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For The Florida Men At The Heart Of Impeachment, Shady Dealings Are Business As Usual

"There are more than an average number of scammers, posers, and bad guys in Florida," said a veteran of the state's politics.

Nidhi Prakash 6 days ago

Young Texas Republicans Are Having An Identity Crisis

“I think we’re running out of time. We’re like a bunch of political dinosaurs and my party is practicing extinction politics.”

Nidhi Prakash 9 days ago

Julián Castro Says He Will End His Presidential Campaign If He Doesn’t Raise $800,000 In The Next 10 Days

"My presidential campaign is in dire need of financial resources to keep going," Castro said in an email to supporters on Monday.

Nidhi Prakash 29 days ago

Joe Biden Is Still A Frontrunner. But At Tuesday’s Debate He Was An Afterthought.

Joe Biden blended in. And it wasn't a bad place for him to be.

Henry J. Gomez One month ago

Julián Castro Wants To End Adoption Discrimination Against LGBTQ People

The Texas Democrat is proposing executive action around the use of federal funds, in addition to legislation.

Nidhi Prakash One month ago

"This Is Not About Me": Joe Biden Is Trying To Keep The Impeachment Inquiry’s Focus On Trump

Biden held his first public campaign event on Friday since the announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump.

Nidhi Prakash One month ago

Young Black Voters In The Carolinas Say They Like What Bernie Sanders Is Saying About Racial Justice

Even if they're not committed to backing Bernie, young black voters who came to see him think Sanders has improved since 2016. "He’s one of the few that’s been open to educating himself on that."

Nidhi Prakash One month ago
Nidhi Prakash 2 months ago

This Presidential Candidate Has The First Plan To Fix Disparities Faced By Native American Communities

Julián Castro's plan includes setting up a White House Council on Indigenous Communities and establishing advisory committees within every federal agency by 2024.

Nidhi Prakash 3 months ago

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Has Resigned After Weeks Of Massive Protests

Rosselló was under pressure to resign after leaked chats between him and his closest advisers showed him using misogynistic language and making anti-gay jokes.

Nidhi Prakash 3 months ago

Puerto Rico Lawmakers Are Moving To Impeach The Governor After Weeks Of Historic Protests

The move comes amid an increasingly tense situation on the island.

Nidhi Prakash 3 months ago

Puerto Rico Civil Rights Leaders Want Investigations Into Police Using Tear Gas On Protesters

"Show me where in the constitution it says that at 10 o'clock people lose the right to protest," said ACLU of Puerto Rico director William Ramirez.

Nidhi Prakash 3 months ago

Julián Castro Wants White Americans To Reject Donald Trump’s Racist “Siren Song”

Castro, at a turning point in his 2020 race, said he’s ready for what’s coming. “I recognize that I need to do well, and I’m confident that I can do that.”

Nidhi Prakash 3 months ago

“We’ve Seen His True Face" — Puerto Ricans Demanded Their Governor Resign In Historic Protests

“He knows the people don’t want him,” said one of the thousands of protesters demanding Gov. Ricardo Rosselló resign.

Nidhi Prakash 3 months ago

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló Won't Run For Reelection After Days Of Huge Protests

“I've made mistakes, and I apologize,” Rosselló said. People protested for days calling for his ouster, furious over leaked anti-gay and misogynist text messages he sent; allowing thousands to die in Hurricane Maria; and general corruption.

Amber Jamieson 4 months ago

Julián Castro Is The First Democratic Presidential Candidate To Call For Puerto Rico’s Governor To Resign Over Mass Protests

"I don’t think that Rosselló can be effective anymore," Castro told BuzzFeed News.

Nidhi Prakash 4 months ago

Democrats Are Pushing A Bill To Give Domestic Workers Employee Protections

Domestic workers are excluded from federal anti-discrimination and sexual harassment laws.

Nidhi Prakash 4 months ago

Latinx Activists Are Demanding Democrats Reject Barack Obama’s Deportations, Not Just Trump’s

Immigration activists want a firm commitment from presidential candidates that they will not return to the status quo if they defeat Trump.

Nidhi Prakash 4 months ago

Venezuelans In Florida Are Growing Unhappy With Trump. It Could Cost Him In 2020.

Trump’s lack of progress on the crisis in Venezuela has alienated some Venezuelan Americans who could be key to the president’s reelection.

Nidhi Prakash 4 months ago

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Create A Special Task Force To Investigate Abuses Of Immigrants

The presidential candidate released a broad immigration plan that includes measures for holding authorities accountable for human rights violations.

Nidhi Prakash 4 months ago