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Trump Rambled His Way Through A Defense Of His Syria Decision That Made No Sense

Even more freewheeling than usual, the president at one point said that the US no longer needs to care about the Middle East, because "it's 7,000 miles away."

Hayes Brown 8 hours ago

War Hawks, Peace Activists, Scholars, And Humanitarians Agree: Trump Made Syria Much, Much Worse

BuzzFeed News reached out to a wide range of experts after Turkey launched an assault on the US-backed Kurds, and they all agree — things are about as bad as can be.

Hayes Brown One day ago

The Trump Impeachment Saga Is Basically Shakespearean. This Is Its Cast Of Characters.

We were having trouble keeping track of the many people involved in the Ukraine adventures at the heart of the impeachment inquiry, so we made this for ourselves — and you.

Hayes Brown One day ago

Giuliani Claimed The State Department Warned Him Not To Meet With A Top Ukrainian Official

Giuliani said this weekend that State Department officials told him to avoid the Ukrainian president’s chief of staff, whose ties to an oligarch reportedly under FBI investigation could be a “bad influence.”

Hayes Brown 14 days ago
Hayes Brown 15 days ago

Trump Never Accepted Russia’s Role In His Election. His Denial May Get Him Impeached.

Of course the extremely cursed time we are living through — Ukraine, Barr, the impeachment inquiry, all of it — goes back to Trump’s obsession with Russia.

Hayes Brown 16 days ago

Trump's Latest Speech To The UN Was Filled With Dog Whistles And Unbridled Nationalism

Trump's fiery assault on multilateralism and diversity in favor of nationalism in front of the UN General Assembly was still shocking to hear from a US president even after his years in office.

Hayes Brown 22 days ago

Let Us Explain What The Hell Is Going On With Trump, Biden, And Ukraine

UPDATE: Uh, so this blew up. Here's how we went from a phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine about Joe Biden's son to an impeachment inquiry.

Hayes Brown 25 days ago

It’s Scarily Easy To Track Someone Around A City Via Their Instagram Stories

By cross-referencing just one hour of footage from public webcams with stories taken in Times Square, BuzzFeed News confirmed the full identities of a half dozen people.

Megha Rajagopalan 25 days ago

Tillerson: I Sometimes Had To Tell Trump "You've Been Played"

The former secretary of state also called Israel's embattled prime minister "a bit Machiavellian" during a wide-ranging discussion at Harvard University on Tuesday.

Hayes Brown 27 days ago

If Your Gas Prices Seem High This Week, This Is Why

An attack this weekend on two major Saudi oil production facilities has people shook and watching gas prices. Here's what you need to know.

Hayes Brown One month ago

Donald Trump Loves Looking Strong. John Bolton Actually Wanted Him To Act On It.

John Bolton’s tough talk on TV won over a president looking for a change. But once in the White House, he learned how hard it is to keep Trump marching on beat.

Hayes Brown One month ago

Trump Cares More About His Friendship With Kim Jong-Un Than North Korea's Missile Tests

"I have no problem," the president has said multiple times about North Korea's missile tests, which are very much a problem.

Hayes Brown One month ago

Robert Mugabe, The Longtime Leader Of Zimbabwe, Dies At 95

From jailed militant to first leader of an independent Zimbabwe to long-reigning dictator, Robert Mugabe left a lasting mark on the region.

Hayes Brown One month ago

Trump Keeps Blaming Obama, But Putin Got His Own Damn Self Kicked Out Of The G8

No matter how many times President Trump deflects on that point and blames Obama, that's just what happened! We were there!

Hayes Brown One month ago

Trump Is Reportedly Considering Buying Greenland Which Sure Why Not At This Point

The US has considered snatching up the giant-ish island from Denmark before, and it’s not like we have anything more important to worry about.

Hayes Brown 2 months ago

A Gay Couple Had To Flee Russia For The Crime Of Caring For Their Adopted Children

The couple, who had to leave after authorities threatened to take away their 12- and 14-year-old sons, spoke with Russian-language outlet Meduza about their plight.

Hayes Brown 2 months ago

Tourists Headed To The US Are Being Warned To Watch Out For Random Shootings

Uruguay cautioned travelers to the US to avoid "theme parks, shopping centers, artistic festivals, religious activities, gastronomic fairs and any kind of cultural or sporting events."

Hayes Brown 2 months ago

This Teen Read The Russian Constitution To Riot Police Before Being Detained

Olga Misik went viral for a picture of her sitting in front of officers during last weekend's pro-democracy protests in Moscow.

Hayes Brown 2 months ago

Iran’s Foreign Minister Shrugged Off New US Sanctions

“Thank you for considering me such a huge threat to your agenda.”

Hayes Brown 2 months ago