Susan Sarandon Is Demanding An "In-Depth" Investigation Into The Allegations Against WWF

The actor is a longtime campaigner and fundraiser for the charity, having fronted its campaigns and donated memorabilia for a WWF auction.

Tom Warren • 11 days ago

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation: WWF Must Fully Investigate “Extremely Concerning” Human Rights Allegations

The actor shared his 2016 Golden Globe with “indigenous communities around the world” – but he is a prominent public backer and board member of the international mega-charity implicated in human rights abuses.

Katie J.M. Baker • 16 days ago

WWF Says Indigenous People Want This Park. An Internal Report Says Some Fear Forest Ranger “Repression.”

The World Wide Fund for Nature claimed indigenous people supported a new national park in a filing to European Union funders – but concerns that the development would drive locals off their land and subject them to mistreatment by forest rangers are omitted from the document, obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Katie J.M. Baker • 17 days ago

Britain’s Charity Regulator Will Grill WWF Over “Appalling Atrocities”

“The appalling atrocities and human rights abuses that have been alleged here are at odds with everything we associate with charity.”

Tom Warren • 19 days ago

A Leaked Report Shows WWF Was Warned Years Ago Of “Frightening” Abuses

The wildlife charity said it would investigate evidence of violence against indigenous people uncovered by BuzzFeed News. But internal documents reveal WWF had already commissioned an investigation that warned of human rights abuses in 2015.

Katie J.M. Baker • 20 days ago

Senior US Lawmakers Are Calling For An Urgent Review Of WWF Funding Following A BuzzFeed News Investigation

“These are shocking reports which, if true, should trigger an immediate and thorough review of these programs.”

Katie J.M. Baker • 20 days ago

Celebrity Explorer Ben Fogle Has Suspended His Role As WWF Ambassador Following A BuzzFeed News Investigation

“In light of the very serious human rights allegations made against WWF I have suspended my ambassadorial role with immediate effect.”

Tom Warren • 21 days ago

UK Parliament Members Are Calling For An Investigation Into Government Funding Of WWF

"Taxpayers and donors to WWF need to know that their money is not being misspent and supporting appalling human rights abuses.”

Katie J.M. Baker • 21 days ago

WWF Funds Guards Who Have Tortured And Killed People

The beloved animal charity with the cuddly panda logo funds vicious paramilitary forces to fight poaching. A BuzzFeed News investigation reveals the hidden human cost.

Tom Warren • 21 days ago

A Cryptocurrency Pioneer Wrote About Sex With A Preteen Girl On His Blog. He Says It Was Fiction.

Cryptocurrency entrepreneur Gavin Wood wrote — and then deleted — a post about having sex with a preteen girl who was dying of AIDS. He says it was fiction.

Ryan Mac • 6 months ago

Dozens More Women Say They Were Sexually Assaulted At Massage Envy

A mother and daughter said they were both assaulted — in separate rooms — after purchasing a special Mother’s Day package.

Katie J.M. Baker • 6 months ago

“Overly Aggressive” Prosecution Of Vulnerable Women For False Rape Claims Could Deter Victims From Reporting Assaults, MPs Have Warned

“No victim should be too scared to come forward to report a rape because of the fear of ending up in jail themselves.”

Jane Bradley • 8 months ago

Hundreds Of Women In The UK Have Been Prosecuted For Lying About Rape

It’s not uncommon for judges to call these women “wicked”; one male judge said a convict had “betrayed the sisterhood”.

Katie J.M. Baker • 8 months ago

Massage Envy Announces Major Changes In Sexual Assault Policy

The changes come after a BuzzFeed News investigation that found more than 180 women had reported sexual assault at Massage Envy spas.

Katie J.M. Baker • One year ago

More Than 180 Women Have Reported Sexual Assaults At Massage Envy

Across the US, people go to Massage Envy spas in search of a soothing, affordable escape. More than 180 people say what they got instead was sexual assault. But the billion-dollar company says that’s not its problem to solve. A BuzzFeed News investigation.

Katie J.M. Baker • One year ago

Meet The Professor Who Says Sex In A Blackout Isn't Always Rape

Is it possible to voluntarily have sex while blackout drunk? Kim Fromme, one of the country’s foremost experts on alcohol-induced blackouts, isn’t afraid to say so, and has testified in high-profile sexual assault cases from Steubenville to Stanford.

Katie J.M. Baker • One year ago

After A College Student Killed Herself Following Her Alleged Rape, A Congressman Wants To Change The Law

The legislation is named in honor of the subject of a recent BuzzFeed News story. “We must ensure that victims of crime have access to assistance and can pursue justice,” Rep. Ted Poe said.

Katie J.M. Baker • One year ago

A College Student Accused A Powerful Man Of Rape. Then She Became A Suspect

When an Alabama college student told the police she was sexually assaulted, she did everything she thought she was supposed to do. She ended up killing herself.

Katie J.M. Baker • One year ago

UC Berkeley Was Warned About Its Star Professor Years Before Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Documents obtained by BuzzFeed News show that multiple students complained to the University of California, Berkeley, about professor John R. Searle — years before he was accused of sexually harassing a former student and employee in a March 2017 lawsuit.

Katie J.M. Baker • One year ago

Maryland Victims No Longer Need To Prove They Physically Fought Their Rapists

Previously, "saying no" was not enough in Maryland, where rape victims had to show they forcibly resisted their assailants. The new law was prompted by a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Alex Campbell • One year ago