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November 5, 2013

Life In Tehran Vs. Life In New York

Hooman Majd's new book The Ministry Of Guidance Invites You To Not Stay follows his experience as an American going back to live in his home country of Iran. Here are a look at how life is different in each country's major cities.

8 Unbelievable 3D Cakes Inspired By Threadless T-Shirt Designs

Every year Threadless fan Chris Cardinal hosts Threadcakes, the greatest cake competition on earth. And every year, minds are blown by the amazing talent that pours in. Check out these 8 entries into the 3D category. This year's winner will be announced soon. Don't forget to check out previous year's winners!

Female Crime Writers Not Edgy Enough? Psh, Yeah Right.

Sophie Littlefield, author of GARDEN OF STONES, breaks down stereotypes about female crime writers and proves that women can hold their own.

New Indiegogo Campaign Crowdfunds "Anti-Rape Wear"

A campaign launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo in mid-October promises to create clothing that acts as a deterrent to sexual assault. "Confidence and protection that can be worn."

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