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Watch Amnesty International's Hard-Hitting Football World Cup Advert

The charity has portrayed recent protests in Brazil as a rather unfair match.

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Amnesty posted this video today.

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The charity says: "The lead up to the World Cup has prompted large scale demonstrations and public protests to which the police have responded with use of force, and in some cases 'less lethal' weapons such as tear gas and rubber bullets."


"Protests are likely to continue in coming weeks and the Brazilian Congress is considering new laws that could be used to crack down on protesters. Additionally, inadequate regulations and training for policing demonstrations pose a risk of more injuries to protesters due to excessive use of force by police."


"Everyone has the right to peaceful protest -- to exercise their human rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly - and the Brazilian government has a duty to ensure that they can. That's why we are giving the Brazilian government a yellow card! Together we can use our freedom of expression to send them a warning."

There were demonstrations in 18 cities on Thursday.

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The protests are over a wide range of issues: demonstrators accuse the government of spending billions on new stadiums rather than any number of other causes, like low income housing.