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May 8, 2014

This Video Is All Of Us Any Time We Share Something On The Internet

"I wanna post about how great this coffee is, but I can't think of a funny way to say it."

13 Surprisingly High-Protein Vegetarian Recipes

These meals will get plenty of protein into your diet without any help from bacon. (Yes, it's possible!)

5 Chicken Dishes With 5 Ingredients Or Less

And we aren't cheating...none of that "oh, salt and pepper and flour and sugar don't count as ingredients", or obscure ingredients that you can't find no matter where you live. Actually simple, delicious foods. With 5 ingredients. No more.

Watch Ikea Take Over The World In One GIF

From humble origins, the furniture giant has risen to confuse much of the world with its byzantine assembly instructions.

21 Incredible Experiences You Can Only Have In Phoenix

The Valley of the Sun is more than just cacti and desert.

19 Reasons Why Lorde Is Worthy Of Her Name

Praise this girl. Because she's great.

13 #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

Kim Kardashian kicks things off with a photo of herself during her senior year of high school, while Macklemore showed off an insanely cute photo of him as a child. Welcome back to #ThrowbackThursday!

5 Top Search And Rescue Tips

There are plans to privatise the UK's search and rescue (SAR) capability, buff up on what a vital part of the military actually get up to. The majority of SAR activity occurs in the 3rd Quarter during the warmer summer months as activity around mountains and coastlines peaks. The following information is from Q1 2004.

Michael Sam Could Be Drafted By A Team In A State Where He Could Be Fired For Being Gay

Although the NFL's own policies ban sexual orientation discrimination, most teams are located in states where there is no law to back those protections up.

Donald Sterling's Wife Wants To Keep Her Share Of The Clippers

Shelly Sterling owns 50% of the team, which she plans to hold onto even as the NBA explores ways to force her estranged husband out of the league.

Reese Witherspoon Needs A Lesson In The Art Of The Delevingne

Cara Delevingne shared two videos from the 2014 Met Ball. Both of which feature Reese Witherspoon trying to say her name.

83 Thoughts A Chambelan Has At A Quinceañera

Quinceañera (n): The traditional coming-of-age celebration for a 15-year-old Latina. Chambelan (n): Usher aka the worst job in the world.

Meet Bon Jovi The Cat, The Biggest Jerk Ever Leads The Daily Links

Plus Amy Poehler stole Seth Meyers's credit card, an easy infographic to make sure you're running properly, and the final mock draft before the 2014 NFL Draft begins tonight.

This Is Just A Very Unique Way Of Celebrating One's Own Goal In A Soccer Match

Takes patting yourself on the back to a whole new level.

House Passes Measure Establishing Benghazi Select Committee

The panel will be made up of seven Republicans and five Democrats, should Democrats choose to participate.

DC Comics Won The 2014 Upfronts

With four new series picked up for fall 2014, and Arrow capping off a stellar sophomore season, DC Comics properties have never been in higher demand.

Apple Reportedly In Talks To Buy Beats By Dre For $3.2 Billion

The iPhone maker might be close to its first major acquisition, according to the Financial Times.

How Jon Favreau's New Food-Truck Movie Is Actually A Metaphor For His Career

Though Chef may appear to be about cooking, it's actually about Favreau's career as an actor and director from Swingers to Iron Man 2. And what we can all glean from his growing pains.

What I Wish I Could Tell My Dead Mother

I can't remember the sound of my mom's voice, but there are so many conversations I imagine we would have had.

12 Puffins Dressed As Gentlemen

Puffins are a most aristocratic bird, indeed.

83 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Breastfeeding

The pump was definitely invented by someone who hates women.

A Quarter Of Europeans Don't Know Who David Cameron Is

British Prime Minister is second most popular EU leader behind Angela Merkel in a new poll, but 24% of Europeans still don't even know who he is.

FYI, This Is What Bubba Sparxxx Looks Like Today

Mr. "Ms. New Booty" is nearly unrecognizable.

Saxobeat Is Weirdly Back In 2014

Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo, and Macklemore are using squawking, klezmer-like loops to win over the world. Here’s why it works.

6 Lesbian Web Series You Should Probably Be Watching

Because we all need something to watch tonight – this list wasn't enough.

11 Science Facts That Will Make You Feel Really Weird

Sorry, but you're mostly bacteria.

Kim Kardashian Pens Insightful Blog Post About Racism And Discrimination

That story and more in today's gossip roundup!

These Are The Secrets We Want To Tell Our Mothers

This is what happens when you ask a bunch of people to anonymously write a note to their mother.

Kevin Spacey's Top 10 Impressions

Tony Award and two time Academy Award winning actor (and The Old Vic Theatre's Artistic Director) Kevin Spacey started his career as a stand up comedian. Take a look at some of his impressions.

Proof That Taylor Swift Is The Ultimate Cat Lady

She loves her cat, and is a lady.

Star Wars Prequels, Recut

So, this showed up on Vimeo last night and will likely be pulled soon (so hit that "download" button while you can), but here's the deal. In 2012, actor Topher Grace showed an edit he'd done of episodes I-III of Star Wars to a bunch of friends,…

29 Of The Thirstiest Harry Potter Confessions

From the anonymous secret sharing app Whisper.

The Top BBQ Festivals And Competitions

From brisket to mutton, these fests and cook-offs will give you the best 'cue experiences.

Los 33 mejores WhatsApps de madres

Porque no hay nada mejor que tu madre mandándote emojis.

6 Things You Totally Love/Hate About Serving

The service industry giveth and the service industry taketh away.

Watch These Women Try Out A Sex Toy In Public For Charity

"Excuse me, do you like your clitoris?" Of course you do. This week, the men of viral video machine Simple Pickup asked random women on the beach to try out the classic Sybian — a coveted ride-on masturbation device from the '80s — in public. For…

How Stereotypically Blonde Are You?

Like, it's not a hair color, it's a lifestyle.

Las 23 fotos más engañosas jamás tomadas

NADA ES LO QUE PARECE. Gracias a r/MisleadingThumbnails por la inspiración.

18 Ways Creamy Peanut Butter Is Actually God

Thou shalt have no other spreads before me.

34 mães que queremos parabenizar pelo uso do WhatsApp

"Filho como chama aquele cantor negro cm marcas no rosto w foi casado com uma modelo da vitoria screyt q começa cm se"

9 Songs With Mother In The Title

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I thought I'd share some classic Mother songs - consider it the Mother of all Mother song lists or the best Mother F-in' Mother songs. Mother songs you'd like to MILF. You get the idea.

7 Sumptuously Silly British Words Americans Are Missing Out On

They sound ridiculous, because they are ridiculous.

Republican Congressional Candidate: "Socialistic" Obama "Doesn't Like This Country"

Matt Connolly is a Republican Congressional candidate for the 17th district in Pennsylvania. Appearing on local news WYLN said of President Obama "we have a guy who doesn't like this country" saying America was becoming "socialistic" under the Obama administration.

18 Free And Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

It doesn't cost anything to show how much you care.

25 razones por las que Adele debe volver de inmediato


Judge: Indiana Must Continue To Recognize Out-Of-State Marriage Of Terminally Ill Woman And Her Wife

The Indiana attorney general’s office, however, announced it will appeal the ruling.

Os 24 piores tipos de pessoas no mundo

OK, tudo bem, algumas pessoas são legais. Mas há muito o que odiar na maioria delas.

Girls Create Video To Teach You How To Pick Up Guys With "The Vibe"

With a soundtrack from your childhood 90's.

Graphic FSU Art Project Featuring Jameis Winston Elicits Mixed Response

The work of Lena NW, the pseudonym of a 20-year-old Florida State University studio art major, features an image of Jameis Winston receiving oral sex from a member of a fraternity.

Skechers' Board Nominations Slammed As Shady

CtW Investment Group said shareholders should withhold support for two directors, citing close ties to the company's controlling Greenberg family and troubling run-ins with financial regulators.

The Most Awaited Interview On Indian Television Summed Up In Two GIFS

Arnab Goswami, Times Now anchor and shouter extraordinaire, interviewed Narendra Modi, India's divisive prime ministerial candidate.

Here's Beyoncé And Jay Z's Totally, Definitely Real Tour Rider

"One bathtub, filled halfway." Totally, definitely not real. But still.

A Sandstorm Swept Through Egypt And Everything Turned Orange

The storm in the southern city of Aswan left two dead.

10 Ways Having A Dog Will Improve Every Fiber Of Your Being

For new and future dog owners. Also; fans of sarcasm.

Craziest Mother's Day Sketch Ever

Sh!t just got real.

What BuzzFeed Posts Should You Read Today?

Answer these very scientific* questions to get your own personalized BuzzFeed reading list! *Sort of.

33 Things Everyone Who Went To High School Will Understand


13 rinocerontes bebés revoltosos

Estos rinocerontes jóvenes siempre están listos para jugar.

"The Originals" Is Making Moves On The CW Next Season

But, besides the spin-off's shift to Mondays, the network is making few changes to its 2014–2015 schedule. However, you can look forward to The Flash kicking off Tuesday nights.

Is This The Worst "Happy" Video Out There?

The video was released by a group calling itself "The Happy Egyptian campaign" and everyone in it loves Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Editor Of Liberal Website In Saudi Arabia Sentenced To 10 Years In Jail And 1,000 Lashes

Raif Badawi was charged with cyber crime and disobeying his father.

The Greatest Accomplishments By Virgins

Don't have sex. Have success.

Snapchat Settles Over Complaint That The Company Deceived Its Users

The Federal Trade Commission said Snapchat misled its users in its marketing materials.

Proof Super Smash Bros. Is Secretly Just One Giant, Weird Nintendo Orgy


Why #SingForNicole Is About More Than Any Of Us Originally Thought

It started with a simple Twitter post from Nicole Wilson's older sister hoping to have One Direction dedicate a song to her sister, who passed away from complications of her Type 1 diabetes. Over night, it turned into the #1 trending topic in the US on Twitter, had raised enough money for 5 children to go to Camp Sweeney in Nicole's honor, had hundreds of thousands of people becoming involved with #SingForNicole, but it has developed into more than any of us ever thought and here is how:

The Glastonbury Festival Line-Up Has Just Been Announced

And Metallica will be headlining on Saturday.

Jennifer Lawrence Gets The Backlash

Jennifer Lawrence talks about her love life and constant clumsiness in the June 2014 issue of Marie Claire.

These Nude Portraits Are Completely Untouched And Absolutely Gorgeous

She features all nature girls, completely untouched in various conceptualized themes including sandy beach play-dates and bedroom strip downs. "In 1974, Hugh Hefner said, 'Women have traditionally been either put on pedestals or damned as the source…

12 One Direction Expression GIFs To Make You Laugh, Cry, And Smile

Because the time to admire adorable British boys in tight pants is all the time. Warning: it's an emotional journey.

29 margaritas de locos que necesitas probar

Sólo porque sean raras, no significa que no merezcan tu amor.

Can Riverdale Survive "Afterlife With Archie"?

Zombies walk the Earth, the gang is trapped in Lodge Manor, and Riverdale is in flames as the thrilling Afterlife With Archie reached its exciting conclusion. Afterlife With Archie #5 hits shelves May 14th.

7 Highly Scientific Reasons Why Ice Cream In Cake Cones Are The Best Cones

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream in cake cones.

Women Say They Were Sexually Abused While Seeking Treatment At Recovery Home

San Diego's prominent evangelical Rock Church was hit with a lawsuit Thursday, alleging its addiction-recovery ministry leader harassed and battered women at the treatment homes he operates.

CNN Contributor Bizarrely Trashes #BringBackOurGirls While Discussing Monica Lewinsky

Things get heated during a CNN conversation about Monica Lewinsky.

Hundreds Infected As MERS Epidemic Spreads In Saudi Arabia

At least 449 people have been infected in the Middle Eastern kingdom. The SARS-like pandemic has now spread to Europe and the United States.

17 Reasons Olivia Wilde Is The Perfect Woman

Because the vagina song is her jam.

10 Productos de televentas que no necesitas pero los quieres tener

Admitirlo es el primer paso, el infomercial te convenció.

The Feds Had To Remind Schools That Undocumented Students Have A Right To An Education Too

Denying "innocent children" access to a public education, the court explained, "imposes a lifetime hardship on a discrete class of children not accountable for their disabling status."

13 Ways You Know You're A Mom: As Told By Bears

Mother's Day is coming up. We hear plenty about parenting from human moms, but what about bears? Parents from the Ursidae family share 13 Ways You Know You're A Mama Bear.

Richard Ayoade Is The World's Coolest Film Geek

Richard Ayoade's second film as a director, The Double, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska, opens in theaters this week. And, despite his self-deprecating comments, it's really good.

Get Dolled Up: Prom Inspiration Photo

As you all know it is prom season. This means it's time to crack down on the perfect dress, the hot date, the limo and OF COURSE the makeup! Sometimes it can be scary to steer away from your comfort zone and get daring with your makeup but it's…

The Best Kiss Cam Moments, Volume II

Because if there's one thing that everybody loves, it's PDA. See the first installation by Spencer Althouse here.

How To Save Money On Your Next Cruise Vacation

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — As summer approaches, a cruise vacation can be a fun way to alternate leisurely pool time with adventures like ziplining or kayaking in port. Cruises appeal to many budget-conscious travelers because some meals and activities…

How Experienced Are You With Drugs?

Find out what your "drug number" is here. This checklist for recreational use only.

16 disfraces de Disney ridículamente buenos que de hecho puedes comprar

No hay cosplay como el cosplay de Disney, porque el cosplay de Disney nunca para.

Wingsuits, Rope Swings And Fire

Who doesn't like a good wingsuit video? It looks like the guys over at RatedRR had a lot of fun making this one. It incorporates "dead air" jumps from hot air balloons, rope swings attached to the balloon's crown line and a fly by of the basket by other wingsuit pilots. "Permission to buzz the tower?"

The Best Time I Took A Rescue Cat To A Pet Psychic

Imagine if The Nothing from Neverending Story coupled with a bumbling cartoon bear forever getting its head stuck in pots of honey. That’s Milo! Born of the dumpsters, he spent three years living in a well-appointed cat rescue shelter in northeast…

12 Of The World's Most Dangerous Animals As Babies

The most dangerous were once dangerously cute.

This Nifty Trick Will Make Typing Websites Into Your Browser So Much Easier

We've been typing ".com" all this time for no reason?

How Secretly Gross Are You?

(It's OK, no one will ever know which ones you clicked.)

Harry Styles Got A New Belly Tattoo

To add to his incredibly random collection.

We Went To TechCrunch Disrupt And Asked People How To Fix The Tech Industry

Attendees at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference weigh in on what Silicon Valley is missing, and how to increase the number of women in tech.

15 Pruebas de que sigues viviendo en el pasado

A pesar que vivimos en la era de la tecnología y un montón de avances científicos, nos encantan las cosas del pasado. Algunas personas no quieren aceptar que viven en el 2014 y son una máquina del tiempo ambulante. ¿Eres un timelord?

There Is Cool And Then There Is Jennifer Lawrence

Just Jennifer proving yet again why she is the absolute best. and that hair, gimmie.

Las fotos de este papá con su hija de 3 años muestran lo divertido que es ser padre

Dave Engledow tsigue creando las maravillosas series de fotografías suyas con su hija, Alice Bee.

35 Things You Miss About Britain When You're Away On Holiday

Going away is nice, but nothing beats coming back home to blighty.

The 22 Most Horrifying Cases Of Male Camel Toe

Found in the darkest depths of the internet (and sometimes in real life) lies the rare male camel toe.

If "Game Of Thrones" Were On "Maury"

"I AM 2 BILLION PERCENT SURE I'M KING, MAURY." (Warning: Some spoilers if you're not caught up on the show.)

A Very Important Guide To Penis Size Around The World

The Sun has excelled itself with this useful infographic showing the average length of penises in 28 countries.

10 Best Music Moments From Orange Is The New Black

OITNB has some truly awesome music. Here are ten of the most memorable scenes accompanied by the perfect songs.

42 Celebrity Men Who Are Less Bald Than They Used To Be

Luck, hair transplants, hair pieces, or are we seeing things? YOU decide.

Rank-And-File Democrats Nervous About Boycotting Benghazi Select Committee

While Democratic leaders have indicated they may sit out the select committee investigation into the 2012 Benghazi attacks, some members say it's in their best interest to show up.

Heavily Armed Forces Clear Out Protest Camps In Venezuela

Armed forces arrested 243 people, mostly students. Protestors had camped in multiple sites in Caracas for several weeks.

21 Ways Chelsea Peretti And Her Dog Are The Cutest BFFs

They put every single other friendship to SHAME.

14 Bathing Suits Your Friends Won't Believe You Made

Shopping for bathing suits can be a mix of total confusion, shame, and price tag shock. How can a tiny piece of fabric cost fifty dollars? And you have to buy two? Avoid price tag worries and squeezing into a suit you hate by making your own bathing suit. You’ll love these DIY bathing suits!

The 5,943th Frozen Parody...

but the first Frozen parody with a rockin solo on the B. Meowsic Synthesizer.

Maury Povich And Connie Chung Reenact An Old "Maury" Episode

The name of the episode is Titled "That Hickey Came From The Dog, I Didn't Cheat!" Bless you, Andy Cohen.

The Clueless Reunion Just Made Our '90s Dreams Come True

See pics from the Clueless reunion.

Watch This Woman Almost Shoot Herself In The Face With A Nail Gun On An Australian Talk Show

How long can you make it into this post before you start screaming?

Irish Rock Band Covers Macklemore's "Same Love" And Your Ovaries Just Might Explode.

Ever hear of an Irish rock band called Kodaline? Well, they have an incredible album out. But I have to admit.. their covers are even more incredible.

18 Situations That Make You Want To Channel Your Inner Larry David

Sometimes you don't want to do a stop and chat.

Maisie Williams Does A Very Good Lorde Impression

She's like the Lorde of Winterfell now. Get it.

Les 18 couples de célébrités les mieux habillés au gala du Met

C'est comme si leurs tenues étaient faites l'une pour l'autre.

52 Things That Are Way More Interesting To Watch Than Eurovision

Most things. Almost all things, actually.

Flappy Nerd: The New Oculus Add-On That Lets You Pretend To Be A Bird

Strap on and strap in to Birdly if you want to fly!

36 Things That Prove Scientists Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

It's OK, kittens like being put in zero gravity.

23 Things That Happen On Every Episode Of "Shark Tank"

"This post is DEAD to me." - Kevin O'Leary

The 6 Terrible Stages Of Wearing High Heels

When looking good turns into a downward spiral of pain and sorrow.

Olivia Wilde Plays "John Mayer Or Pepé Le Pew?" On "Billy On The Street"

Her consultation prize was meeting the reunited band, Danity Kane. Excuse me, a fake version of the reunited band, Danity Kane.

Mariah Carey Explains Her Album Title To David Letterman

He doesn't quite get it. Or maybe he just doesn't like it?

52 coisas que você não sabia sobre a ditadura militar brasileira

Decapitações, cartas de amor e o dinheiro ilegalmente desviado por um famoso político paulista financiando as ações da esquerda armada. Que história!

Black-Cab Drivers To Bring London To A Standstill In Protest Against TfL Inaction Over Uber

Thousands of taxis will take part in the demonstration in the capital next month.

The Hardest “Mad Men” Quiz You Will Ever Take

Because the same thing that happened in Season 1 also seems to happen in Season 7.

¿Cuantas portadas de los álbumes más famosos de los 90 conoces?

¿Crees que eres un experto de la música? Pon tu conocimiento a prueba con este examen visual.

8 Questions You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask About Halal Meat

Explaining the media's current obsession.

33 GIFs d'animaux qui vont vous faire sourire

Si vous pouvez regarder ces GIFs sans esquisser le moindre sourire, vous n'avez pas de coeur.

14 Things You Didn't Know About Trader Joe's

Two Buck Chuck has quite an interesting backstory...

23 Beautifully Bookish Places To Explore This Summer

Do you love reading tales of distant shores, daydreaming your way to other places?

19 Dead Set Legendary Photobombers

A party isn't a proper party without a gatecrasher.

24 cosas para que te prepares para la Copa Mundial

¿Quién está listo para la Copa Mundial? ¡NOSOTROS!

20 Reasons Your Parents Are The Absolute Greatest

They're with you from birth (duh).

Massive Explosion Levels Hotel In Contested Syrian City

Forces loyal to Assad operated out of Aleppo's Carlton Hotel, according to reports. Islamist rebels claim responsibility for the bombing.

15 illustrations magnifiques de contes de fées

Elles datent toutes des années 1920, une époque où on ne se foutait pas de la gueule du monde quand on illustrait des livres.

19 Headlines That Show How Hard Life In North London Can Be

We had had no idea how hard life in North London could be — thankfully Ham&High were there to set us straight.

31 gifs que você não vai acreditar que realmente existem

A vida é bem previsível até que - AI, MEU DEUS!

11 fotos incríveis de mulheres do estado de Chin, na Birmânia, com os rostos tatuados

Uma tradição milenar leva as mulheres das tribos Chin a terem seus rostos tatuados com padrões complexos.

Attacking Michael Gove Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Win In UK Politics

Exclusive polling for BuzzFeed explains why the education secretary is going to get a kicking in the run up to the general election. Not that the public has much time for other politicians.

10 Minions That Can Relate To EVERY Emotion At Uni

Let's be honest, few experiences in life ride the emotional roller coaster that is university. Here's how our funny little yellow friends can relate.

29 lugares de filmación que puedes visitar

Admítelo, siempre has querido bailar alrededor de la glorieta de "La novicia rebelde".

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