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May 12, 2014

What Happened To Bubba Sparxxx?

Remember the "Ms. New Booty" guy? He's overcome an opiate addiction and gone back to the farm to find a new love for music.

Key Republican: "Burden" On GOP To Keep Benghazi Committee From Becoming "Kangaroo Court"

"I do think there's a special burden on the Republicans," Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, the deputy whip of the House, said on NewsmaxTV. "If this becomes what appears to be a kangaroo court then I think that will backfire; that will hurt us. If it looks like we're trying to exploit a nation tragedy instead of get to the bottom of it, learn lessons, hold people accountable if necessary. That will hurt."

Wow, Such Voting For The 2014 Webby Awards “Meme Of The Year”

"The Web is only as miraculous as its memes," goes the saying we just made up. But it's true that memes are like spontaneous little miracles that connect us all. That's why we need you to cast judgment and help The Webby Awards and BuzzFeed decide which meme was this year's best.

The BNP Attacks UKIP For Being Racist

The British National Party's electoral campaign consists largely of attacks on Nigel Farage. Apparently UKIP's immigration policy is bad for Europeans.

Inside A Nerve Center Of Ukraine's Shadow War

Home to masked militants, a growing number of captives, and a makeshift medical clinic, the separatist headquarters in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk is braced for war. Not far beneath the surface, one already seems to be raging.

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