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15 Tumblr Posts Only People With, Like, Two Friends Will Understand

These are too true.

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1. When no one messages you:

2. When you plan your whole weekend around your two friends:

3. When you don't want to bother them too much so you hold stuff in:

4. Can't relate:


5. When all your friends are busy, so you have to get creative:

6. Seriously:

7. I'm not kidding:

8. When you're personally attacked:


9. When you try to look on the bright side:

10. When things start getting personal:

11. When you realize why you're like this:

12. Well, at least you've never felt this anxiety before:


13. When your friend tries to get you to meet their friends:

14. When you want to be included in everything:

15. And when you know you'll always have someone to count on:

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