the electricity in the home is shut off. I follow the music to a bookshelf, where I find it emanating from a snow globe.

    It's motion-activated and only plays music when picked up. The song? 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.'"


    32. "I had the best haunter ever and miss my first home because of this. I grew up with a cat, Boots, who was just a year my junior."

    Front view of a cat in a sphinx pose with its eyes closed, front paw outstretched

    33. "Years ago, my husband and I were trying to see if we could get a modest house by contract for deed. We took my sister along to look at the house. It still had someone's personal items in it as though they had just stepped out — but it was for sale."

    A woman looking into her cabinet

    34. "My mom and dad passed just five weeks apart of unrelated cancers. We had taken my son with us to my parents’ house to feed their cats."

    A shadowy figure

    35. "When I was in college, I lived in an apartment complex. Every once in awhile, at around 2 a.m., I would hear breaking glass. It was clear as day. I never found any broken glass anywhere around the apartment."

    A woman sitting on the edge of her bed in the dark

    36. "I was babysitting my niece when she was 2 years old. My sister was renting a very old house that was built in the 1930s."

    A dark hallway

    37. "At the time when this happened, about eight years ago when I didn't believe in ghosts as much, my family and I were staying at a historic hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba."

    An old lobby of a hotel

    38. "I was in my room writing in my journal before bed. It was a bit later, and my parents were asleep. Most lights in the house were off except a little desk lamp."

    A ghost in a doorway of a home

    39. This unexplainable occurence:

    40. "A couple years ago, I was still living with my parents. I was upstairs in my bedroom hanging out in my room and watching TV."

    A person looking scared inside their room

    41. "When I was younger, I lived in a small house that was really dark and quiet at night. I always woke up around midnight most nights and would look for something to eat in the kitchen."

    hands against curtains inside home

    42. "The earliest memory I have is of an experience with an apparition. Based on what I know, I was no more than 3 years old when I saw it."

    A door and window in the dark

    43. "My childhood home was notoriously haunted. We moved into the house when I was around 6 and my brother was 3. It started slow with him and I seeing weird things at night and constant nightmares."

    young girl in closet

    44. "This happened when I was 11, visiting a lighthouse in Michigan that was supposedly haunted by a boy."

    A lighthouse in front of a clear sky with high grass around

    45. "We were taking a tour of the battleship Massachusetts in Falls River for my girlfriend's 30th birthday."

    A black and white image of a long hallway

    46. "My best friend came to visit me, and this being South Africa, was waiting at the security gate of our house to let him in."

    Light shining through a window into an empty room.

    47. "I'm from Indonesia where paranormal activities are quite normal here. But then I had this one disturbing experience."

    A basement door with light pouring in

    48. "A close family friend had been in a coma for a few weeks before his death and wasn't allowed visitors (not sure if that was his family's choice or the hospital's policy."

    someone changing a lightbulb

    49. "I have a ghost of a boy who died in the '20s in my room. And he literally steals things from plain sight when you look away and then they’re gone."

    A key on top of a counter

    50. This disgruntled granny:

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