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21 Times Jade From Little Mix Was Really Fucking Funny On Instagram

"Wearing ellesse white trainers cos I was an absolute rebel of the school law."

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1. When her false eyelashes turned up in an unexpected location.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"found me eyelashes from last night"

2. When she shared a backstage secret.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"my brain every time we perform"

3. When she knew how to keep a guy interested.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

@wolfgangmwanje bet you're glad I washed me hair


4. When she embraced her body type flawlessly.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"Got the DD's out for outfit #3 #fashiontits"

5. When she did a face swap with a naan.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"I face swapped with my naan and it gave me eyes and an Ali G goatie. #naanyG"

6. When she flouted school rules.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall


the forehead, the jam jars and I.

wearing ellesse white trainers cos I was an absolute rebel of the school law."

7. Honestly she's the queen of the throwback.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

8. When she was everyone on a night out.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"when you're absolutely steamin on a night out and a fight starts and you think you can calm everyone down


9. When the jet lag struggle was real.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

10. When she slept through their number one announcement.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"when you miss the number 1 hype 💤"

11. When she was all of us 7 years ago.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"tbt to my top banter from seven years ago."

12. When she was all about that soup life.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"when it's nearly new year and you're at a friend's house party but your mam made pea and ham soup and you gotta stay loyal whilst playing shot roulette"

13. When she professed her love for EastEnders.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"To my one and only on Valentine's Day, the one who has brought so many memories over the years, we've had many laughs, we've had many tears, I fell just as hard as he fell when Janine pushed him down the cliff, the one I hold closest to my heart...Barry."

14. When she went full Monday.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall


15. When she called out her mum's ironing skills.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"brought my Mam all the way to London and she couldn't even be bothered to iron my trousers"

16. When she forgot how to hold a mic.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"#tbt to our last Japan trip. Far too merry to realise I was 'singing' karaoke into an upside down mic. When in Japan eyyy. 🇯🇵🍹🎤"

17. When she shared her custom emoji.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"my emoji has finally arrived 🤓 I've waited for you for so long 🤓 I can finally express myself 🤓 hi I'm jeed 🤓"

18. When she cleverly hid her yawn.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"styling out your yawn like"

19. When she shared her fashion tips.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"who wore it best though"

20. When she made this excellent pun.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"first things first"

21. When she had no patience for poor timekeeping.

Instagram: @jadethirlwall

"when your mate's late and you start giving them the countdown 💅🏽"

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