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February 1, 2011

Time just flashes by with words on the QLOCKTWO. It's best for people who can't read clocks, but would like to mask it with a contemporary looking art piece in their house.

Back in 2000, the NYC Transit Authority joined the artificial reef building program off the East Coast of the US and hundreds of stripped and decontaminated subway cars were sent via barge to be dumped in the Atlantic Ocean.

BBC auto show Top Gear has received an official demand from the Mexican embassy for an apology after hosts made a slew of xenophobic jokes while reviewing a Mexican sports car called the Mastretta MXT.

Artist Maxim Dalton made a fully playable board game version of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." It's part of a tribute show dedicated to John Hughes. Not quite as fun is Hungry Hungry Uncle Bucks.

Another great autotune from the Gregory Brothers!

This is so stupid.

Never choose a book by its cover.

Did anyone else read BOP?

Let's take a minute out of our busy days to celebrate the important medium of stock photographs depicting inappropriate office behavior.

Happy year of the rabbit! This Chinese Lunar New Year, don't take chances! Get your fill of cute bunnies and rabbits, and you will be lucky all year round.

Bros need to network too, you know.

Yes yes yes.

Introducing my favorite new meme, Success Nun. I love anything Mother Angelica related.

It looks...daunting.

A diver at the Richina Underwater World in Beijing, China performs The Tortoise and the Hare for onlookers.

A recently unearthed death threat against Red Sox pitcher Joe Wood from 1912. Wood was having a stellar season that year and the scoundrels who typed this letter were apparently trying to knock him off his game with typos. It's strangely comforting to see that trolls haven't gotten any better at spelling in almost a century.

A new kids' show on BBC features a fun gang of skateboarding, reggae-loving, crime-stopping mice.

This game was brutal. Disease and sensitive men named Terry lurked around every corner.

Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh, Star Wars!

For the parent that doesn't believe in sugar coating the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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