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What Shows, Movies, And Books Are Making Life Slightly Less Terrible?

A little light for dark times.

So, this year has already kind of had an exhausting start, and you might be feeling it mentally and emotionally.

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If you're feeling like shit, then super heavy or dark TV shows, movies, and books might be the LAST thing you want to see right now.

Hulu / Via Twitter: @momma_problem

Maybe you've found yourself gravitating to things that take a little less of an emotional toll on you because of this.

So we want to know: What kind of media are you consuming to bring a little light back into your life?

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Maybe you've taken to rereading an old childhood favorite for comfort.

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Or maybe you've discovered an underrated gem that's brought some joy into your tired, tired heart.

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Maybe you've subsisted on nothing but empowering stories that make you want to rise up.

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Or maybe you love how a popular show makes you feel ~connected~ to everyone else who's also obsessed with it.

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So tell us in the comments which TV shows, movies, or books you've loved lately, and how they've been making life just a little easier. Your response could be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post!