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People Are Having A Hard Time Dealing With Suicide Squad's Oscar Nomination

The year is 2017 and we all live in this Hot Topic now forever.

On the morning of Jan. 24, 2017, a momentous thing happened: Suicide Squad was nominated for an Academy Award for Giorgio Gregorini's work on makeup and hairstyling.

Warner Bros.

People on Twitter took to the news in their own special ways.

Day 5 in Trump's America: Suicide Squad gets an Oscar nomination

Suicide Squad nominated for Makeup & Hairstyling like they didn't stop by CVS to grab the palest foundation slap it on Leto and roll cameras

Many had trouble grasping this new reality...

Suicide Squad got one Oscar nomination for Best Makeup And Hairstyling so now we have to call it "Oscar-nominated Suicide Squad" forever

Have you guys seen the Academy Award Nominated Motion Picture "Suicide Squad"

You: I love Suicide Squad Me, an intellectual: I love the Academy Award nominated Grammy nominated Filmé Suicide Squad dir. David Ayer

Some were sad, or otherwise disgruntled...

You know we are living in End Times when Deadpool gets snubbed and Suicide Squad becomes an OSCAR-NOMINATED FILM.

So Suicide Squad can get an Oscar nomination but Civil War can't?

It's a specious argument, but I'm still mad that "Suicide Squad" will always have more Oscar nominations than "Sing Street."

bad movies get nominated for technical awards all the time but regardless suicide squad officially being an oscar nominee just feels wrong

How did suicide squad and Dr strange get an Oscar nomination ...

While some of the responses were inspirational...

if you ever think something is impossible remember that suicide squad is nominated for an oscar

can't believe suicide squad got an oscar nomination for tattooing 'damaged' on jared leto's forehead... follow ur dreams kids

Regardless of the response, the new reality is here: Suicide Squad is an Oscar nominee. FOREVER.

Warner Bros.

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