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January 1, 2017

We all wanna be Hannah, am I right?

From the man behind one of the biggest earworms of the year, to the woman we all wanted justice for in 2016, to, of course, Chris Pratt.

So big, so sweet.


Spoilers: Do NOT read this article until you have watched "The Six Thatchers".

NOT a false alarm!

If you're not hungry now, you'll be hungry after this quiz.

Love fades, but pizza is forever.

“It didn’t move! That was an immobile dog."





Let's see how your preferences stack up against everyone else's!

Real talk.

E9 was born in Fort Myers, Florida, at 7:33 am on New Year's Eve.

Chihuahuas 4ever.

"Tell us one fun fact about yourself!"

If I ever get into an arranged marriage, I want it to be like theirs.

You can blame all those crappy direct-to-video Disney sequels on The Return of Jafar!

This is the one easy thing you will do all day.

A spokesperson for the Hollywood Sign Trust tells BuzzFeed News the New Year's Eve prank was "ambitious."

Maybe you'll find it later as a surprise.

"Futuro" is here and it's chill AF.

A spokesperson told BuzzFeed News it was "inappropriate" to comment on the circumstances surrounding Michael's death, after his partner claimed the singer had killed himself.

Amazon users gave these products a *chef kissing his fingers* review.

These lips don't lie.

From relieving snoring to polishing furniture, these are the most effective and most overrated uses of coconut oil.

"Losing a pet is just the same as losing a human relative."

Exercise four times per week, feel amazing, become a total boss.

Até os iniciantes na cozinha vão conseguir fazer.

"My aesthetic is Robbie Williams applying hand sanitiser on live camera after touching normal people."

"It's only January 1st and Ed Sheeran has ALREADY saved 2017."


Carey's team said she was "set up to fail," but Dick Clark Productions called the allegation "absurd."

Bring on the next year.

It's been a weird year.

Babies never lie, but they do lie around.

Does your love of ice cream push boundaries?

Fresh to death.

Pour les vacances de rêve, c'est raté.

De la danse, du super-héros, des sabres laser, un gros gorille et du drame intimiste... Un beau patchwork pour cinéphiles!

Voici ce qui s'est passé lorsqu'on m'a diagnostiqué un cancer du sein à 26 ans.

20年前、革命的な新薬がHIV/AIDS治療の転換点となり、死の淵から生還した人たちがいる。 第二の人生を生きるとはどういうことなのか。3人に聞いた。全3章の第1章。

ことしもTasty Japanをどうぞよろしくお願いします



"Good boy" is not an option!


"I lose my mind just when you're speaking, I see you on the screen, I get to freaking"

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