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24 Jan 2017

Aussies In London, Here's What To Do On Australia Day

Because somehow your patriotism gets stronger the further you are from home.

1. Start early at Walkabout.

Instagram: @lydia_nug / Via

Food, trivia, live music, and even facepainting kick off from 10am.

2. Party at Belushi's.

Instagram: @hippe_lig / Via

Belushi's bars in multiple locations are holding epic Australia Day parties, complete with chicken parmie, Aussie beer, and Triple J's Hottest 100.

3. Or at Waxy O'Connor's.

Instagram: @emelia_yap / Via

Why not enjoy Australia Day in an Irish pub in Central London? Featuring giveaways, home-cooked food, and live music.

4. Laugh your butt off at Comedy Carnival's Australia Day Show.

Instagram: @cobiv / Via

Located in Bar Rumba in Central London, the line-up includes John Robertson, Colin Cole, Alice Fraser, and Pete Jonas.

5. Or the Funny Sheila's Night at R.S. Hispaniola.

Instagram: @hayles210 / Via

Funny women making jokes about Australia on a boat on the Thames. Perfect.

6. See a screening of Pawno at Regent Street Cinema.

Instagram: @jonnysouth84 / Via

Accompany the 2015 movie with wine and Aussie snacks.

7. Enjoy a surf and turf at Hanger SW6.

Instagram: @londonqueens_minbak / Via

This steakhouse is doing an Australia Day special of steak and shrimp (ahem, prawns!) with chips and a craft beer.

8. Have a feast at Dickie Fitz.

Instagram: @1teeps / Via

This restaurant in Fitzrovia is putting on a four-course Australian extravaganza, including Tim Tam Martinis.

9. Drink up at the Australia Day Craft Beer Festival in Hackney's Oval Space.

Instagram: @leighhawkins

They're offering lamingtons, a sausage sizzle, and a range of Australian craft beers.

10. Join the Aussie Day London Pub Crawl.

Instagram: @londongonewild / Via

Get drunk across five locations like a true Aussie.

11. Or the Bogan Bar Crawl in Shoreditch.

Instagram: @iamnads_ / Via

Also across five locations. For those who are feeling EXTRA Aussie.

12. Get wild at Infernos .

Instagram: @becciepile / Via

Enjoy a free beer on arrival and dance to Triple J's Hottest 100 and Aussie rock anthems.

13. Or let loose at The Clapham Grand.

Instagram: @laurahattons / Via

Featuring a ~nostalgic tuck shop~, bogan bingo, a barbie, Aussie beers, and of course Triple's J Hottest 100.

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