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November 1, 2013

Places You Shouldn't Take A #Selfie

Resist the urge to snap a shot in these places to avoid an #InstaFail

Musical Instruments You Never Knew Existed

You won't find these instruments at your local music store.

22 Of The Best Simple Pleasures

Like when your ears pop and you suddenly hear the world 10 times better.

7 Reasons The Dallas Cowboys Really Are America's Team (But Not In A Good Way)

NFL fans often complain that the Cowboys are not truly "America's Team." But, if you think about it, it's actually a pretty good comparison. Just not the way Cowboys fans probably have in mind.

The Nominees For The '98 Kids' Choice Awards Will Shock You Now

Please tell me you voted for Robin Williams on this Nickelodeon score sheet.

29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Can you get through this post without whipping out your flat iron?

12 Soundtracks To '90s Kids TV Shows You Might Not Know Exist

BRB, uploading the Saved By The Bell album to my iTunes.

The Nicki Minaj Tit Harness Is Festive

I hate when you have to ask somebody what their Halloween costume is supposed to be. Batman I get. You’re the tenth Miley Cyrus twerking from the VMAs at the party. Got it. But I tire quickly of the guy who has to explain that he’s the broken…

The Pickle Shack - Dogfish Head And Brooklyn Brine Invent The Beer And Pickle Restaurant

After first collaborating on a pickle (the Hop Pickle made with 60 Minute IPA), the respective teams at Brooklyn Brine and Dogfish Head have gone brick-and-mortar with Pickle Shack. Given their mutual inclinations towards exciting, inventive…

8 sites que aumentarão drasticamente a sua produtividade na Internet

Leve sua procrastinação para o próximo nível.

Las 23 comidas más perfectas del Universo

Hoy celebramos a estos héroes porque se rehusan a conformarse. Porque no cederán a la presión de las normas sociales. Porque son demasiado especiales.

8 Landscape Paintings Invaded By "Star Wars" Lead The Daily Links

Plus the first-ever video tour of a Sriracha factory, how to clean your house after getting pranked on Halloween, and a drone delivers a cigar to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Archer" Finally Goes To The Danger Zone

After three seasons of teasing, Archer is finally making with the Kenny Loggins goodness.

Egypt's Jon Stewart Taken Off The Air Minutes Before Showtime

A private TV station cites the "inappropriate content" of Bassem Youssef's show as the reason for his suspension.

17 Of Your Favorite Books As Shirts

Did I mention the ENTIRE BOOK is on a shirt? That you can actually read?

15 Times Disney Villains Were Just Trying To Be Helpful

Somebody needs to be the voice of reason around here.

22 NBA Players You Secretly Think You're Better Than

"Man, if I was just a little bit taller..."

The Weird, Terrifying Physics Of iOS 7

Look out! There's an app barreling toward your skull, and it's going as fast as a car.

These People Think Deodorant Is Hilaaaaarrrrious

This 1970s deodorant brand made women pee themselves laughing.

11 Reasons CapsCop Is The Most Hilarious Buzzkill On Twitter

"On Twitter no one can hear you scream."

Patrick Stewart's Lobster Costume In The Bathtub Wins Halloween

Patrick Stewart\'s lobster costume: Sir Patrick Stewart dressed as a lobster in a bathtub wins Halloween.

How My Obsession With Furnishing A Future Put Me Nearly $40,000 In Debt

In April of 2009, I was 22, debt-free, and a month away from graduating from an expensive, private liberal arts school whose primary focus, beyond education, was the careful comfort of its 2,000 students. This was a place where free cocoa was…

Nyan Dog Is Way Better Than Nyan Cat

Slowest. rainbow. ever.

Florida City Where Trayvon Martin Was Killed Bans Guns For Neighborhood Watch Volunteers

Sanford, Fla., where neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, is changing its rules to state that volunteers may not carry firearms or pursue someone they think is suspicious.

This Is What The Decrease In Food Stamp Benefits Means For Your State

Food stamp benefits will be cut for more than 47 million Americans beginning Friday.

What's Hotter Than Twitter? Containers

With the most highly anticipated IPO since Facebook coming next week, another company went public, and it's blowing up. It sells boxes.

20 Times Idgie And Ruth Were The Perfect Couple In "Fried Green Tomatoes"

The film may have cut the original novel's romance, but the chemistry between these two women couldn't be denied.

11 Celebrities Who Are Stuck At LAX

All flights were grounded after a gunman opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday, stranding scores of travelers, including these famous faces.

9 Longform Stories We're Reading This Week

This week for BuzzReads, David Peisner profiles a professional soccer player who earns only $35,125 a year, and questions whether pay inequality will doom Major League Soccer. Read that and these other great stories from around BuzzFeed and the web.

Why Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold Water

Not to get all Malcolm Gladwell here, but it's counterintuitive that hot water freezes faster than cold water. The phenomenon is called the Mpemba effect and until recently, no one could explain how it works. A group of researchers in Singapore…

This Is What Happened When People On A Commercial Flight Learned They Were Transporting A Fallen Soldier

“I just addressed the escort. It is a sworn oath to bring home, to the family, the fallen," a military officer said. “Today you all did that, you are all escorts, escorts of the heart.”

Las 15 cosas más molestas de tener un nombre único.

¡Buena suerte en Starbucks! Las chances de que escriban bien tu nombre son mínimas.

Keanu Reeves' Excellent Adventure In Asia

The iconic actor opens up about his seven-year filmmaking journey that made him a force in China. And also, escaping Sad Keanu.

The Low-Budget, High-Pressure Life Of An MLS Rookie

Major League Soccer is the only pro sports league in America where superstars can earn 140 times more than their teammates. How much longer will it be able to convince talented, internationally coveted young players like the Los Angeles Galaxy’s Kofi Opare to stay in the U.S. for $35,000 a year?

20 Delicious Sea Monsters Eaten In Asia

There's more to seafood than tuna and salmon.

5 Pop Songs That Illustrate Egypt's New Cult Of Personality

General Sisi is everywhere these days — including in music videos. But there's still room for Snoop Dogg.

19 Street Artists To Keep An Eye On

Banksy's residency in New York is officially over. Here are some artists to watch while we wait to see where he pops up next.

Dunkin' Donuts Is Releasing A Red Velvet Latte On Monday

And we really, really want to try it.

This Video Of A Pre-Fame Kanye Will Warm Your Heart

This previously unreleased 2002 interview with MTV shows a very different side of the rapper, back when he was known only as the guy who made Jay's beats.

19 Invenções japonesas incrivelmente absurdas

Chindõgu (subs..): A arte japonesa de inventar aparelhos que parecem ser úteis, mas que são absurdos demais para serem usados de verdade.

24 Gatos que están tan solos

"Ni siquiera quiero tener una relación."

29 Pictures Taken From Exactly The Right Angle

Can you figure them all out?

The Most Accurate Map Of The U.S. Ever

As labeled by an Australian who's never been here.

CNN Anchor Asks LAX Shooting Witness, "Where Are Your Bags?"

An important breaking news question from CNN's Brooke Baldwin.

Drug "Supertunnel" With 8 Tons Of Weed And 325 Pounds Of Coke Discovered Under U.S.-Mexico Border

Federal agents discovered what might be the world's most sophisticated series of drug smuggling tunnels, equipped with electricity, ventilation and an electronic rail system.

Six Minutes Of Corgi Puppies Running At A Camera In Slow Motion

This is all I need in life. Plus carbs.

The 16 Stages Of Leaving Your Phone At Home

Is this what it's like to feel naked in public?

30 Delicious Things To Cook In November

Thanksgiving is only four weeks away. Time to get serious about that eating routine.

15 Things Celebrities Did This Week

From the completely random to the mundane, here are all of the noteworthy things that you probably missed for your viewing pleasure.

Como se verian las princesas de Disney si tuvieran ojos de tamaño normal

Olviden el cabello. Las princesas de Disney me dieron expectativas poco realistas sobre el tamaño de los ojos.

Os 13 tatuadores mais legais do mundo

Esses tatuadores são verdadeiros artistas em todos os sentidos da palavra.

12 Pieces Of Proof David Tennant Is A Crazy Cat Lady

David Tennant. Plus Kittens. Need I say more?

Meet The Republican Sticking His Neck Out For Immigration Reform

Rep. Jeff Denham surprised many when he broke ranks with his party to sign on to a bill touted by Nancy Pelosi. A rare Republican who represents lots of Latino constituents.

Halloween In The Heart Of The Tech Bubble

For some San Franciscans, tech culture is the scariest thing out there.

This Is Without A Doubt The Most Tasteless Halloween Costume You Could Have Worn This Year

OK, so, there are tacky halloween costumes and then there's this.

Lady Gaga Compares Releasing An Album To A Quick Ejaculation

You'll want to hear this no-holds-barred interview. She also gives diarrhoea to her stylist every day.

23 Songs To Make You Feel All Kinds Of Sexy

Dialing from sexy to straight-up-raunch.

15 Biopics With Terrible Reviews

Now that the critically panned Diana is in theaters, let's take a look at other biopics that made a less-than-stellar impression.

KimYe Sue YouTube Co-Founder For Leaking, Promoting Video Of Their Proposal

In a scathing complaint, lawyers for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West depict Chad Hurley as a desperate businessman who crashed the proposal, broke a confidentiality agreement, and used the event to promote his new app.

11 Things We Learned From Gwyneth Paltrow In Her Red Magazine Interview

She doesn't give a shit and is moving back to London. Yay.

The Dark Side Of Bitstrips

Soon after you get addicted, you realize that bitstrips has a surprisingly dark side.

These Radio DJs Are Convinced Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Drunkenly Called In To Defend Rob Ford

The mayor, who allegedly was videotaped smoking crack in a video now in police possession, reportedly called a radio show, calling himself "Ian."

My Favorite Celeb Halloween Costumes Photo

Hollywood's residents seem to be in costume most of the time either way, so when Halloween rolls around, they really have to step things up a level to shock and awe! Aside from having buckets of cash for fancy costumes, Celebrities aren't much…

10 Heartwrenching Steps To Breaking Up With A Friend

You might have a bad case of #FOBU right now, but it still needs to be done.

Jailed Pussy Riot Member Missing Following Prison Transfer

Nadya Tolokonnikova's relatives have had no contact with the jailed punk rocker for 10 days.

19 Increíbles trucos que todo usuarios de iPhone y iPad deberían saber

Pasas casi la mitad de tu vida en esa cosa. Es hora de entender qué es lo que hace realmente.

Olha só esses 19 gatos adoráveis usando coletes punk

Seria hardcore se não fosse tão fofo na veia.

Waze Data Is Starting To Show Up In Google Maps

Millions of users sharing traffic updates in real time.

TSA Agent Killed In Shooting At Los Angeles International Airport

23-year-old Paul Ciancia allegedly opened fire in an LAX terminal Friday morning, killing one person and injuring several others.

19 Indications You Love Animals More Than People

Why have friends when you can have dogs?

Red Carpet Chatter At The Premiere Of "Aziz Asiari: Buried Alive"

A special Halloween edition of red carpet questions for guests at the release party for Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive.

The Weird Legacy Of Condé Nast's Unpaid Interns

Conversations with former interns reveal their role was a strange one that will be unique to fill. A director allegedly offered a room of unpaid interns $100 to whoever could come up with “a good idea” on the spot.

Check Out This Wicked Smart Mantis Shrimp

It can solve a Rubik's cube, while you probably fell out of bed this morning. Try not to feel too dumb.

An Arizona State University Student Decided To Go As "Naked" For Halloween

These "slutty" Halloween costumes have gone too far! NSFW-ish

13 Razones por las que no hacer nada durante el fin de semana es lo mejor

Porque el fin de semana pasado fuiste al supermercado. ¿Recuerdas lo horrible que fue?

This Vine Project Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Jérôme Jarre asks strangers what important message they need to share with the world. The answers are beautifully refreshing.

Tyra Banks Calls Out Drake For Admitting They Went On A Date On National TV

By freestyle rapping her emotions...on national TV.

Watch Rachel Maddow's "Simpsons" Cameo

"I will never achieve anything this cool ever again in my life."

12 Surprising Foods You Can Make In A Waffle Iron

The test kitchen team at Food Network has been putting some really weird stuff in waffle irons lately. For example: pizza.

Perez Hilton Goes All Out For Miley Cyrus Costume

Terry Richardson would be proud! NSFW-ish.

10 Adorable Photos Of The Kitten Bowl, The Feline Super Bowl Extravaganza

Last spring, Hallmark announced that it was putting on the first annual Kitten Bowl, a rival to the beloved Puppy Bowl. It filmed on Wednesday, and thanks to Sports on Earth's report and these photos, we have the inside edge on this furry throw down.

22 Goats Smiling At You

Goats are basically the dogs of the farm animal world and they're putting their best smiles forward.

3 Things To Know About Each Of The New "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" Cast Members

Learn about new additions Joyce and Carlton, as told through their old childhood photos.

What Book Should Be Adapted To The Big Screen?

Because some books deserve to be their own movie.

8 Amazing Things In Zero Gravity

Water is so weird in space.

Misspelled Names On Starbucks Cups

If your totally normal parents insisted on naming you Richqard with a silent q, sorry, bud: people are gonna screw up that spelling. But it turns out even the Amys and Kyles of the world aren't safe from the oft-erring Sharpie of a Starbucks…

An Idaho Sportscaster Presented The News As Ron Burgundy For Halloween And Never Broke Character

"I bought the only red sport coat in all the Treasure Valley."

Las 22 maneras más fáciles de destruir una amistad

"¡Vengan a jugar juegos de mesa! dijeron". "Será divertido!"

36 Coisas que você obviamente precisa na sua nova casa

Caso você queira algumas idéias inspiradoras para toda aquela renda disponível que está espalhada por aí.

Britney Spears Was Snow White For Halloween

Her backup dancers even joined in and dressed up as the seven dwarfs!

The Definitive Ranking Of "Doctor Who" Companions

The Doctor says his friends have always been the best of him. But who was the best out of them?

16 Incredibly Ill-Advised Driving Selfies

#drivingselfie may be the dumbest Instagram trend yet.

23 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Food

There may never be one right way, but there will always be a lot of wrong ways.

"New Yorker" Cover Lampoons Obamacare Website Mess

“When I heard that the troubled Obamacare website was built by a Canadian company, of course I felt personally responsible,” said Barry Blitt, who drew the new cover.

14 Celebrity Tweets You May Have Missed This Week

Baby announcements, feuds and lobsters.

Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Dress As Fishermen For Halloween

Nothing makes us happier than knowing these two hang out in real life!

A Restaurant Disguises Its "B" Rating From The Health Department By Turning It Into A "Brunch" Sign

A classic example of a moment where someone spends more time trying to cheat on the test instead of studying.

A Man Had His Facebook Account Locked For Liking "Faggots"

But he was just talking about the meal. Obvs.

"Men In Black" Is The Only Movie That Truly Understands Your Hangover Right Now

No. No you will not be taking these sunglasses off today, thanks. Petition to outlaw booze.

David Attenborough Narrating Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance Might Be The Oddest Thing You Witness Today

The clever people at wreckandsalvage have mashed up the wildlife expert's commentary on albatross mating with Miley twerking. And it makes for an interesting experience.

23 Steps For Succeeding In Life, As Told By Ja'mie King

It's not easy being queen. Luckily, private school girl Ja'mie King has it all sorted out for you.

The Real Giant Rabbits That Inspired Peter Jackson For "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"

Yes, these giant rabbits really do exist, and yes, you can have one in your house if you want it. Plus: exclusive video!

27 truques que toda menina deveria levar para a sua vida

Bem, algumas dessas dicas e truques podem ser úteis para garotos também.

The Ultimate Map For Telly Addicts

The latest creation by designers features Dorothy over 700 TV shows, from Grange Hill to Game Of Thrones.

Histórias da Disney que vão acabar com a sua infância

Nem sempre acabam felizes para sempre...

18 métodos efectivos para levantarte de la cama por la mañana

Para todos aquellos que necesitan una ayudadita.

John Kerry Will Visit Egypt This Sunday

The Secretary of State will make his first visit to Egypt since Mohamed Mursi was overthrown.

There Are Six Fewer Days To Shop Between Thanksgiving And Christmas This Year

That's bad for retailers. But great for consumers, who will get killer discounts in the shortest holiday shopping period in 11 years.

You Need This Much For A Happy Retirement

"Power savers put away 20% of their income into savings and pay about 30% in taxes, which leaves only half of an income to live on," Moss said. "You need all that savings over a 30 year period for a happy retirement."

The Daily Express' Phone-In Polls Are Suspiciously One-Sided

Their front page today? It's nothing out of the ordinary.

Derren Brown Is Plotting An Art Heist For His Next Trick

He plans to steal a valuable work from under Ivan Massow's nose.

52 Things '00s Teen Girls Know To Be True

Remember crimpers? They were cool.

Whatever Happened To Teen Magazines?

They used to sell millions, now they're dying out at an alarming rate. Here's why.

A Massive Drug Smuggling Tunnel Has Been Discovered In California

The sophisticated tunnel connected San Diego and Tijuana and was installed with lighting, ventilation, and even an electric rail system.

Lou Reed Died "Happy And Dazzled," Says His Wife

Laurie Anderson has written an obituary on her husband for a local newspaper.

Kirsty Wark Danced To "Thriller" At The End Of "Newsnight" Last Night

And you thought "This Week" was horrifying enough to watch on Halloween.

Parental Habits That Financially Ruin Kids

The 2013 Parents, Kid and Money survey found that 42% of parents think they strongly encourage their kids to talk about money but only 19% of kids strongly agree that they do. About 24% of kids think their parents discourage them from talking about…

Should You Get Back Together With An Ex?

So what's the deciding factor in whether men decide to go down that path again—or to never look back? Clint Carter, Women's Health's Guy Next Door, asked real men to weigh in on the topic. Watch the video to find out what they had to say. And if you…

Obamacare For Christmas? New Campaign Pushes Health Insurance For The Holidays

“Tell them you care about their health, and focus on the benefits ...” A new OFA campaign encourages families to trade the holiday caroling for insurance sign-ups.

Picture Of The Week: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Photo Hollywoodbuzz's Photos

When Brad Pitt Kissed Angelina Jolie! & How It Made Her Happy!

Jon Stewart To News Media: “Go Fuck Yourselves!”

"If you've lost Jon Stewart you're in deep trouble." The comedian slammed cable news outlets for claiming he no longer backed President Obama after the botched rollout of his health care law.

Thousands Testify On Hawaii's Marriage Equality Bill

The state House Judiciary and Finance committees began a marathon hearing on a marriage equality bill Thursday morning, which is expected to continue for several days. The bill would allow same-sex couples to marry starting Nov. 18.

Heidi Klum Officially Tweets Her 2013 Halloween Costume

"The Queen of Halloween" tops herself, again.

The 19 Worst Treats Of Halloween 2013

Some deranged lunatic gave my kid "Keebler Pepper Jack Cheese Sandwich Crackers." Ranked from worst to most worst.

"Hit It Or Quit It": The Historical Dudes Edition

They may be cute, but you'll never guess who they grew up to be!

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