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    14 Situations That Are Way, Way Too Real When You Have A Work BFF

    When they've taken the day off and haven't told you.

    1. When you have to go to a work event alone because the other one can't make it:

    2. And when one of you has taken the day off but hasn't told the other:

    3. When you're in a meeting and have to communicate with just "looks":

    4. When you schedule a meeting just so you can catch up:

    5. Or if you need to borrow something on the sly like a tampon or spare clothes:

    6. When you're screwed at work and desperately need help:

    7. When you make "tea" together just so you can spill the tea:

    8. And when you're trying to gossip in secret:

    9. Whenever there's someone hot in the office:

    10. When one of you is trying to be healthy:

    11. When you discover you hate the same people:

    12. And that you both take pleasure in plotting against those very same people:

    13. When you only care about each other's weekends:

    14. And whenever something big happens to either of you at work: