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13 Funny Parents Who Embarrassed The Shit Out Of Their Kids

Some heroes wear high-waisted jeans.

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We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to share the funniest way they ever embarrassed their kids:

1. "I picked up my daughter from elementary school dressed as Joanne the Scammer. I ran up to her and said, 'You look caucasian! Let's go!', then grabbed her arm and ran off. She hates me now, LMAO."


—Arielle Davila, Facebook

(This is Joanne the Scammer in case you're like, "Huh?")

2. "My daughter's name is Jennifer; I do a pretty decent Forrest Gump voice. A few years ago we were at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool when — using my Gump voice — I screamed as loud as I could, 'Jenny! I love you, Jenny!'"



3. "This isn’t me, but I witnessed greatness from a man we’ll call 'Bob.' I was working at the Ferris Wheel when Bob approached with his two teens and said, 'Hello! My name is Bob and these are the fruits of my loins!'”

4. "When my boys acted like fools in the store, I sat in the doorway and had a 'tantrum.' Haven't had a problem since."

—Ashley Nicole Duke, Facebook

5. "My mom made 'Juju On That Beat' her ringtone."


6. "I once tried to embarrass my mom by shoving a straw up her nose at the store, but instead of being embarrassed she shoved another straw up her nose and ran around screaming, 'I’M A WALRUS.' I was mortified."

TV Land

7. "We took our daughter bowling and got a lane next to kids from her high school. My husband not only kept talking to them like he was one of the gang, but did a power slide down the alley after every strike."


8. "For awhile my daughter, niece, and nephew were impossible to take anywhere without getting into terrible fights. So, to get them to stop, I would talk like a pirate loud enough to make people look at us all crazy."


9. "My dad and I were at the grocery store where this cute cashier was ringing us up. My dad thought I liked him (I kinda did tbh) so my dad said, 'Hey, my daughter thinks you’re cute.' He then asked the guy his age and other questions like that — legit the most embarrassing thing ever."


10. "My husband and I break out into really loud singing and dancing when one of our kids is being a grump. I'm talking full on knee-slapping, foot-stomping glory."


—Shawn-Jessica Davis, Facebook

11. "My mom had my older sister called out of class via the intercom: 'Excuse me, Mrs. Jones, Jenni's mother is here to pick her up because she didn't clean her room this morning."


—Trenton Hamson, Facebook

12. "My dad very seriously asked my high school boyfriend — whom I had dated for only four days — 'Are you planning to marry my daughter?' The boy went pale as my dad continued, 'I don't mean to rush you it's just that we are building the family crypt and I'm counting how many spots we will need.'"

—Mavi Feito Torrez, Facebook
Flickr: garylerude / Via Creative Commons

—Mavi Feito Torrez, Facebook

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Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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