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    14 Hilarious Tweets About Passive-Aggressive Emails At Work

    "The minute you specify that it's a 'friendly reminder,' I am instantly certain it's anything but."

    1. This incredible feeling:

    2. When they include two small, but extremely threatening words:

    3. When you're on the receiving end and aren't sure how to deal:

    4. When you've absolutely had it:

    5. When they unnecessarily but intentionally CC your entire team:

    6. When you're guilty of using the shadiest of lines:

    7. When you toss a question like an absolute pro:

    8. When the frustrations are just too real:

    9. When the "dig" is so deep, it kills your soul:

    10. When outrageous email chains about office supplies give you life:

    11. Or better yet, one's about the fridge:

    12. When you're fully aware of your strengths:

    13. When the copy + paste tools are all you need to get the job done:

    14. And finally, when you end your note in the harshest way possible:

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