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These Reporters Lost Their Jobs. Now They’re Fighting Back Against Big Tech.

John Stanton and Laura Bassett are warning about what they believe the tech industry is doing to journalism, as thousands have lost their jobs this year alone.

Rosie Gray • 15 days ago

A Former Alt-Right Member’s Message: Get Out While You Still Can

Once notorious for her racist and bigoted tweets, Katie McHugh saw the dark insides of the white nationalist movement.

Rosie Gray • One month ago

Trump Acknowledges, Disavows White Nationalist Alt-Right Movement

“I don't want to energize the group,” he said of the white nationalist movement, according to New York Times reporters. Trump has been slow to distance himself or even acknowledge the movement.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

After Trump Win, The Alt-Right Prepares For An Unexpected Future

“I think moving forward the alt-right as an intellectual vanguard can complete Trump.”

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Breitbart Writer Leaves As Site Becomes “More Controlled”

“The fulfillment of all of my political and sociocultural fantasies all at the same time.” A new White House aide is a “classy barbarian.”

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Trump Leads A Global Nationalist Wave

Populism and nationalism on the march.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Trump Rushed Off Stage At Reno Rally

Secret Service officials said the disruption was caused by someone shouting the word "gun" — but no weapon was found and the man arrested has been released.

Salvador Hernandez • 2 years ago

Trump Claims Justice Department Stopping FBI From Releasing Clinton Info

“The FBI has it all,” Trump said on Thursday, amid a period of widespread and dueling leaks from the bureau.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Trump Is Mostly Behaving In The Final Days Of The Election

“We’ve gotta be nice and cool, nice and cool,” Trump said. “Stay on point, Donald, stay on point. No sidetracks, Donald. Nice and easy.”

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Where Does Trumpism Go After Nov. 8?

There really is a Trump movement. But does it still exist if he loses?

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Donald Trump Goes Poll Truther

"The truth is I think we're winning," Trump said today in Florida.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

The Alt-Right Has Adopted An Old Nazi Term For Reporters

"A sly reference," says a white nationalist leader.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

In "Closing Argument" Speech, Trump Focuses On Grievances

The speech was billed as an exciting new plan and it was mostly just more of the same.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Heritage Foundation Recruiting Via Email For Potential Trump Administration

The conservative think tank has taken a cold-call approach.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Trump Drags American Democracy Along For Election Night "Suspense"

The Republican nominee wouldn't commit to honoring the election's results, setting up a reality finale on election night — and sending his supporters out to defend him citing Al Gore.

McKay Coppins • 2 years ago

Trump Supporters Fear A "Rigged" Election As Candidate Doubles Down On Claims

"People who died 10 years ago are still voting," Donald Trump told his supporters, claiming voter fraud will play a role in the 2016 election.

Dan Vergano • 2 years ago

Paul Ryan “Fully Confident” Election Will Be Carried Out Fairly, Spokesperson Says

In recent days, Donald Trump has increasingly argued that the election is rigged — something supporters, including elected officials, have echoed.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Pence Makes The Case At Liberty University That Christians Should Forgive Trump

On Wednesday, students at the Christian college who spoke to BuzzFeed News mostly all condemned the Trump tape. But most said they felt they would vote for him anyway.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Mike Pence Offers Unqualified Support For Trump After Debate

Pence is trying to make the fallout from the Trump hot mic video into a redemption narrative.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago

Trump Goes Full Breitbart

After 48 hours of fallout, Donald Trump decided to give his base what they really wanted.

Rosie Gray • 2 years ago