18 Free And Meaningful Mother's Day Gifts

It doesn't cost anything to show how much you care.

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1. Make a Coupon Book (and honor it!)

Instead of just the basic coupons like a "car wash" or "doing the dishes," add in some personal things that are specific to your mom. Get a free template for this printable gift here.

6. Teach her something.


Use your Twitter skills or your photoshop skills or your Snapchat skills and turn your mom into a social media maven. (If she's not already :).

10. Do her favorite activity with her.

Does she like tennis? Bowling? Drag racing? Hiking? Whatever she likes to do, spend the afternoon together doing an activity of her choice.

12. Leave her alone.


All moms could use a little "me-time." She's always doing things for you, running around and making sure you have everything you need. Give her that same luxury.