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    This Is What Target's New Activewear Line Looks Like On Different Body Types

    Who can say no to affordable athleisure?

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    Macey J Foronda and Alice Mongkollite for BuzzFeed

    Hello, everyone! Lots of ladies here, and we love Target and pants that are not jeans. In case you haven't heard, Target recently partnered with celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser to release a limited-edition size-inclusive activewear line!

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    Being the Target-loving, not-fan-of-jeans-wearing women that we are, we decided to try the line out and see how it was IRL.

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    Sheridan, who is a size 2X in tops and 1X in bottoms, wore the cutout leggings ($41.99), the graphic tank ($21.99), and the sleeveless sweatshirt ($26.99).

    Macey J Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Sheridan's thoughts about the clothing: Wearing athleisure is my jam — even though I hate the word “athleisure” itself. My friends have described my day-to-day style as "Olympic athlete going to a European techno club," so athleisure being in style is really a coup for me.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this collection. First of all, the material felt great and super comfortable. Nothing was digging in. Nothing felt super baggy. It was just well-fitting stuff. The only issue I had with the outfit was my shirt. It felt great, and it had a cool back to it, but I’m not really a “hot pink” kind of girl. Also, it had one of those hackneyed sayings on it (“Gym Hair Don’t Care”), which made me break out in hives (OK, I’m being dramatic, but you get the idea). If I wanted to wear a shirt with clichés on it, I’d go back in time and shop at Limited Too.

    Ali, who generally wears a medium in maternity sizing, wore the "Worth It" graphic tank ($21.99), the side cutout leggings ($39.99), and the strappy sports bra ($19.99).

    Macey J Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Ali's thoughts about the clothing: My gym aesthetic before pregnancy was pretty much black workout pants, comfortable sports bra, and a tank top or T-shirt with the neck cut out. Now it's just whatever I can find, which is usually my husband's old T-shirts.

    I was excited to try on workout gear that was specifically made for maternity, but it ended up feeling like just bigger clothes with a medium-size tag on them. The pants were pretty comfortable and had a little flap for my belly, but the flap wasn’t high enough to cover the belly and offer support, or low enough to sit under the belly. I constantly felt like I had to keep pulling them up. The sports bra was cute, but even at a medium, it was WAAAAAY too small. I had a difficult time getting it on, and an even harder time taking it off. It wasn’t made for pregnant women; it was just a regular medium sports bra. The tank top was big and roomy, and I really liked the mesh back, but again, there was no sign that it was specifically maternity wear — it was just a crazy big medium that felt almost like a short nightgown. I was kind of disappointed overall.

    Lauren, who is a size XS or S, wore the layering sweatshirt ($34.99), the mesh printed leggings ($39.99), the mesh insert tank ($19.99), and the mesh layered sports bra ($19.99).

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Lauren's thoughts about the clothing: I actually really like cute workout gear because I feel like when I look cute, I work out harder. Or at least, I’m more motivated to go out and exercise.

    I am a pretty short lady, so I didn’t expect the leggings to fit perfectly, and yeah, they didn’t fit perfectly. They were much too long. The material was really thin and breathable, so it didn’t bother me much that it was bunched up around my ankles. The sports bra and tank top were both much too small, and both items had two layers for absolutely no reason from what I could tell. The tank top had the tiniest opening for my head, and I am pretty sure I ripped it a little trying to put it on. But the cape sweater thing is my new obsession and I love it! Silver lining.

    Nina, who is a size medium, wore the layered shorts ($19.99), a graphic tank ($19.99), an asymmetrical zip sweatshirt ($24.99), and the strappy sports bra ($19.99).

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Nina's thoughts about the clothing: I don’t really like wearing workout clothing outside the gym. Athleisure is NOT my style at all. I feel grubby if I wear leggings or athletic shirts out and about.

    I wasn't crazy about MY outfit (I thought others were cuter), but I did love the gray sweater thing I was wearing. That was also probably the least athletic-seeming one out of them all. I would also probably wear that as a normal shirt and not a workout sweater. The shorts, the tank, and the sports bra were all pretty “meh.” It’s what you’d expect for that price point. Basic AF. Also, the sports bra is definitely not designed to support people with bigger boobs. If I wanted to run or do anything that involved, you know, movement as an exercise, it wouldn’t hold me up.

    Lara, who is a size small, wore the mesh-insert capri tights ($34.99) with the fitted tank top ($19.99) and the graphic sweatshirt ($24.99).

    Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Lara's thoughts on the clothing: I LOVE ATHLEISURE. The day that athleisure was considered fashionable was one of the greatest days of my life. So needless to say, I was excited to try these clothes out. Because, duh, I like athletic wear. I probably wear yoga pants three times a week, so I'm always looking for new pants to add to my collection.

    Overall, I was Switzerland about this particular line of athleisure. I certainly don't DISLIKE it, but I also don't LOVE it. I just like it. Would I wear it again? Yes. The yoga pants were my favorite part simply because they were not squeezing the goddamn life out of me and I didn't have stomach pain after 30 minutes. I would wear the hell out of those. The shirt was cute but not practical in the event that I ever run. (I won't.) All in all, I give this line a B, and now I will go back to sitting around in yoga pants not doing yoga.

    Kristin, who is a size 2X, wore the layering cardigan ($36.99), a graphic tank ($21.99), mesh-insert leggings ($41.99), and a layered sports bra ($21.99).

    Macey J Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Kristin's thoughts about the clothing: Athleisure almost seems designed to guilt you into working out by either clinging to all the bits you feel bad about or covering you like a tent and the circus inside is every Cheeto you’ve ever eaten.

    But I gave this line a shot. The pants are a little long, but that’s pretty much all pants on me. And I don’t really love wearing things with designer names branded all over them — I am not a cow on a ranch. But the pants stay UP when I jump around, which is really the most important trait a pair of pants can have. And I did really enjoy the wrap coat’s variation on the standard “billowy trash bag” workout silhouette — the ability to unbutton the top while hanging out and to rebutton when I need to move is key. I could definitely wear this to brunch with some makeup in order to trick people into thinking I got dressed up for them. But the most important thing for me is that this stuff actually keeps my body puzzle pieces in the box they came in.

    Overall, each person managed to find at least one item they loved in the line.

    If you like any of the pieces, you can find them here.

    Clothing was provided to BuzzFeed free of charge.