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27 Genius New Products You Had No Idea Existed

I will take one of each please, thank you.

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According to this Quora thread, these are the most exciting new products that people don't seem to know about yet.

1. Ultra-Ever Dry Waterproof Coating

Ultra-Ever Dry is a hydrophobic coating which, applied correctly, will repel water and waterproof anything.

Scientific proof: Here's a video showing how a cell phone spray sprayed with Ultra-Ever Dry completely submerged in water still works.

(source: Quora)

4. Senz: The Stormproof Umbrella

"Designed with the principles of aerodynamics, senz can handle speeds of up to 60km/h without inverting and does not compromise on the look and feel." It's also extended in the rear to protect you from wind and angled rainfall.

Buy it here for $39.95.

(source: Quora)

9. The Biolite Camping Stove

"If you've gone camping before, you've probably used a propane cooker or propane lantern. It works, but propane gives off toxic gases when burned and you have to bring propane canisters with you — heavy, flammable, and what if you run out? Biolite CampStove solves this problem. Just use twigs and wood chips you find anywhere, and you have clean-burning fire and electricity."

(source: Quora)

11. The No-Blind-Spot Rearview Mirror

This mirror features a 180° panoramic view that allows the driver to continuously monitor adjacent vehicles when merging or changing lanes without turning his or her head. Get it here for $59.95.

(source: Quora)

15. Sugru: The Magical Play Dough

It's a pliable rubber that dries and hardens, allowing you to fix and modify your stuff. It's flexible, it sticks to anything, and you can create hooks and grips with it. Buy it here and check out the website for more ideas on what to do with it.

(source: Quora)

17. A Heated Butter Knife

Did you know that a poll "of 3,000 people revealed 1 percent of Brits — all of them men — have even resorted to heating the spread with a hair dryer to combat the problem"? Tragic, really. Problem solved with the Warburton's Toastie Knife.

24. Tile: The Tagging App That Ensures You'll Never Lose Your Important Stuff Again

Keep track of all your most prized possessions. Just stick the tiles to things you're likely to lose and you can keep track of them with your app. There's also a lost-and-found community feature, in case your stuff gets stolen. Buy the system here.

(source: Quora)

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