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May 1, 2014

This week Beyoncé was missing a front tooth, while Adam Sandler worked his best sexy face. Welcome back to #ThrowbackThursday!

(Newser) – If everybody in America had the opportunity to pack up and move to the state of their choice, Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland would empty out, according to a new Gallup poll.…

More than just sugar and spice.

You thought adults had it better? Yeah, right.

Former White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor was being interviewed on Fox News about emails and talking points concerning the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Walk through a lake of fire, brush your teeth with barbed wire, etc. All of these things are better alternatives to studying for your final exams.


While many assumed that the delayed reveal of Godzilla in the new, Americanized Godzilla trailers was just a clever marketing strategy, designed to keep you in suspense as to whether this Godzilla movie might have Godzilla in it, there may have been…

Plus the scientific reason for "old-person smell," a brief history of exploding whales, and pro tips for your skin and metabolism.

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Peeves, gone but never forgotten.

This is just sad.

Sexual assault consultant Brett Sokolow asks schools to be careful not to discriminate against men who have "drunken sex" the same week the White House tells male college students to take a stand against rape.

As Greene traveled the country making collaborative portraits for her book My White Friends, the answers were often ambiguous. But the conversations they spawned were fruitful, if slightly foreign, to her subjects. “Being asked to be in a photograph…

Bikini Island, here I come!

Quoth the raven, "OI OI OI!"



Flavorwire is excited to announce our 2014 short fiction contest. For the second year in a row, in honor of May’s National Short Story Month, we’re offering a prize of $500 for one outstanding short story. To enter, simply send a story of 5,000…

There’s no denying that ASU students and residents of Tempe, AZ throw some absolute bangers when it comes to pool parties, but this past weekend it looks like the whole city turned up to make Wet Electric one of the best music festivals of 2014. It…

Lipstick: I'd imagine working with so many wigs presents its own unique set of pluses (you can style ahead of time!) and minuses (you've got to take care of the wigs!). Can you give us an idea of how you have to change your approach to hair when…

Who needs a man for validation, amirite?

Chegg is trying to reinvent itself into a full suite of student offerings as skepticism grows over the future of textbook rentals. So far, investors aren't buying it.

Well, that’s it folks: Twitter is dead. It had a good flight. A short flight, but a noisy one. Sadly, it is now headed the way of Flappy Bird. So claims the Atlantic in a 1,800-word “eulogy for Twitter” that packs in about 140 characters’ worth of…

Tablet manufacturers shipped 50.4 million tablets, up a tiny 4% from the same quarter a year ago, according to IDC.

Nope, no googling allowed.

The Education Department on Thursday released a list of 55 colleges and universities under investigation for their handling of sexual abuse claims, in an unprecedented step aimed at increasing transparency regarding sex assault in higher education.

The collapse swallowed a row of cars parked along a street.

Six women discuss pornography, its place in our lives, and what a perfect porn future would look like.

Napping can be a hobby, right?

Tens of thousands turn out in the city, including for a march on Red Square for the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Much happy, so trail.

With great power comes a whole bunch of creepy dudes who make Peter Parker's life totally miserable.

Seamos honestos con nosotros mismos: Los conejillos de Indias son los nuevos gatos de Internet.

The only thing that can save this is a guy with white face paint and black hair running through a forest growling.

He may not have won the game, but he's still a winner in our book.

#2 is so true.

With immigration legislation stalled in Washington, Republicans in a key state move to help undocumented immigrants. UPDATED

Someone please open this salad bar.

Guess what, everybody? It’s finally May today! And unless you were off the Internet entirely yesterday (and a few days before that too), chances are high that you saw “It’s gonna be May” jokes all over the place. You know, the jokes that play on the…

In the annals of rock ‘n’ roll foot-in-mouth moments, it was a pretty good one. Yesterday Q magazine published an excerpt of its upcoming feature on LA lifestyle-section band Warpaint, wherein guitarist Theresa Wayman complained about the…

If we hadn't already fully surrendered ourselves to the charms of Emma Stone, the easygoing updos she's been wearing while promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would have done the trick. As it stands, they just magnify our Emma love—and make us…

Nicknamed "the Egghead and the Hourglass," the iconic movie star and the playwright/author made a very unlikely pair.

Tax documents show that the disgraced owner of the L.A Clippers donated half a million dollars to black and Latino organizations. Some of those organizations then awarded him prizes.

Here are 11 sets of famous people that really just look so different.

The Strangest Versions Of The Disney Princesses


“This evening she’ll be given notice,” said Mr. Samsa, but he got no answer from either his wife or from his daughter, because the cleaning woman seemed to have once again upset the tranquillity they had just attained.

On Tuesday, singer and international pop icon Erykah Badu went on an epic—and thoroughly perplexing—Twitter tirade to defend her actions in Swaziland last week. Badu, who claims to be a “civil rights advocate,” has been slammed by several human…

George R.R. Martin can never leave well enough alone.


It's the most-watched channel on your television, whether or not you want to admit it.

Kurt Cobain’s suicide will not die. This week, as we’re still coming off Cobain’s 20th deathiversary and Nirvana’s Rock Hall Induction, the Seattle Police Department released their detective’s full re-examination of his suicide file, which came to…

This story first appeared in the May 9 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Kip Moore‘s been teasing his fans for so freakin’ long now about the lyric video for his new single, “Dirt Road.” But guess what? We’ve got it! You won’t have to wait any longer! Watch the lyric video below, which is black and white and sexy all…

Nicole Richie debuts a new hemline on the red carpet at the AOL NewFront event. Check out the Anthony Vaccarello dress pic.

Teens are out of control.

Para nós, geração dos anos 90, o seriado Friends nos ensinou muito sobre a vida. Nem sabemos como sobreviveríamos sem seus personagens, mas felizmente eles foram imortalizados em gifs.

The 2014 Daytime Emmy nominations were announced Thursday morning, with The Young and the Restless earning a leading 26 nominations, followed by fellow soaps The Bold and The Beautiful with 18 and General Hospital with 16.

The room AND the broom have never been worked so well!

Sure, you can get a halfway decent bagel at any chain convenience store. But a truly carefully constructed, mutli-layered, decadent bagel is a work of art. Read below to find out if bagels turn you on.

Science Fiction is a great genre with some pretty amazing movies...and unfortunately a whole bunch of REALLY awful ones. So I made a little list with some of them - since 2002. Otherwise the list would probably be infinite :)

"Judge Yu has distinguished herself throughout her career as someone of great intellect, dedication and compassion," said Washington Gov. Jay Inslee in appointing her to the state's Supreme Court.

I wasn't sure what to expect on my first spring break alone, but this certainly wasn't it.

All hail, most powerful Dome-nut.

Trabaja duro, juega duro.

"Lights, camera, action" has a totally different meaning. NSFW, because DUH.

(Newser) – Archaeologists exploring the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchu believe they have uncovered one of the earliest images of Jesus ever found. The figure painted on the wall of a…

After years of grooming, Mark Fields, 53, officially was handed the keys to the CEO suite at Ford Motor Thursday. He takes over for Alan Mulally, who has led Ford for the last eight years, taking the automaker from a government bailout to an expected profit of upwards of $7 billion this year.

Featured in the most recent issue of The Hollywood Reporter, the heartthrob of our time comes clean with his deepest insecurities, the difficult times of his wildly successful career, the dark period in his life when he was drinking "way too much," and many more.

He just dug a hole in my heart.

Blake Shelton tweeted out Adam Levine's phone number on an episode of The Voice, and people rushed to call him. Here's what they were probably thinking.

L'élimination physique des cyclistes est une option tout à fait raisonnable. En toute mauvaise foi.

DIY your Toms and dance the night away in style. Perfect for a wedding or other summer soiree.

The bill, which lawmakers passed unanimously, "will modernize Iowa’s discriminatory HIV law," LGBT advocates said.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says reports of sexual assault in the military have increased 50% over the past year.

Thanks to modern technological advancements, robots are finally starting to show up in every-day life. Nest and Vivint reviews are pushing many home automation companies to pioneer smart systems that can help you out around the home, but how are they doing on developing an A.I. that could corroborate an unlikely story to an unhappy girlfriend? I guess we’ll just have to keep looking to the future. In the mean time, there’s always movies. Here are the five best (and five worst) robots of the silver screen to hang out with. We'll start with the five best and finish with the five worst.

But please don't.

Laura Prepon, we love you.

Click only if you want everything as you know it to change.

Prepare to melt.

Even if it's half way through and they've seen it 16 times before.

After an April filled with showers (or, rather, cold winds and rough sailing), we've never been more excited to see some May flowers. The hard times have come to an end, stargazers, and great things are in sight. Many of you can expect some serious… Begin Slideshow

Are you worth kidnapping? You'd like to think so, but who knows for sure?? Lemony Snicket, that's who. Yes, the author responsible for the new book series All the Wrong Questions and A Series of Unfortunate Events, has now thoughtfully prepared this handy flowchart so that we may each determine for ourselves if a stranger bearing free candy and car rides is a threat, or just being generous.

Princeton, Harvard Law School, and Dartmouth are among the 55 colleges and universities under federal investigation for mishandling sexual abuse claims.

É por isso que você é deslizado para a esquerda. Bizarrice assim já funcionou para alguém?

The comments and assurances come amid speculation that GOP leaders are keen to advance a bill, in part because the window may be closing to act on immigration and in part because doing so may help the party with Latino voters.

Should you befriend the cast of Friends or grab a beer with the How I Met Your Mother crew?

you know you do it too...

If you’ve ever dreamed of the day you would hear Vicki Gunvalson say “That’s so fetch!”, well, that day has arrived. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the iconic film Mean Girls, we got some of your favorite stars of The Real Housewives to do a…

Or, I guess, pawprint.

Real (Tumblr) talk.

Wait a minute, who put Cinco de Mayo on a MONDAY? Forget that, we're celebrating all weekend, DIY style!

If you have an Internet connection, you’ve likely seen one of these maps of America, in which each state’s character is boiled down to a single predilection or predicament. The maps are undeniably entertaining: You check out the state you live in,…

Sophia Bush wears a short white dress while sitting down for an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (April 30) in New York City. …

Learn the best strategies for keeping your entryway pretty yet practical

Sometimes, other folks make it easy for me. I have nothing to add to this. Except maybe this, also from Stephen Colbert, which is the next segment on his show where he interviews pro-health hero Paul Offit. Oh, I'll add this, since Colbert doesn't…

All the convenience of Wikipedia, but with none of the actual facts.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- At its f8 conference yesterday, Facebook (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg and team announced a slew of new products, including giving people a way to log in to apps anonymously. Perhaps the biggest news, though, was Facebook's…

This is what happens when Karen Gillan, Matt Smith and Tom Felton are all on the same flight.

Said it before, I'll say it again...teens are the worst.

Courtesy of the prime minister's Facebook page.

It's impossible to frown when visiting one of the largest happy face collections in the world.

*Grabar CD*

It was all about heightening the other senses.

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is the unluckiest man in conservative politics—a situation he usually responds to with sweaty panic. In 2012, on the way to blowing a drawn-out Senate primary race against Ted Cruz, he accidentally raised Cruz's profile…

Don't attempt to spray-tan on a fake six-pack. Use this body makeup to realistically—and naturally—conceal and highlight what you've got

Can you tell the city from the Google Street View?

Mini frappeurs de marteau.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but after spending a total of 665 minutes with him, in five movies over the course of a decade, I think it’s safe to say that I know all I need to know about Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out in theaters…

King Tommen's cat Ser Pounce won't be returning to "Game of Thrones."

In Pacific Standard on Wednesday, Lisa Wade asks what it means to drink “like a woman.” It’s a tricky question: Despite Basic stereotypes involving cosmos and banana daiquiris, ladies are the fastest-growing segment of whiskey drinkers worldwide,…

Te desafiamos. Además, un poco de algo "No apto para verlo en en trabajo" muchachos.

Apparently, people in Illinois and Connecticut really, really want to move.

*weeps gently*

Get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week; click here to sign up. Please send your questions for publication to (Questions may be edited.) Got a burning question for Prudie? She'll be online at to…

Chris Evans shows off his newly shaved face while attending the Battersea Power Station Annual Party on Wednesday night (April 30) in London, England. The 32-year-old…

You need to keep watching until 2:20.


It doesn't have to be May anymore.

Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof issues lifetime ban to LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for making racist comments.

Nikki Reed has already moved on from her separation from husband of two years Paul McDonald, and is reportedly seeing Derek Hough.

Nigel Farage has had an egg chucked at him, continuing the traditional form of British protest. Here's how the others stack up.

Because everything tastes better when you're obsessed with the movie or show it's inspired by.

Fall down the rabbit hole.

The musician undergoes transformation as "Jamilla," an expectant super fan who goes into labor after standing in line for a VIP signing.

Hailee Steinfeld has been added to the cast of "Pitch Perfect 2."

Related or not, there are LIMITS.

But let's try to keep this between us, OK?

I haven’t talked about TV alt-med guru Dr. Mehmet Oz much here on the blog, but it’s safe to say I’m not much of a fan. He promotes all manners of anti-science nonsense, including homeopathy (which has been proven countless times to be nothing more…

The comedian, satirist, author, actor and host of Real Time With Bill Maher spared a few minutes to take our Q&A!

In honor of the sitcom's 10-year anniversary of its finale.

Terrifying news of the day: New research says you might be leaving the nail salon with more than just a fresh mani if you're one of the swarms of girls who uses those light dryers (which are necessary for gel manicures, but often used to dry regular…

The Journal of Neuroscience recently published a study linking recreational marijuana use to subtle changes in brain structure. The researchers, led by Jodi Gilman of Massachusetts General Hospital, identified increased gray matter density in the…

For a lot of people, the recent Star Wars Episode VII casting announcement felt like a slap in the face. Alongside returning trio Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher, the new cast features six men and only one woman. While this ratio is a…

Jennifer Lawrence is now officially The Sexiest Woman in the World–according to this year’s survey by FHM magazine, and they’ve pretty much become the standard over the past few years. There really probably isn’t a Sexiest Woman poll that draws in…

With May upon us, it's time to look at all of the new books that are about to come out. There's a lot of great science fiction, fantasy and horror books to read this month!

Seems legit to me.

Existe une manera correcta, y existe la de esta gente.

Good smiles are super important, you guys!

"You will toil your life away and I will die alone upside down on the floor of a pub toilet." The Black Books curmudgeon is all of us.

One of the most surreal parts of being an adult is finding yourself in a conversation with other adults about "today's youth." It happens to all of us -- in my experience, the first one takes place roughly four seconds after high school graduation.…

One of the reasons Spider-Man endures, as a profitable property and a popular icon, is that he remains an underdog—the superhero who can save the city, but not his friendships or relationships or GPA. Sure, swinging across the Manhattan skyline may…

The actress changed up her look for her upcoming role in the film The Fault In Our Stars.

Poor Toby, it is okay, we all want to take naps too.

Barack and Michelle caught a showing of A Raisin in the Sun a couple weeks ago, and the play's director tells BuzzFeed about the experience.

A coroner has ruled that 25-year-old Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose last month.

D'une beauté envoûtante.

The daughter of Paula Yates and Sir Bob Geldof was found dead at her home in Wrotham, Kent, on April 7.

The UKIP leader was there to address supporters but made a quick escape when protestors took aim.

Warmer weather is so close I can taste it.

Paul Holdengräber, the Director of Public Programs at The New York Public Library and founder and director of LIVE from the NYPL, is an elegant man who has an air of the European intellectual about him, with a tendency to quote obscure works from…

Best-selling author Tess Gerritsen is suing Warner Bros. with the allegation that its blockbuster film, Gravity, is derived from her 1999 book by the same name. The complaint filed in California federal court on Tuesday doesn't allege copyright infringement. Instead, it's a contract claim stemming from a film option she sold when the book was released. Gerritsen's book is described as featuring "a female…

If you're single and wearing makeup, you might want to grab yourself some Cetaphil and get to washing. In a study picked up by The Atlantic, when looking at pictures of the same woman in different degrees of "done-up-ness," men were found to prefer…

Una mirada íntima a las vidas de 3000 personas que viven en la "Torre de David" de Caracas.

(Newser) – Miners prospecting for nickel and gold in Western Australia have stumbled on a rare find: a mineral that's unique among the world's 4,000 discovered mineral species, LiveScience…

À ne pas lire avant de dormir.

GOP senator renews call for select committee on Benghazi

Is it? Is it? IS IT?

"You are slaves."

This is the most important quiz you will ever take.

They are struggling "because their message does not resonate," says Russian TV boss.

Inquietantemente hermosas.

The TV presenter is accused of adding the offensive word to a nursery rhyme while filming in 2013 – although he strongly denies it.

After Peaches Geldof‘s shocking death on April 7, many people speculated that the model and mother of two young sons had met the same tragic fate as her mother, Paula Yates, who died of a heroin overdose in 2000. Sadly, it seems that Peaches did die…

Including a show where people have to drive long distances in a lorry.

Move over, Sofia Vergara. Everyone knows Stella is the most beautiful character on the show.

Hey now, hey now— this is what (nerdgirl) dreams are made of!

I should have just taken the bus.

Cakeporn. Because the cake isn't a lie. It is all that is good and true in this world.

Cricket isn’t what it used to be.

President Obama’s media supporters are abandoning him. Even the liberal culture seems to be abandoning him. And as he slips into the low 40s in two recent polls, it’s hard to see how he recasts his once-glittering image.

Tens of thousands have taken to the streets in Istanbul in defiance of government ban on Labor Day demonstrations.

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