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    21 John Legend Tweets About Trump That Are Also Pretty Fire

    He's not quite Chrissy Teigen, but give him a chance.

    Look, we all know Chrissy Teigen is the queen of hilarious, political Twitter clapbacks.

    But you know who doesn't get enough Twitter credit? Her devoted husband, John Legend.

    Is he as hilarious as Chrissy? Well... no. But John can be funny about politics too, guys! Here's the proof:

    1. When he burned Trump by also kind of burning himself.

    2. When he used Trump's own catch phrase against him.

    3. When he savagely pointed out the low turnout at Trump's inauguration.

    4. And then completely shut down Connor's rebuttal. RIP, Connor.

    5. When he wanted #BoycottJohnLegend to happen, because that "shit seems lucrative."

    6. When he was not at all fooled by white racists posing as black guys on Twitter.

    7. That time he was so done with men who were only offended by Trump's misogyny because they have daughters.

    8. And chastised Jeb for waiting too long to get angry.

    9. When he accurately destroyed the "Hollywood elitist" argument.

    10. And pointed out the people making that argument voted for a REALITY STAR.

    11. When he trolled Trump and other national anthem defenders by celebrating his own awesomeness.

    12. When he straight up called Trump a "racist imbecile."

    13. And that time he said it right to Trump Jr's face.

    14. When he reminded us of that time our president defended the size of his penis.

    15. And that time he mocked Trump for getting "remedial courses" from Obama.

    16. When he pointed out that Trump's "one Skittle could kill you" metaphor for Syrian refugees could also be applied to gun control.

    17. And then clarified that it's pretty terrible to compare human beings to pieces of candy.

    18. When he perfectly summed up the election results.

    19. When he asked the GOP to please be a little less blatant in their racism.

    20. When he tried to help this Trump supporter understand how words work.

    21. And basically every single time he shut down ignorance with the facts.

    22. Yes, John.

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