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November 11, 2013

12 Shocking Lesbian Confessions

Lesbian redditors were asked what stereotypical lesbian things they didn't like. Here's what they said.

11 Cures For Your Quarter-Life Crisis

If you've got the twentysomething blues, here are a few ways to put on your red shoes and dance that sucker out.

19 Adorable Pets Trying To Sell You Something On Etsy

Inspired by Sad Etsy Boyfriends, this compilation shows what happens when you combine creativity, entrepreneurship and fluffy animals with everyone’s favourite indie marketplace!

Wonderfully Geeky Quilled Paper Sculptures

San Francisco-based graphic designer Alia Syed built these geektastic quilled paper sculptures from .25″ strips of paper glued down on their edges.

6 Topics To Avoid During Your Best Man's Speech

Have you been tasked with speaking at your best buddy's wedding? Are you having trouble writing your speech, for whatever reason? Most best man speeches at a wedding go one of two ways; either really good, or really bad. Make sure yours is the former, and avoid these topics when writing your speech.

23 choses que toute vingtenaire qui se respecte devrait avoir

Pendant que les adultes discutent des choses qu'ils se doivent de posséder, votre seule tâche est de vous comporter avec une once de maturité.

7 provas de que os preços dos imóveis brasileiros são mesmo uma piada

O blog Tem algo errado ou estamos ricos? comparou preços do Brasil com os de outros países e nos surpreendeu com o que já sabíamos: é ridículo!

11 Reasons We'd Miss BBC Three If It Got Axed

Yet again some learned media observers are calling for the BBC to cut back its original programming. But if they cut BBC Three we're cutting up our licence fee bill.

The Incredible Micro Art Of Hasan Kale

Hasan Kale is a Turkish artist who uses extraordinary canvases for his paintings. You can find most of his masterpieces drawn on taxidermied insects, fruits, shells, seeds and more.

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