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May 6, 2014

Dear Shailene Woodley

TO: Shailene Woodley

New York Jets Cheerleader Sues For Unpaid Wages

The Jets are the fourth team since January to be sued for not properly compensating their cheerleaders.

Pro Tips For Avoiding The Most Common Scams While Traveling Leads The Daily Links

Plus how to win at rock-paper-scissors every time, signs that someone is a cheater, and the top 10 hardest video games ever.

Surefire Signs You've Found Your Best Friend

You can read each other's minds. But in like a fun, friendly way.

17 Hilariously Terrible Movie Titles

Except for Sharknado, which we're still confused about.

India Reminds Reckless Motorists To Wear Their Seatbelts In The Best Way

"You have a seatbelt so why aren't you wearing it, honey?"

Why The "Friends" Series Finale Still Makes Me Cry

It's been 10 years since the beloved sitcom aired its final episode. And I still love it as much as I did a decade ago.

New York Senate Passes Bill Making Yogurt Official State Snack

The New York State Senate voted 52-8 Tuesday to make yogurt the official state snack. The bill moves on to the State Assembly for approval.

Fox Is Mixing Up Its Sunday Night Of Animation With "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" And "Mulaney"

Will the sophomore and freshman live action comedies survive amidst the longstanding cartoon night? Plus, Glee won't return until 2015.

Marge Simpson Gets Tapped By MAC

As The Simpsons turns 25 this year, the matriarch of the family preps for her own line with the cosmetics giant.

WWE's Tribute To 8-Year-Old Connor "The Crusher" Michalek Will Bring You To Tears

Superfan Connor "The Crusher" Michalek recently died of cancer, and WWE put together a tribute in his honor.

Which Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

Either way, you're very, very delicious.

What Losing 172 Pounds Really Looks Like

Shape Magazine has started a firestorm of controversy by refusing to run a bikini photo of blogger Brooke Birmingham.

What Genre Would The Movie Version Of Your Life Be?

Because you definitely deserve to be on the big screen!

Morgan Stanley CEO: Independent True Investment Banks Are Dead

"Large scale investment banks with balance sheets greater than $500 billion don't exist now and will not exist in the future."

These Tiny Salsa Dancers Are About To Blow Your Mind With Their Moves

In the 1:47 video, they never stop moving... and they also never stop being totally adorable.

This '90s Vocal Hooks Supercut Will Make You Mega Nostalgic

Doo-doo, doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo.

Frozen Leads Disney To Strong Earnings

Disney, led by CEO Bob Iger, reported a nearly 30% gain in fiscal second quarter earnings to $1.9 billion on a 10% jump in revenue to $11.65 billion, both well ahead of analysts estimates. The gains were owed to the strong performance of its film studio unit, where revenue swelled 35% to $1.8 billion, and the box office success of animated movie Frozen, in particular.

Man With Down Syndrome Achieves Lifelong Dream To Sing National Anthem At Fenway Park

Michael Mullins, a die-hard Red Sox fan, got to sing in front of 37,000 people.

Rose Byrne And Zac Efron Defy Expectations In The Very Funny "Neighbors"

Seth Rogen's back in cuddly man-child form, but it's Byrne and Efron who are the real surprises.

Justin Bieber's Cool New Hairstyle

It's an illusion, but just LOOK at it.

24 Terrifying Confessions From Medical Professionals

"I'm an EMT and I had sex with a patient in the back of my ambulance." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

Save The Children Tricked A Bunch Of Gorgeous Models Into Caring About Children's Rights

"We can't make this issue sexy, but it deserves your attention."

Kanye West Can Be Really Nice: We Have The Video Proof

Kanye West gave a young rapper the opportunity of a lifetime on the streets of New York this week.

Family Of Drunk Driving "Affluenza" Teen Pays $2 Million To Paralyzed Victim

Four people were killed and 12 people injured in the 2013 drunk driving accident.

12 Cinnamon Rolls That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

In an era of cronuts and waffogatos, it can be easy to forget the breakfast classics. Here is a friendly reminder that cinnamon rolls will always be number one.

38 Things That Are Sort Of Related

We're all just molecules, after all.

DudeFoods Cooks Deep-Fried Doritos-Encrusted Bacon Strips

There's more than one way to fry up some pork candy.

19 perros a los que ya todo les da igual

"Oh, guau-quienquiera" - ¡de estos perros!

China's Alibaba Is Huge And Is About To Go Public In The U.S.

The e-commerce company, which is 24% owned by Yahoo, filed to raise at least $1 billion. The company's prospectus confirms what Yahoo investors already knew.

The Met Ball's Cutest Couples

View Photo 1- The Met Ball's Cutest Couples

Amherst College Officially Bans All Fraternities And Sororities

Student activists say Amherst's decision is a "brave step" in the right direction. Amherst is one of at least 55 colleges and universities currently under federal investigation for mishandling sexual assault complaints.

How Many Of These Words For Poop Have You Heard?

So you think you have all these names in the can????

13 Baby Rhinos Being Rambunctious

These rhino youngsters are always ready to play.

18 Things You Can Find On Tonya Harding's Web Page

Speaking of people you hadn't thought of in over a decade: Tonya Harding's website could probably use a makeover. And it's great.

This Abercrombie Employee Confessional Is Shocking/Not Shocking

One employee tells the tale of his year as assistant manager at Abercrombie & Fitch — aka, "the year I discriminated against everyone."

Let Them Be Kids - A Powerful Message Told Through Pictures

In August 2013, we asked kids how they dealt with their parent's cancer. This was the result:

Here's The Foolproof Method Of Picking A Name For A Puppy

Everyone should use Puppy-Poop Bingo from now on.

13 Tony Nominees Thank The People Who Inspired Them To Do Theater

Behind every successful person lies a parent or teacher who helped them along the way.

Angry Birds Is Marketing A Preschool Curriculum

Rovio Entertainment's Angry Bird franchise is coming to preschool and kindergarten classrooms around the world.

This Beautiful Photo Series Shows How Kids Are Redefining Gender Norms

"Now we are developing the ability to say it's okay not to put everyone in a neat little box."

36 situações que só quem usa óculos já viveu

Bônus track: um truque para recuperar a visão sem óculos!

10 'Friends' Themed Cakes

It's been TEN YEARS since the series finale of Friends! To celebrate, check out these 'Friends' themed cakes!

22 Harsh Realities Of Moving To A New Place As Told By "Friends"

In honor of the show's 10-year anniversary, why not look at some things the show has taught us about moving.

21 Fortune Cookies You Actually Need Right Now

Here's some actual advice to live by.

Foursquare's CEO: We Want People To "Open Their Eyes"

In his first public comments since announcing the split of the Foursquare app, its founder and CEO explained why he split his app in two and why Foursquare is nothing like Facebook or Twitter.

Magical Mashups: Disney Meets Star Wars Photo

The super dope and uber talented artist, Ralph Sevelius (AKA Pushfighter on DeviantART) has put a majorly epic twist on our favorite Disney ladies...he's infused them with some Star Wars magic, and his final masterpieces are amazing!! Peep all the fantastical princesses in the gallery below - and check out more

See That NSFW Outfit Madonna Was Not Allowed To Wear To The Met Gala

Everyone from Beyoncé and Jay Z to David and Victoria Beckham were out at a last night's Costume Institute Gala, the uber-posh fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute hosted by Vogue's HBIC, Anna Wintour. Each year,…

24 Things On Etsy To Prepare Yourself For The World Cup

Who's ready for the World Cup? WE ARE!

Los Angeles Clippers President To Take Leave Of Absence

Los Angeles Clippers President Andy Roeser will be taking an indefinite leave of absence, effective immediately, the NBA announced today.

I'm Who The Roots Call When They Need Singers

Getting Kanye West a children's choir for his Fallon performance, and other behind-the-scenes tales of how The Roots are revolutionizing late-night TV.

NFL Hashtag Completely Backfires On NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

The NFL encouraged its fans to ask Commissioner Goodell questions using the hashtag #AskCommish. And things quickly got out of hand.

23 Easy Dessert Bars That Will Leave You Drooling

None of these dessert bars have more than 8 ingredients, and they all come together in the blink of an eye. You'll be chowing down ASAP!

4 Eye Tests That Look Like Magic

Seeing is believing.

25 Reasons Adele Needs To Come Back Immediately


Dennis Rodman Is Still A Big Fan Of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un

Dennis Rodman told DuJour magazine he has visited North Korea six times since February 2013. He describes the isolated country as "nothing like you’ve seen over here. Not even close."

Shape Magazine Refused To Let This Woman Wear A Bikini On Its Site

Brooke Birmingham says the fitness mag is hiding what weight loss really looks like by asking her to cover up. Update: Shape responds and blames freelancer for "misunderstanding."

People Of Albuquerque Storm City Council Meeting, Attempt To Arrest Police Chief

A city council meeting in Albuquerque, N.M., descended into chaos Monday as activists took over and demanded the arrest of the city's police chief. Twenty-five people have been killed by the police since 2010.

Totally Insane Government Animal Experiments

Two headed dogs! Cat spies! Science!

The Definitive Ranking Of Friends Seasons (10-1)

If you're breaking out you Friends box set on the tenth anniversary of the final episode, here's everything you need to know about how each season stacks up against the rest. Could there *be* a more definitive guide?

33 Truly One-Of-A-Kind Things You Find In A Chinese Strip Mall

Made in China your wildest imaginations.

North Carolina Republicans: Don't Say Thom Tillis Isn't Conservative Enough

On the day of the senate primary, some in the GOP are scratching their heads at the idea that Thom Tillis isn't sufficiently conservative.

Forget Buying A House, Buy A Shipping Container.

A used shipping container will cost roughly 2k, but can be worth a lifetime.

25 Hazards Everyone Faced In High School Drama Club

The show must — WHO SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS?

18 males de la gente que siempre está cansada

Tomar siesta puede ser un pasatiempo, ¿verdad?

11 1st World Digital Marketing Problems

Unfortunately, too many people are still unsure what digital marketing entails. It’s time we discussed today’s most common misconceptions.

Zoe Saldana Settles Into The Driver's Seat

From Center Stage to Rosemary's Baby, the in-demand actress has always followed a path charted by her heart, even when it invokes controversy. Now Saldana is building a business based on this guiding principal.

What The Tech World Looks Like To A High Schooler

Snapchat continues to dominate high school, while Facebook settles into its role as a utility.

Democrats Walk Out Of Hearing On Resolution To Impeach Pennsylvania Attorney General

"This really wasn’t an impeachment hearing, it was really just a publicity stunt by our tea party yet again," one of the Democrats, Rep. Brian Sims, told BuzzFeed.

How Websites Today Would Report The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

The media is talking about Monica Lewinsky today thanks to her piece in Vanity Fair. But here's a highly scientific look at how they would have reported the original story in 1998.

What Is Your Purpose In Life?

Why were you put on this Earth?

50 Alternative 'Abbey Road' Posters

"We didn't need to write the band's name on the cover ... They were the most famous band in the world" - John Kosh ... Walk this way...

U.S. Sends Team To Help Find Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

White House press secretary Jay Carney called the kidnapping of nearly 300 girls "an outrage and a terrible tragedy." Obama said a U.S. team was already on the ground in Nigeria providing military and law enforcement assistance.

Pussy Riot Lobbies Capitol Hill To Increase Number Of Russians Banned From The U.S.

Putin is leading Russia to "instability and chaos," Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova says.

17 cosas que a los chicos les encanta y lo guardan en secreto

Dilo fuerte: "¡Me gustan los jabones finos y me enorgullece!"

Lark Voorhies Attends Hollywood Premiere Wearing Heavy Makeup

Former "Saved By the Bell" actress Lark Voorhies attracted attention recently when she wore heavy makeup in two different shades to a Hollywood premiere.

13 fotógrafos falam sobre seus casamentos homossexuais preferidos

Convidamos fotógrafos do livro The New Art Of Capturing Love [A Nova Arte de Capturar o Amor] para que compartilhassem alguns momentos e lições aprendidas enquanto fotografavam o grande dia de um casal.

16 Things You Do When Your Roommate Goes Out Of Town

Your roommate's gone and you have the place all to yourself? Um, time to take off the pants and read this list!

19 Gifts No Mom Wants On Mother's Day

We don't ask for much, but we ask for more than this.

Julia Roberts Lost To Sally Field In A Celebrity Curse-Off

"RUSTY TROMBONE. Is that a bad word??"

PYT: Home Of America's Craziest Burgers

Located in Philadelphia, PYT is the home of America's craziest burgers. You will be drooling in 1..2..3. Here we go.

MSNBC To Apologize On-Air For Cringeworthy Cinco De Mayo Segment

An MSNBC spokesperson tells BuzzFeed the cable news network will apologize for what many considered an insensitive and offensive segment.

26 Muddy Dogs Who Want You To Have Fun

Everybody loves a muddy dog, right? ...Right?

This Is The Best Version Of "Cups" So Far

Everyone else can go home.

28 Things You Will Only See At Planet Fitness

There is no other gym quite like a Planet Fitness.

How A Nerd-Hero Writer Became The Breakout Star Of This Summer's Most Unlikely Blockbuster

A romantic drama about young cancer patients doesn't seem like it would spur the same fanaticism as The Hunger Games, but The Fault in Our Stars — in particular, John Green, who wrote the YA best-seller — is proof that teenage feelings are special effects too.

16 Ridiculously Good-Looking Disney Costumes You Can Actually Buy

Ain't no cosplay like a Disney cosplay cuz a Disney cosplay don't stop.

Beyoncé Dropped Her Ring At The Met Gala So Jay Z Put It Back On Her Finger

He must have ~liked it~ so he ~put a ring on it.~

Getty Images' Feminist Photo Collection Is A Hit So Far

Sales of existing images in the recently introduced Lean In collection are up 31% from last year. Getty's Pamela Grossman and Cosmopolitan's editor-in-chief talked about changing stock images of women in media.

BBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten To Stand Down After Heart Surgery

The chairman of the BBC Trust has left his role with immediate effect, citing health reasons.

This College Kid Accidentally Got A $350,000 Drone In The Mail

“I think I just got a drone in the mail."

Conversamos com um dos brasileiros que pagaram para tirar foto com a Avril Lavigne e ele disse que está feliz com a experiência

Caio disse que tudo correu como ele esperava e que está curtindo as piadas nas redes sociais.

Colocamos 14 coisas entre a Avril Lavigne e uma fã

Talvez este post contenha algumas trucagens de imagem.

GOP Senate Candidate's Tweet Of Ballot May Have Broken The Law

"No person shall show the person's own marked or punched ballot to another person to reveal how it was marked or punched."

Awful Guy Arrested After Video Of Him Kicking A Cat In Brooklyn Hits The Internet

Seriously, who does that? Update: The cat has been found, and it's OK!

22 cosas que no sabías sobre la película "Moulin Rouge" dirigida por Baz Luhrmann

Lo cosa más grande que jamás aprenderás es simplemente a amar y ser amado.

18 Times Taylor Swift Has Proven Her Cat Meredith Is Her Number One.

At the end of the day, all we have are our pets who we force to hang out with us.

Twitter Investors Can Finally Get Rich Off Their Shares, But The Stock Is Tanking

Shares of Twitter fell more than 10% Tuesday after Twitter's "lockup" expired. Many shareholders have said they don't intend to sell their shares.

This Couple Sang Their Vows And Win The Award For Cutest Wedding Video Ever

Vine sensation Us The Do said their vows the only way they knew how — through a gorgeous song.

9 Delightful Book Reviews By Kids

Former school librarian A Case For Books asked students to write reviews. The results are adorable.

Oregon Governor Leaps From His Car To Perform CPR On Ailing Woman

Fire crews were surprised when they arrived to find the governor, a former doctor, working tirelessly at the scene.

The Amazing Love Letter My Grandfather Wrote In My Grandmother's High School Yearbook

Spoiler: 64 years later, they're still together and pretty happy about it.

Monica Lewinsky On Clinton Affair: "My Boss Took Advantage Of Me"

"It's time to burn the beret and blue dress," she says in an article for Vanity Fair, to run May 8.

For-Profit College Operator Corinthian Plans To Explore A Sale As Losses Mount

With enrollments and revenue still falling, Corinthian Colleges is in danger of going into default, and could be looking to sell.

12 Things People With Resting Bitch Face Are Tired Of Hearing

Not everyone walks around with a Joker-Esque smile plastered on their face.

12 Ways To Definitively Prove You're Actually Bisexual

Follow these very serious and completely foolproof steps and no one will ever doubt you again.

¿Cuántos álbumes latinos de los noventas has escuchado?

iSí! iHubo una época en la que no sufrimos escuchando Pitbull!

The 18 Best-Dressed Celebrity Couples At The Met Gala

It's like their clothes were made for each other!

9 raras fotos a color de Marilyn Monroe y Arthur Miller

Apodados "el cerebro y el reloj de arena", la icónica estrella de cine y el dramaturgo hacían una extraña pareja.

A DIY Concrete Ice Chest Perfect For Your Summer Festivities

Ben Uyeda from HomeMade Modern shows how easy it is to turn an old kitchen cabinet into a party perfect concrete ice chest.

Blue Crab Waves Goodbye

Blue Crabs are the friendliest crustaceans

Ukraine Activists Flee Death Threats And Kidnappings

"The danger isn't going to knock on my door and tell me it's coming in 15 minutes."

The Song Of The Summer Finally Has A Music Video

MODERN DANCERS UNITE. I have no idea what is going on but I'm mesmerized and obsessed and Sia rules.

Snapchat Game Picasso

Some of the pictures look better on the phone because of color issues. These were all done on an IPhone4 with my finger. Enjoy the snapchats and share some love!

Crimea's Eurovision Votes Will Still Count As Ukrainian

In case you were wondering, the Crimean public's phone votes will still be counted under Ukraine's total. Which might actually be good news for Russia's Eurovision hopes.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Shanna Moakler

The model, personality, and star of Hollywood Exes takes our Q&A!

White House: Climate Change Is Real And It's Making Your Life Worse Right Now

President Obama's science adviser: "Climate change is not a distant threat. It is affecting the American people already."

17 Confessions From British Teachers On Whisper

"How can I ask 30 teenagers to respect me when I don't even respect myself?" Posts by people who say they're teachers on anonymous sharing app Whisper.

27 Unforgettable “Friends” Moments That Will Always Be There For You

In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the show's series finale.

29 Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

Admit it, you've always wanted to dance around the Sound of Music gazebo.

How To Definitely Pick Up A Girl At Whole Foods

75% of all successful marriages begin with locally sourced kale. Or something.

21 Things That Make Absolutely No Sense

Forget Bigfoot, Yeti, and the Bermuda Triangle. Discombobulating.

30 juegos de baby shower que son realmente divertidos

Celebra la llegada del bebé con juegos que son cursis, ridículos y sentimentales — todo a la vez.

The Guy Who Created The Cronut Has Been Named America's Top Pastry Chef

The pastry has sparked copycats around the world.

Woman Reveals Why She Decided To Film Her Abortion

Emily Letts won an awareness video competition.

Why "Person Of Interest" Is The Most Subversive Show On Television

What began as a simple-seeming CBS procedural has become a prescient, paranoid thriller.

River Island Removes Sexist "Anti-Nag Gag" After Backlash On Twitter

Twitter was not impressed by the online shops' novelty "domestic" item.

21 fotos que demuestran que las mamás lo saben todo

Te lo ha estado diciendo por años y es completamente cierto: Mamá sabe más que nadie.

19 Things People Looked Like At The Met Ball

You're all beautiful salt shakers.

18 pais que se esqueceram como ser pais

Há um jeito certo e há estas pessoas.

12 superbichos de estimação para salvar o seu dia

Parece que todo o poder está na capa. Quem diria?

Tory MP Earns £1,000 An Hour Helping Oligarchs To Buy London Homes

Sir Tony Baldry has taken a job with Werner Capital, who advise wealthy foreigners on how to invest in the London property market.

50% Of All Songs On Spotify Are Skipped Before They Finish Playing

Basically, we're all horrible, horrible people.

15 Celebrities Who You Wont Believe Used To Be Babies, And 1 Celebrity Who Still Is!!!!

Everyone wants to know which celebrities are going to have a baby, I just wanted to know which celebrities used to be a baby. And trust me, I didn't believe this list either, but every single celebrity you see below used to be a baby. The fun comes trying to guess which one still is!

20 Hilariously Terrible Corporate Websites

Anyone know any good web designers?

13 extraordinarios cuadros realizados por artistas con autismo

En "Drawing Autism", la analista del comportamiento Jill Mullin, con oficinas en Nueva York, recopila más de 50 trabajos hechos por niños y adultos ubicados dentro del espectro de autismo.

Austria's Foreign Minister Is Just 27 Years Old

Sebastian Kurz was born in 1986. And he's currently trying to sort out the Ukraine crisis.

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