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Everybody Is Making The Same "Twilight" Joke About The Eclipse And It's Funny AF

"I'm not ready for the eclipse...I haven't even seen New Moon!"


It's really beautiful that tomorrow the world is going to come together, set aside our differences, and watch the Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Why is everyone freaking out about eclipse...twilight, new moon ,and breaking dawn deserve to be talked about too...please consider this


Not to spoil the eclipse for y'all but Bella chooses Edward lol


i stared at the eclipse for two hours last time and i didn't go blind. explain that, obama.


why y'all talking about Eclipse so much, everyone agrees it was the worst in the series...nothing compared to breaking dawn or twilight


Guys, I'm not ready for the eclipse. I haven't even seen New Moon!


@soyamacchiato @Tolerance *me blocking out the team jacob haters with my eclipse shades*


I like that Eclipse gum did more for the Twilight movie Eclipse then an actual Solar Eclipse.


nature was so shook by Stephanie Meyer's hit novel Eclipse (2007) that she's holding an actual eclipse to celebrate it's 10th anniversary


wait twilight came our YEARS AGO ppl why are u STILL talking about eclipse smh


Breaks my heart that somewhere out there today, a girl named Bella will choose an Edward over a Jacob. #twilight #eclipse


You cannot read while wearing eclipse glasses. Which means they protect your eyes from any Stephenie Meyer book, not just Eclipse.


Nothing but respect for MY eclipse

(Yes, I fucking did it too.)


Eclipse came out ten years ago this month. What an honor to Stephanie Meyer that as a nation we choose to reread it…


Just realized I can commemorate this eclipse by rereading Eclipse.


does any1 kno if they gunna be showing the twilight saga: eclipse all day tomorrow. just trying to plan in advance thx


Wow I can't believe we have a whole day tomorrow dedicated to Eclipse, the 3rd installment of the hit Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer


Real excited to watch 2010's blockbuster hit The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with my friends and family today.


It's not even 9am and I've already seen 20 tweets about the eclipse, Bella, and Edward

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