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    18 Free And Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

    It doesn't cost anything to show how much you care.


    1. Make a Coupon Book (and honor it!)

    Instead of just the basic coupons like a "car wash" or "doing the dishes," add in some personal things that are specific to your mom. Get a free template for this printable gift here.

    2. Make her a custom phone background with your face on it.

    Use this free app to collage pictures of you guys together or you and your siblings.

    3. Make her a Top 10 list.

    Use this helpful template to make a list of 10 things you love about her.

    4. Wash her car.

    Elbow grease is always a meaningful gift. Make it shine.

    5. Make her a scrapbook of her life.

    Take all those stories she's told you about growing up and turn them into a cute scrapbook. Get instructions and templates here.

    6. Teach her something.


    Use your Twitter skills or your photoshop skills or your Snapchat skills and turn your mom into a social media maven. (If she's not already :).

    7. Ask her to teach you something.


    Your mom has mad skills. Let her know that and ask her to help you learn them.

    8. Digitize her old photos.

    Get tips on how to do it yourself here.

    9. Give her the breakfast in bed she's always wanted.

    Get this free printable menu option door hanger here.

    10. Do her favorite activity with her.

    Does she like tennis? Bowling? Drag racing? Hiking? Whatever she likes to do, spend the afternoon together doing an activity of her choice.

    11. Make her a playlist.

    Make your mom a mix on iTunes or Spotify. Or, if you want to be old school, check out this free printable CD case.

    12. Leave her alone.


    All moms could use a little "me-time." She's always doing things for you, running around and making sure you have everything you need. Give her that same luxury.

    13. Cook or bake her something special.

    Learn how to make these here.

    14. Add a personal label to a wine bottle.

    Get the printable here.

    15. Make her an at-home spa kit.

    You can use ingredients you already have. See how here and here.

    16. Make her a compliment jar.

    Write down all the great things about her and she can take one out every time she needs one!

    17. Do all her chores for her.


    Do the dishes. Wash and fold the laundry. Buy more catfood. Refill her gas tank.

    18. Call her!


    Don't just email her. Don't just text her. Don't just send her a Facebook message. Call her on the actual phone!

    We love you, moms!

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