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    Guys, We Need To Talk About Amitabh Bachchan's Hilariously Self-Obsessed Twitter Account


    Being the second-most followed Indian on Twitter, Amitabh Bachchan is quite active with his daily updates.

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    The legend is only a couple of million behind PM Narendra Modi.

    But in the past year or so, there's been a curious development in Bachchan's tweets...

    T 2474 - The 'yellow' yells ... YEEEAAAOOOOWWWLLLLLLLLL WWWOOWWW !!

    The man seems to be unable to post anything without uploading his own photo alongside it.

    T 2382 - #PINK the incredible attention it is getting is phenomenal .. attention plus immense praise .. immense love

    While it makes sense sometimes, about 95% of his photos have literally zero context.

    T 2508 - INDIA thrash the British .. !! Yuvraj, it is the champion that disproves with his proof .. you were an ex…

    Because it doesn't matter if the thing he's tweeting about has nothing to do with him, Bachchan uploads his face no matter what.

    T 2188 - @msdhoni many congratulations .. another great example of your leadership ! So much to learn from you !!

    He uploads his face when he's wishing another actor for an award win.

    T 2160 - FINALLY ..! Leonardo gets Best Actor at Oscars .. ! A considerate co star and a thorough gentleman !

    He uploads his face when he's posting an inspirational quote (that's not his own).

    T 2456 -" When you complain you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation, change the situation or accept it, all…

    He uploads his face when he's tweeting WhatsApp forwards.

    T 2472 - Modern and today's science has finally discovered the reason why we sleep - to be able to charge our mobil…

    He uploads his face when he's in mourning.

    T 2457 - Pained beyond words at the loss of life of our jawans and officers at the border today .. prayers and sile…

    FFS the dude uploads his face even when he's just lodging a customer grievance against Samsung.

    T 2395 -I have Samsung Note 7. Battery charge restricted to 60%. When will it allow me to go 100 ? Mr Samsung pleas…

    The peculiar trait hasn't gone unnoticed, with Bachchan's love for his own photos becoming a hilarious punchline now.

    *Bacchan sahab searching boy for his grand daughter's marriage * Ladkewale : Photo bhejo *Bacchan sahab sends his own photo*

    Jaya B: Send Nudes Amitabh Bachchan:

    It's pretty much entered meme territory, at this point.

    *WhatsApp chat* Jaya: "You're so selfish. I'm not talking to you. Bye" BigB:

    In fact, fans just reply to him with their own faces now.

    Even if it is just to make a point.

    @kitAnurag @SrBachchan High time someone tells him, it's ok to tweet without a pic.

    To his credit, Bachchan has acknowledged the issue and refused to be shamed for loving himself.

    T 2390 - Many that come on this platform ask, why I put up only my pictures ? ANS : 'Because I want to .. !! Got a…

    You do you, Mr. B. You do you.

    Sahil Rizwan