23 Pictures Of Ryan Gosling Looking Pretty In Cannes


    1. Oh, just Ryan Gosling in Cannes.

    2. Brooding.

    3. Pretty.

    4. He's beautiful when he squints.

    5. And looks like he can't see a damn thing.

    6. Look at him squinting next to Christina Hendricks.

    7. It must take a lot of squinting to be THAT hot.

    8. That smolder.

    9. That face.

    10. That smirk.

    11. That hair.

    12. Those arms.

    13. Wise-cracking.

    14. How is it even possible for a man to be this pretty?

    15. And how can he remain that attractive...

    16. ...while standing next to the beautiful Christina Hendricks?

    17. Just two very pretty people in France.

    18. Just laughing and being beautiful.

    19. ANYWAY, back to Ryan Gosling and his beautiful self at Cannes.

    20. ** voices of angels singing in the background **

    21. ** has a heart attack **

    22. Thank you, Ryan, for being so goddamn beautiful.

    23. And thank you for gracing us with your presence on this #blessed Tuesday.