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19 Fruits And Vegetable That Will Straight Up Make You Horny

NSFPS: Not Safe For Produce Sections

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1. Someone needs to tell this pear to chill.

TheeProfessorFox / Via

2. Some kind of exotic fruit, or just really bad cellulite?

Tekknogun / Via

3. Oh my. I'm blushing over here.

Tekknogun / Via

4. You have to be a real pervert to do this to a potato.

Tekknogun / Via

5. Uhm... WHAT?

Heyshua / Via

6. Man, I've never seen a pepper so thicc.

PhonicCookie / Via

7. Or a more explicit orange.

PhonicCookie / Via

8. Okay, a little smaller than average, but it's all about what you can do with it.

PhonicCookie / Via

9. Nothing sexier than a strawberry with a lot of back.

BCarlet / Via

10. This carrot charges by the hour.

aperson33 / Via

11. Looks like it's a little cold wherever these lemons are grown.

EroticNature / Via

12. Maybe these squashes would feel a little more comfortable on a nude beach somewhere.

EroticNature / Via

13. Gives new meaning to the 🍆 emoji.

EroticNature / Via

14. Wow, that's one hung citrus fruit.

appleman94 / Via

15. This pear is thicker than the bowl of oatmeal it will be sliced onto and eaten with.

Daniel Rocal / Via Flickr: alcalaenfotos

16. *covers eyes in modesty*

alaiwah / Via

17. Wow. We're going to have to put a graphic image filter on this one.

thebadgirlblues / Via

18. These tomatoes seem like they were destined for one another.

mikezdick / Via

19. I'm not even sure what these are, but I know what they remind me of!

VideoViral / Via

This post was translated from Spanish.

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