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    35 Times You Realized The "Sex And The City" Women Were Terrible Role Models

    Which, to be fair, was like 95% of the time.

    1. When Charlotte revealed the drawbacks of spending an evening at a man's home:

    2. When Samantha pointed out a flaw that just can't be fixed.

    3. When Miranda, while on the phone with a close friend while sitting on a couch in a studio apartment in NYC, decided it's ok to vent:

    4. That time Carrie chose a magazine over food:

    5. When Carrie professed her feelings via drunk phone call.

    6. When Carrie made the most obnoxious drive-thru order in the world:

    7. When Samantha suggested having intentional hate sex:

    8. When Samantha broke it off with a perfect guy because:

    9. When Carrie thought that physically ducking from a computer would help her avoid a guy online.

    10. When Carrie put pressure on Big to tell her that she was his soulmate.

    11. When Samantha made clear her skewed priorities in life:

    12. When Samantha actively tried to upstage a baby shower:

    Baby showers are never competition to begin with.

    13. When Carrie thought that her best friend was alcohol:

    14. When Carrie based part of her decision to move to Paris on this flawed logic:

    15. When Carrie asked this on a first date with Mr. Big:

    16. When Samantha jumped to hasty conclusions:

    17. When Carrie brushed off her anger with Big as just "being herself":

    18. When Samantha addressed herself as such:

    19. When Carrie added her own "twist" to a fairytale

    20. When Carrie equated singledom with wisdom:

    21. When Samantha did this:

    22. When Carrie said this dumb thing:

    23. When Carrie expressed her very ageist views:

    24. When Samantha assured us that sex fixes all problems:

    25. When this was considered to be healthy:

    26. When Carrie proposed some interesting possibilities for spending the day:

    27. When the girls embraced mystery weed like it was NBD:

    28. When Charlotte believed finding true love has a time limit:

    29. When Miranda dubbed dildos as unacceptable party favors:

    30. When Samantha wanted to be Ernest Hemingway:

    31. When Carrie nonchalantly shrugged off therapy:

    32. Miranda's bizarro views on cunnilingus:

    33. Carrie's disinterest in labeling her relationship with Big:

    34. When Samantha wanted to roll with a new crew:

    35. And when Samantha did this:

    Of course, sometimes they had their moments of wisdom: