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What Shows, Movies, And Books Are Making Life Slightly Less Terrible?

A little light for dark times.

So, this year has already kind of had an exhausting start, and you might be feeling it mentally and emotionally.

If you're feeling like shit, then super heavy or dark TV shows, movies, and books might be the LAST thing you want to see right now.

So we want to know: What kind of media are you consuming to bring a little light back into your life?

Maybe you've taken to rereading an old childhood favorite for comfort.

Or maybe you've discovered an underrated gem that's brought some joy into your tired, tired heart.

Maybe you've subsisted on nothing but empowering stories that make you want to rise up.

Or maybe you love how a popular show makes you feel ~connected~ to everyone else who's also obsessed with it.

So tell us in the comments which TV shows, movies, or books you've loved lately, and how they've been making life just a little easier. Your response could be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post!