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    24 Tweets That Failed So Hard It's Actually Perfect

    Twitter is a beautiful, glorious place. H/T r/facepalm

    1. This person who wanted to reschedule the universe.

    2. This person who got their history mixed up.

    3. And this person who could also do with a history lesson.

    4. Seriously, let's just teach the world a little bit more about history.

    5. This person who just wanted some spaghetti.

    6. All of these people who have no idea what a bay leaf is.

    7. This person who struggled to spell backwards.

    8. And this person who has the same problem.

    9. This person who unironically tweeted this about a picture of Native Americans.

    10. This person who misunderstood how night works.

    11. This person who really needs to work on their compliments.

    12. This person who should really brush up on their flag knowledge.

    13. This person who vaped in protest.

    14. This person whose career got off to a rocky start.

    15. This person who should have been more cautious in taking advice.

    16. This person who prematurely mourned the loss of Sheryl Crow.

    17. This person who completely misunderstood a celebrity wedding.

    18. This person who might want to check their numbers more closely.

    19. This person who was stupidly naive.

    20. This person who baked up a wordy treat.

    21. This person who failed to grasp childbirth.

    22. This person who got confused about the pregnancy stage of having twins.

    23. And this account that learned a shocking truth about twins.

    24. And this person who probably hasn't seen Jurassic Park.