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May 20, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Wins Lawsuit Against D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries

The Mean Girls star claimed in her 2013 lawsuit that the clothing company failed to pay her for the licensing of her brand's international clothing sales in 2009. Lohan was suing D.N.A.M. for $1.1 million.

15 GIFs Of Gary Oldman Being Terrifying

Excuse me while I change my underwear...

29 Things That Make Sunderland Great

After seeing a list for why Hull is so great due to their runners up status in the FA Cup, why didn't Sunderland get one for coming runners up in the League Cup. Well I think it's about time there was one. So the 29 Things That Make Sunderland Great!

Jack Attack: 5 Moments From Jack Donaghy On '30 Rock'

Who doesn't need a little Jack Donaghy in their lives? Check out five Jack-tastic moments from the "30 Rock" character we all wish we could be.

Bar Refaeli Isn’t Half-Bad Looking

Apparently, Bar Refaeli has washed ashore on a deserted island and is setting about to build herself some shelter. Thatcould happen. Don’t think she doesn’t have a zombie attack plan. Or, more realistically, a Hezbollah attack plan where all the hot…

Tortures For Flies: COKE & MENTOS (HD)

Take a fly for a fizzy ROCKET RIDE !!!

Moving Home After College: Expectation Vs. Reality

It's all a bunch of fun and games until graduation.

22 Puppies Who Are Annoyed With Their Owners

Puppies: "We only associate with you because you feed us."

8 Ridiculous Cartoon Spin-Offs Of Live-Action TV Shows

Did we really need an animated version of Laverne & Shirley?

10 Types Of Crowd Weavers

We all hate jerks who try to shove their way to the front of crowded music festivals and concerts, but what kind of person are YOU when people just need to MOVE?

Man Repeatedly Rapes Wife In Her Sleep, Films It, Gets No Prison Time

The judge told the victim, Mandy Boardman, to "forgive [him] and move on."

13 Reasons Everyone Should Have An Opposite-Sex BFF

Who says guys and girls can't be just friends?

33 atividades baratas que manterão seus filhos ocupados por muito tempo

Porque você não quer ouvi-los reclamando por estarem entediados.

Republican Congressman Eats Hemp On Live TV

Appearing on Fox Business Monday night, Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky ate hemp in protest against the Drug Enforcement Agency's seizing of 250 pounds of hemp seeds shipped to the University of Kentucky.

12 Smut Books By Indie Authors That Are Better Than Most Traditionally Published Books

These authors are doing it for themselves, and they make no apologies. Smut Book Club supports all good authors; we just give extra love to those who rock it on their own.

Which '90s Talk Show Host Are You?

Maybe you're an Oprah, maybe you're a Ricki Lake. There's only one way to find out.

15 artistes scandinaves à écouter d'urgence

Depuis quelques années, les pays scandinaves nous livrent une scène musicale d'une qualité hors du commun. Tour d'horizon de ces groupes et artistes venus du froid.

18 Famous People If They Had Regular Ol' Names

Would Kathy Smith have tripped up the Oscar steps????

Beyond Slut-Shaming: In Praise Of The "Bad Girls" Of Young Adult Literature

Lie down on the ground cuz they were, like, gonna do it? Woah! But of course Jessica never does go all the way, at least not while her character is in high school. It’s clear to my adult eyes that Pascal wanted Jessica to be bad but not too bad.…

Cocktail Dice Exist And Can Help You Get Drunk

For keepers of well-stocked bars and owners of lots of glassware. via Ruth Reichl.

20 Gifs That Perfectly Show Hellish Middle School

Thank God no one still calls you four eyes

Your Favorite Websites Have A Password Problem

A new post-Heartbleed study shows that 86% of the web's top sites have "subpar password security policies."

A Turtle Crashed A Wedding And It Was So Dramatic

ROMANCE IS NOT DEAD. A Reddit user posted photos from his friend's beach wedding and its unexpected guest.

21 Ways To Open A Bottle That Will Change Your Life

All way better and more practical than a bottle opener.

Which Is The Best Watch_Dogs Fan Film?

Excited for Watch_Dogs? Check out every fan film ever made for the upcoming and highly anticipated Ubisoft game about a Chicago-based hacker named Aiden Pearce. Some vids are hilarious, some are jaw-droppingly cool. Decide which is your favorite!

15 Times Daario Naharis' Butt Fixed Everything

More like Daario NaHOTASS, amirite?

What Period In History Do You Actually Belong In?

You kind of wish #TBT were every day, don't you?

18 "Short" But Sexy Celebs

Height's got nothing to do with attractiveness. And these guys prove it.

Jasper Johns

I'm an 11 month old Jack Russell mix. I am also a tripawd. I have no idea I'm missing a leg. Wait... I'M MISSING A LEG?!

57 Things Every Couple Says To Each Other About The DVR

Will you just admit that you are never going to watch all these Daily Shows?

Meet The Former Crack Dealer Who Wants To Teach Congress About Drug Laws

Billy Ray Wheelock heads to Washington to tell Congress why they should embrace President Obama’s clemency program.

22 señales de que eres el único soltero en tu grupo de amigos

Uno es el único numero que tendrás que tener.

Such Win: Doge Is The 2014 Meme Of The Year

It was a tight race...for about 3 minutes. The BuzzFeed community cast thousands of votes and Doge claimed the Meme of the Year title in a landslide, making history as the first non-cat meme to do so.

As 40 músicas mais Importantes tocadas em festinhas entre 2000 e 2005

Esta lista é basicamente para todos aqueles que frequentaram o ensino médio entre 2001 e 2005.

21 Reasons Why Green Day Is Still The Best

Because these melodramatic fools, no doubt about it, are awesome.

17 Things You Took For Granted In College

Have they invented a time machine yet? Because I would like to go back.

Having A Huge Penis Is A Lot Harder Than It Looks

From Ron Jeremy to Dirk Diggler, guys with big dicks are portrayed as, well, big dicks, and to be fair, there's no Mastadonic Penis Club for Men to keep you from getting obsessed with your wang. But that's why God gave us big-breasted friends; an…

Ellie Goulding Probably Has A New Boyfriend

Ellie Goulding's got a new man in her life.

This New App Makes The NYC Subway Map Move

And it's so cool. Point your phone at a boring old subway map and everything starts moving.

Giant Mysterious Structure Pranks People Of Cape Town

If you were on your way to work one morning and there was a giant futuristic silver box inviting you inside in the middle of a square you always walked by, would you just ignore it? Of course you wouldn't, you would go inside to investigate—which is exactly what the residents of Cape Town did when it happened to them. What they weren't ready for was the shock once they got in there and the change of clothes it precipitated. The lesson here is if you're unsure of something it's probably a prank, so best to send your friend in first.

Teeth Tattoos Are A Hot New Thing For Some Reason

This might be the weirdest new trend in a while.

Iran Arrests Young Iranians For Making A Pharrell "Happy" Video

The video reportedly got 30,000 views in four days before being taken down.

Las 26 fotos más desafortunadas alguna vez tomadas

Esta no irá en el álbum de fotos.

17 Incredible Photos Of Moore, Okla., Immediately After A Deadly Tornado Devastated The Town And A Year Later

The tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., last year killed 24 people and injured scores of others. A year later, the community is still picking up the pieces.

New York Times Censored Over Article On Labor Abuse At NYU's Abu Dhabi Campus

A New York Times spokesman says the paper has expressed its "profound disappointment" to its printer in the United Arab Emirates, which refused to print its issue on Tuesday.

21 Music Experiences You Need To Have Before You Die

Because life is nothing without music.

This Tumblr Has A Great Idea For Men Who Take Up Too Much Room On The Subway

So that's why guys spread their legs so wide on the train.

The Company That Owns T.J. Maxx And Marshalls Is Now Almost Bigger Than Macy's

TJX is pulling in more in annual sales than most department stores in America, including J.C. Penney, Sears and Nordstrom.

Hedge Funds Are Betting The Roomba Will Short Circuit

Spruce Point Capital released a report today that details why iRobot, the company that makes the Roomba robotic vacuum, is a short target for them and other hedge funds.

Vietnam Considers Its Options In Response To China's Oil Rig

The situation surrounding China's decision to send an oil rig into waters disputed with Vietnam is growing unpredictable, a Vietnamese legislator said Tuesday.

Which "Adventure Time" Character Are You?

Find out if you're a Finn, Jake, or Lumpy Space Princess.

NPR's "Tell Me More" Has Been Canceled

The media organization announced that the popular radio program's last broadcast will be Aug. 1, 2014.

17 receitas de torradas francesas que podem mudar o seu mundo

Pão é chato. Me passa essa fatia de bolo.

Alumni Refuse To Donate Until Colleges Address Campus Sexual Assault

Alumni across the country are using creative tactics to pressure their alma maters into taking action.

9 Illustrated Truths About Dads

*Falls asleep on the couch watching History Channel.* Drawings by Toothpaste For Dinner.

99 Human Names That Should Never Be Cat Names


7 Things I Learned From Colson Whitehead's New Book

The author of The Noble Hustle discusses writing his first memoir, playing in the 2011 World Series of Poker, and his religious love of beef jerky.

Fall Out Boy Made A Movie That’s An Entire Album’s Worth Of Music Videos

Fall Out Boy, Courtney Love, and Elton John made 11 music videos that will restore your faith in rock ’n’ roll.

This Baby Cries Every Time Someone Sings A Song From "Frozen"

This baby is much of America right now.

Lana Del Rey Will Perform At Kimye's Wedding

Lana del Rey will reportedly perform at the Kimye wedding.

Las novias viendo a sus novias por primera vez en el día de su boda

Olvida el gran beso, nada es tan bonito que el momento "revelador" justo antes de la ceremonia. Los fotógrafos del libro "The new art capturing love" nos suministran una amplia evidencia.

University Of Phoenix Owner Buys Stake In South African For-Profit College

Apollo Education Group bought an 81% stake in Milpark Education for $25.6 million. The company, whose for-profit University of Phoenix is seeing declining enrollment, has been expanding in international markets since 2007.

This Is Greatest Bowling Strike In The History Of Bowling Strikes

This bowler is the Fred Flintstone of our generation.

5 Ways Girls Flirt That Confuse Guys

Funny, I always thought I was ADORABLE stealing his hat...

15 DIY Items To Make From Leftover Jorts

When life gives you jorts, make a jop top.

This Woman On Hospital Drugs Tried To Use A Straw And Failed Adorably

Every good spouse brings a video camera to the recovery room.

Florida GOP Lawmaker: Common Core Meant To Make Children Extremely Gay

Florida Republican state rep. Charles Van Zant, who was speaking at the “Operation Education Conference” in Orlando, Florida said the education standard initiative was bent on turning "every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can." h/t Think Progress

Saying Good-Bye To "Ocarina Of Time"

It took me 13 years to beat the greatest game of all time. Then came the hard part.

This Guy Mixed Those Annoying Factory Ringtone Settings Into An Amazing Beat

Who knew such irritating noises could be transformed into something so rad!

Retired Players Are Suing The NFL For Giving Them Painkillers To Treat Broken Bones

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, players claim they were not told about their own broken legs and ankles and were given anti-inflammatories instead.

21 Reasons Why Cats Are #Blessed

They don't even realize it.

Two Explosions Rock Bus Terminal In Nigeria, At Least 118 Killed

Two explosions blasted a bus terminal in Nigeria's central city of Jos on Tuesday. So far, 118 have been reported dead.

This Is Rachel Zoe At 22 — BANANAS!

Rachel Zoe gives career advice to the class of 2014.

Every Summer Outdoor Movie Screening In NYC, Now In One Calendar

Because you shouldn't need to look through six different calendars to find out when and where Back to the Future is playing.

How A British Blogger Became An Unlikely Star Of The Ukraine Conflict — And Russia Today

Graham Phillips has become a fixture on Kremlin television and a micro-celebrity on the streets of Ukraine.

More Recalls

General Motors announced the recall of another 2.4 million cars this week, bringing the total figure for this year to a stunning 13 million. (Last year it recalled less than one million cars.) The company, which appointed Mary Barra as its first female CEO in December, said the latest recall would result in a $400 million charge.

Would You Actually Be In The Galactic Empire Or Rebel Alliance?

Not everyone can be a Jedi Knight. Somebody has to farm the moisture.

7 Celeb Storytellers On The Best Advice They've Ever Gotten

Winners of the 2014 Peabody Award for excellence in electronic storytelling share the best (and sometimes worst) advice they've gotten, and the best advice they'd pass along to young storytellers.

How Much Do You Actually Know About Terrorism, Anyway?

These jihadi groups have been making headlines. Test your knowledge.

Women Embrace The "Reverse Progress" Fitness Movement And Learn To Love Their Bodies

Two fitness-loving ladies have bared it all by sharing (and loving) their post-weight-gain bodies.

This Video Shows Just How Much Special Effects Have Changed In 136 Years

The art of blowing things up and making people fly has come a long way.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Elizabeth Mitchell

The Revolution actress takes our Q&A!

Ciara And Future Named Their Son Future

The "Body Party" singer gave birth Monday morning in Los Angeles.

Why Every College Student Hates Going Home For The Summer

Reasons why you don't want to go home.

Can You Pass A Middle School Spelling Test?

Or is spell-check your best friend?

Can We All Just Take A Moment To Appreciate Ruby Rose?

In fact, let's take this moment together.

Mothers Sleep On The Streets To Raise £150,000 For Homeless Youths

As charity stunts go, this one's pretty awesome.

Lupita Nyong'o Went On Mexico's "Sesame Street" To Celebrate "Laughter Day"

Nyong'o came on the show briefly to talk about the joys of laughter.

5 Things To Know About Ryan Gosling's Arty Directorial Debut

Ryan Gosling's first film as a writer-director, Lost River, just had its premiere at Cannes. The semi-experimental drama is a far cry from The Notebook.

Teenage Syrian Girls Are Being Sold Into Forced Marriages To Save Their Families

"No mother wants this," says one woman as she tries to sell her daughter to an older man. "But this is our life now."

Jamie Dimon's Charm Offensive Wins Over Investors

Despite over $20 billion in payouts to settle legal and regulatory matters, JPMorgan's CEO has convinced his shareholders not to press for any big changes.

The True Meaning Of Jorts

I swore off wearing jean shorts for 15 years until I unlocked their true essence.

21 cosas que suceden cuando tu pareja se va de viaje

¡La casa para mí solo! Oh espera, olvidé que esto ARRUINA TODO.

Moving To Los Angeles? Experts Share Secrets To Surviving L.A.

Meet the most beloved business and community leaders in Los Angeles as they share how you can make the most out of relocating to Los Angeles.

Georgia Republican Candidate: Secularism Causes STDs And Crime

Jody Hice, a pastor running to take Georgia Republican Rep. Paul Broun's congressional seat, was speaking during a 2012 Constitution Party of Georgia address.

Pictures Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Taking A Selfie With An iPad That You Don't Want To See

But here they are anyway! The human mind is a curious thing.

This Girl Might Not Graduate Because Her Yearbook Quote Was "Back That Ass Up" In Periodic Elements

"Barium Carbon Potassium Thorium Astatine Arsenic Sulfer Utranium Phospheros."

Watch Amnesty International's Hard-Hitting Football World Cup Advert

The charity has portrayed recent protests in Brazil as a rather unfair match.

5 Ways The World Will End, According To YA Novels

It's the end of the world as we know it...but how will it happen? These YA novels offer up their theories. It's not looking good for us humans, you guys.

40 perguntas do Yahoo Respostas feitas por usuários que só podem estar brincando

De "como fazer um pacto com o capeta" até "será o benedito?", questões que vão deixar você sem respostas.

I Went To The UKIP Diversity Carnival And It Was A Total Disaster

Nigel Farage's party organised a racial diversity event in Croydon. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

Facebook Says Suspending User Over Pro-LGBT Image Was "A Mistake"

Italian woman's Facebook account was temporarily blocked after she posted image of two women kissing.

A 13-Step Guide To Killing A Bug On Your Own

Because sometimes you're alone and screaming "MOOOOOOM" just won't work. The pressure is on.

Here Are The Official Opening Credits For "Girl Meets World"

A new kid is wandering this road that we call life.

27 Incredible Airbnb Locations In Europe

You need a break. We've got just the thing.

Two Straight Guys Learn What It's Like To Be Drag Queens

From doing their own makeup to walking in six-inch stiletto boots, these men learn how to be an Angel in Broadway's Kinky Boots.

15 Deliciously Simple Ways To Cook With Fruit

Because no one needs to get scurvy this summer!

7 Easy Sardines Recipes

How old is the can of Sardines in your pantry? Open it now and start to cook!

20 Confessions About Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

Because love and friendship are complicated.

17 Boozy Ice Creams

Two birds, one stone.

"Shield" Actor Michael Jace Arrested For Murdering His Wife After Telling 911 He Shot Her

The 51-year-old actor was booked around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. Police say that Jace called 911 and confessed that he shot his wife.

15 Reasons To Fall In Love With "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" Again

Read an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from the new novel, plus learn more about the pre-order sweepstakes that could land you in L.A.!

Friends Ruin Everything: Dungeons & Dragons Edition

A cautionary tale of one author's attempts to use Dungeons & Dragons as a creative tool and the friends who completely ruined everything. This is world-building with friends and David Dalglish, author of the Shadowdance novels!

Photographer Captures The Lonely Existence Of Superheroes

With great power comes great loneliness.

The Case For Tipping, And (Gasp!) Against It

To tip or not to tip, that is the question.

14 Vintage TOTP Magazine Covers That'll Take You Back

Top of the Pops magazine is about to celebrate their 250th issue. Here are some classic covers, so there's no need to go through the box of magazines you have stored in your attic.

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