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27 Genius New Products You Had No Idea Existed

I will take one of each please, thank you.


According to this Quora thread, these are the most exciting new products that people don't seem to know about yet.

1. Ultra-Ever Dry Waterproof Coating

Ultra-Ever Dry is a hydrophobic coating which, applied correctly, will repel water and waterproof anything.

Scientific proof: Here's a video showing how a cell phone spray sprayed with Ultra-Ever Dry completely submerged in water still works.

(source: Quora)

2. Lockitron: The Remote Entryway Lock System

Lock and unlock your door from your smartphone. Preorder it here for $179.

(source: Quora)

3. PaperKarma: The Junk Mail-Eliminating App

Take a photo of your unwanted mail, upload it to the app, and you will automatically be removed from their distribution lists.

(source: Quora)

4. Senz: The Stormproof Umbrella

"Designed with the principles of aerodynamics, senz can handle speeds of up to 60km/h without inverting and does not compromise on the look and feel." It's also extended in the rear to protect you from wind and angled rainfall.

Buy it here for $39.95.

(source: Quora)

5. The Ping-Pong Door

It'll cost you about 990 euros, but that's the high price you pay for ingenuity. Contact Tobias Fraenzel for more info.

(source: Quora)

6. A Solar-Powered Camping Tent

The Eddie Bauer Katatatic tent can now be used with Goal Zero's Sherpa battery pack and Yeti Solar Generator, making it the world's first solar-powered tent powerful enough to power small appliances.

(source: Quora)

7. Deglon Stainless Steel Nesting Knives with Knife Block

At a whopping $892, it's the wedding gift you buy for the couple that already has everything.

(source: Quora)

8. The Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen

This pen will store everything you draw or write with it electronically, up to 8GB worth. Buy it here for $249.95.

(source: Quora)

9. The Biolite Camping Stove

"If you've gone camping before, you've probably used a propane cooker or propane lantern. It works, but propane gives off toxic gases when burned and you have to bring propane canisters with you — heavy, flammable, and what if you run out? Biolite CampStove solves this problem. Just use twigs and wood chips you find anywhere, and you have clean-burning fire and electricity."

(source: Quora)

10. The Slamdoor

The Slamdoor is a set of nesting doors that easily adapts to the heights of growing children. Buy it here.

(source: Quora)

11. The No-Blind-Spot Rearview Mirror

This mirror features a 180° panoramic view that allows the driver to continuously monitor adjacent vehicles when merging or changing lanes without turning his or her head. Get it here for $59.95.

(source: Quora)

12. Hook-On Balcony Planters

Made by a Danish company that creates all sorts of cool balcony products, like this hook-on balcony desk.

(source: Quora)

13. Blinker Grips: Blinkers for Your Bike

Get them here for £42.00.

(source: Quora)

14. 3Doodler: The 3D Printing Pen

Your doodles come to life with this insane pen. Preorder it here for $99.

(source: Quora)

15. Sugru: The Magical Play Dough

It's a pliable rubber that dries and hardens, allowing you to fix and modify your stuff. It's flexible, it sticks to anything, and you can create hooks and grips with it. Buy it here and check out the website for more ideas on what to do with it.

(source: Quora)

16. TalkTo: An App That Lets You Interact with Any Business

Get the store hours or the daily soup selection without even talking to a human being.

(source: Quora)

17. A Heated Butter Knife

Did you know that a poll "of 3,000 people revealed 1 percent of Brits — all of them men — have even resorted to heating the spread with a hair dryer to combat the problem"? Tragic, really. Problem solved with the Warburton's Toastie Knife.

18. The Kitchen Safe

Avoid snack temptations and control playtime with this timed kitchen safe. Get it here for $39.95.

19. Remee: A Lucid Dreaming Sleeping Mask

This featherlight sleeping mask has LED lights that wake up your mind but not your body, allowing you to peacefully achieve lucid dreams. Order one here.

(source: Quora)

20. Shreddies: Flatulence-Filtering Underwear

Shreddies are undies that contain a carbon filter that absorbs gas odors. The ad campaign is surprisingly sexy. Order them here.

(source: Quora)

21. Neo-Cover: A Magnetic Light Switch Cover

It's a simple but innovative idea, and the magnet is strong enough to hold a hammer (!!!). Buy it here for $19.99.

(source: Quora)

22. The Lumi Kit: A Fabric Printer

Print your iPhone photos onto fabric using sunlight. Get it here for $59.95.

23. Justick: An Electro-Adhesive Bulletin Board

This bulletin board holds paper with electrostatic force, so no tape, staples, pins, or tacks are needed. You can get them at Office Max.

(source: Quora)

24. Tile: The Tagging App That Ensures You'll Never Lose Your Important Stuff Again

Keep track of all your most prized possessions. Just stick the tiles to things you're likely to lose and you can keep track of them with your app. There's also a lost-and-found community feature, in case your stuff gets stolen. Buy the system here.

(source: Quora)

25. The Cubby: A Hook and Cubby Shelf in One

Get a two-pack for just $44 here.

(source: Quora)

26. The Scrubba: A Pocket-Sized Washing Machine

For world travelers and camper enthusiasts alike. Get one here for $64.95.

(source: Quora)

27. Stiltz: The Home Lift System

It's like a bare-bones elevator that's small so it fits easily into your home. Get more information here.

(source: Quora)