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January 24, 2017

Senators Say They Want To Resume Debate Over War Authorization

A bipartisan group of senators — including John McCain and Tim Kaine — wants to make Authorized Use of Military Force a priority this Congress. However, the final say is with Sen. Bob Corker who says the Trump administration has bigger fish to fry right now.

Why I’ve Given Up On Being Healthy

My mitochondrial disease has no treatment or cure. But after years of focusing on what I can’t do because of my disability, I finally see what I can do — and how I can do it.

We Want To Know What "Skins" Means To You

Tomorrow will be 10 years since the very first episode of Skins. To celebrate, we want to hear your thoughts – the good and the bad – on how watching the show affected you growing up.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

Armed with its own set of facts, the right has created a parallel media universe that’s risen all the way with Donald Trump to the White House. We step inside the private chat rooms Trump supporters are using to manipulate French voters. And the UK’s Supreme Court has ruled that Prime Minister Theresa May must consult parliament before triggering Brexit.

What Is Privilege?

In the lead-up to Australia’s national day, as an increasing number of us reflect on the deeper meaning of "Australia Day" and what it has come to represent, we set out to interrogate how societal privilege plays out in Australian society.