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Three Generations Of Women From The Same Family Took On Three Dictators Over Half A Century

The courageous young women at the forefront of the Sudanese revolution were following in their mothers’ — and grandmothers’ — footsteps.

Tamerra Griffin 7 days ago

An Honorary Ambassadorship Bestowed Upon Zimbabwe’s First Lady Has Been Withdrawn

The website that announced Auxillia Mnangagwa’s award has been replaced with a statement of retraction, following sharp criticism from former US diplomats.

Tamerra Griffin 23 days ago

A Teenage Girl Killed Herself After Being Called “Dirty” While On Her Period

Local police launched a formal investigation into the girl’s death almost a week later, following outrage from parents and Kenyan lawmakers.

Tamerra Griffin One month ago

Robert Mugabe, The Longtime Leader Of Zimbabwe, Dies At 95

From jailed militant to first leader of an independent Zimbabwe to long-reigning dictator, Robert Mugabe left a lasting mark on the region.

Hayes Brown One month ago

Nigerian Artists Are Boycotting South Africa Because Of Deadly Violence Against Foreigners

Seven people have died in the latest cycle of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Tamerra Griffin One month ago

She Was Ordered To Pay Damages And Apologize To The Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Her — So She Left The Country

Shailja Patel accused a fellow writer of sexual assault. Five years later, she’s in hiding in another country.

Tamerra Griffin One month ago

An American Missionary Was Wrongly Accused Of Voluntarily Undergoing FGM

Teresa June Estes has demanded an apology from Kenyan media outlets who misreported details of her traditional wedding.

Nishita Jha 2 months ago

People In Sudan Don’t Know You Changed Your Profile Picture To Blue. Her Graffiti Is Spreading The Word.

The Sudanese military has blocked the internet, meaning that many in the country don't know about #BlueForSudan and the global interest it sparked. Assil Diab is taking to the streets to tell the story behind the hashtag.

Tamerra Griffin 3 months ago

Botswana’s High Court Just Struck Down Colonial-Era Laws That Made Gay Sex Illegal

The decision comes weeks after Kenya upheld its own laws against gay sex.

Tamerra Griffin 4 months ago

Sudan's Government Is Brutally Killing Protesters During An Internet Shutdown

Security forces are "literally treating people like prey," one person with relatives in Khartoum told BuzzFeed News via WhatsApp.

Tamerra Griffin 4 months ago

Kenya Has Upheld A Law That Punishes LGBT People For Having Sex

In a major blow to LGBT advocates, Kenya’s High Court said colonial-era laws outlawing gay sex should stay in place.

Tamerra Griffin 4 months ago

She Protested Against Campus Rape Culture After Being Sexually Assaulted. Then Her School Banned Her For Life.

Ahead of elections, women are demanding the new government in South Africa finally act to end the scourge of gender-based violence.

Tamerra Griffin 5 months ago

South Africa Has An Anti-Immigration Problem, And It Looks A Lot Like America's

With a crucial election looming, populist and nationalist rhetoric put forward by world leaders like President Trump is making xenophobia in South Africa worse.

Tamerra Griffin 5 months ago

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir Has Been Arrested

The former military leader’s resignation comes after four months of escalating pressure from protesters across the country.

Tamerra Griffin 6 months ago

People Can’t Stop Talking About This Iconic Photo From The Protests In Sudan

In her first interview since going viral, the woman in the photo said that when she's not protesting the government, she's a student studying engineering and architecture.

Tamerra Griffin 6 months ago

“Surviving R. Kelly” Kicked Off A #MeToo Movement In East Africa

Ethiopian women are using Instagram to encourage their community to confront an issue usually greeted with silence.

Tamerra Griffin 7 months ago

A Black Newscaster Just Wanted To Help. Instead He Was Called “A Monkey” And Attacked.

Samora Mangesi, a 26-year-old news broadcaster, posted photos of his injuries on Twitter on Wednesday.

Tamerra Griffin 7 months ago

These Women Joined Facebook To Follow Their Crushes. Now They’re Using Their Skills To Expose Abusive Police.

Women in Sudan have transformed Facebook groups initially set up to spill the tea on their love lives to expose members of the security forces abusing their power — and are now at the heart of protests sweeping the country.

Tamerra Griffin 8 months ago

Angola Has Decriminalized Gay Sex

It is also now illegal to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.

Tamerra Griffin 8 months ago

Zimbabweans Are Calling For Help, But No One Can Hear Them

The social media shutdown comes amid huge civil unrest in Zimbabwe, with reports of indiscriminate arrests and violence by police and soldiers against protesters.

Tamerra Griffin 9 months ago