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November 8, 2013

19 Great Ways To Cook Your Thanksgiving Turkey

The day of feasting approaches, and bits of turkey advice waft on the breeze like autumn leaves. But what's the right way? Well, that depends.

An American Website Wrote A Satirical Article About An Indian Rape Festival And Many People Thought It Was Real

A National Report article called "The Assam Rape Festival In India Begins This Week" went viral, appalling many readers who believed the story.

9 Infamous Altered Photographs You Didn't Know About

Photographic manipulation dates back almost as far as photography. However, whereas an inspiring photo artist today may simply download Adobe Photoshop and set about creating impossible landscapes and reality-bending images for the sake of beauty, historically, photo manipulation has been used by those in power to give credibility and grandeur to their positions. Here is a brief history of how photo editing has been used at times to help further political ends. The Civil War was a time of great leaders doing amazing things. But despite the world-changing decisions that were routinely being made at this crucial point in history, the political and military leaders of the time were not above changing photographs to make themselves appear more noble. Even the Great Emancipator himself, President Abraham Lincoln, appears in an altered photo.

10 Photographs That Prove You And Your Mother Are The Same Person

After seeing her mother wearing her clothes, Carra Sykes was inspired to create the series "Mother+Daughter." Turns out they both look equally fantastic.

13 Examples Of Bad Sex In Literature

Literary Review have announced the shortlist for the annual Bad Sex Awards. Here are some of the, er, finest examples. Follow @Lit_Review for more. NSFW language.

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