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19 Things You'll Understand If You Love Weddings

Wedding season is your favourite time of year.

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7. You take real pleasure in choosing the most thoughtful gift from the gift list.


You are not one of those people who'll just buy a set of crockery without a meaningful reason. Whatever you buy has to mean something special to the couple.


11. Because you love weddings so much, you're a very emotional wedding guest.

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You always cry when the bride walks down the aisle, when any proud dads speak, and during the first dance — even if you're just a +1 and you don't actually know the people getting married.

12. And you treat the bride and groom like actual royalty.

i get more starstruck around the bride and groom at a wedding im attending than i do when i see actual celebrities

They're the celebrities of the day and you treat them with the respect they deserve.


14. And, no matter who else is on it, you always try to ensure that your dinner table is the ~fun table~.

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You'll make the most of whoever you're sitting with, but the most fun is when you're with a big group of your own friends.

16. Even if you're not thinking about getting married yet, you use other people's weddings as inspiration for your own.

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You remember all the stuff you like so you can replicate it one day.


17. If you have a S.O., you endlessly analyse every wedding you attend together afterwards.

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You discuss the food, wedding dress, speeches, service, and bridesmaids' outfits and decide what you'd like to do yourselves.