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    24 Things Kim Kardashian Did In 2007 That Need To Make A Return In 2017

    We deserve this.

    1. In 2007, Kim Kardashian was more than happy to don her best leggings and gold jewellery to go rollerbooting.

    2. She went to the grocery store to buy toilet paper like the rest of us.

    3. And when she hit the red carpet, she took unusual accessories with her. Like an iPod.

    4. Or a Vitamin Energy drink. And it's pretty clear that 2017 would be infinitely improved if she just did this more often.

    5. It'd be so much better if we got to see Kim getting down in the club again.

    6. It'd be life-changing if she ate cake on the dance floor, just one more time.

    7. Because our lives were richer for moments like this.

    8. Richer for the opportunities she gave us to marvel at her cell phone collection.

    9. This one was clearly the best.

    10. She's made up with Paris Hilton now, so PLEASE GOD let 2017 be the year we see them in matching metallics again.

    11. Maybe this year we'll even see Kim finally getting what she deserves: the gold outfit.

    12. And the chance to undo this injustice.

    13. In 2007, Kim used to pose with Kendall and Kylie Jenner in frankly spectacular outfits.

    14. And it's been a long time since we saw her coordinate with Kourtney's polka dots.

    15. Bring back Brody in a ~bros before hos~ T-shirt!

    16. Bring back the satin! And poses like this!

    17. Bring back the satin paired with a sensible cardigan!

    18. We need to see chic faux fur matched with beige accessories.

    19. We need to see Kim this excited over a single snow boot again.

    20. We deserve to see her equally as pleased with a pack of greetings cards.

    21. So, channel 2007 in all that you do this year, Kim.

    22. Rock those flatcaps.

    23. Work any and every red carpet.

    24. Make our lives complete again.