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May 12, 2014

Do You Apologize Too Much?

Sorry, I'm not sorry, but also I am very very very sorry.

The 12th Of May And A Print Giveaway!

May 12th is called “Invisible Illness Day.” You probably don’t know that…and that’s part of the problem.

Here Are 2 Dividend Stocks To Buy, One To Sell

Not all dividends are the same. Some offer high yields and others are dividend traps. Here are two to own and one to avoid.

Cannabis Cup Highlights Show The Future Of The Marijuana Industry

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Every year, High Times magazine holds its Cannabis Cup, the largest marijuana industry event in the world. Companies, inventors and entrepreneurs gathered in Denver on 4/20 this year for the first legal event in the United…

Dog Whisperer Puts Puppies To Sleep Singing An Old Doo-Wop Lullaby

And the world feels a little bit brighter.

Organization That Planned "Pro-Life Olympics" to Honor Anti-LGBT and Anti-Abortion Activists

An Australian government official is among those to be recognized by the World Congress of Families.

What Happened To Bubba Sparxxx?

Remember the "Ms. New Booty" guy? He's overcome an opiate addiction and gone back to the farm to find a new love for music.

New Hampshire Police Officer Shot And Killed At Home That Exploded

A police officer who responded to a domestic disturbance at a New Hampshire home was shot and killed before the home burst into flames.

Watch Transwomen Prosecuted Under Sharia Law In Malaysia Tell Their Stories

Some report being arrested more than 20 times under laws that will be challenged in an appeals court next week.

Online Education Provider Reports Loss In First Earnings As Public Company

2U, which partners with universities to offer pricey online degrees, says it plans to focus on adding new programs--which has so far come at the expense of profitability.

Estos iconos de la cultura popular son completamente tallados en crayones de cera.

"Wax Nostalgic" cuenta básicamente con todos los personajes que has amado, representados en nada más que en los típicos antiguos Crayola.

16 Reasons Why Grinding Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Humanity

Today's clubbing protocol: If you can't dance, dry hump.

53 Questions To Which The Only Acceptable Answer Is Hodor

* blank incomprehensible stare of defeat * WTF is adulthood even?

Tasered and Mace Pepper Sprayed In The Mouth - Whip Cream Challenge | Top Challenges #45

Subscribe to FunnyMeNow! Twitter: FB:

How Bad Are Your Seasonal Allergies?

The world is full of beautiful, alive things. These things make your face fall off.

11 Gorgeous Lingerie Brands For Big Boobs

Because girls with big boobs deserve pretty bras, too.

12 criaturas pré-históricas esquisitas que lhe deixarão aliviado de viver hoje em dia

Estrelando uma baleia com patas e um crocodilo vegetariano. Tirados do novo livro de Julius Csotonyi com paleoarte.

The 27 Most Powerful Photos Of Guy Fieri Pointing At Things

The man, the goatee, THE POINTER FINGER.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

The 40 Oz. Is The Most Patriotic Drink In America Leads The Daily Links

Plus a new kind of Photoshop travesty, the most elegant cocktail of the summer, and the new T.V. show that should make us all reconsider what we are doing with our time.

The Secret Best Part About Andrew Garfield

Its been there all along...

Why You Need To Visit Denmark's Hippie Commune Before You Die

The self-governing town of Christiania has seen its share of ups and downs, but it's still a place unlike any other in the world.

27 de los mejores #PudoSerElAmorDeMiVida tweets

El trending hashtag #PudoSerElAmorDeMiVida surgió hoy en Twitter y aquí están unos de los mejores tweets que encontramos.

Fox Host Doesn't Think Any Muslim Clerics Or Imams Condemn Terrorism

"I'm waiting for the first cleric or imam who has the guts to say this not what Muhammed meant and if you don't I'll just assume it's what he did mean," said Bob Beckel, the liberal co-host of The Five Islamist militant group Boko Haram kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria. Boko Harmam's actions have been pretty widely condemned by Muslim leaders.

The Chamber Of Commerce President Thinks GOP Shouldn’t Even Run A 2016 Candidate If They Kill Immigration Efforts

"If the Republicans don't do it, they shouldn't bother to run a candidate in 2016. I mean, think about that. Think about who the voters are," Tom Donohue said.

Reports: AT&T Inc. In Talks To Acquire DirecTV

Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal reported Monday that AT&T was close to buying the largest U.S. satellite-TV provider.

A Father Tries To Identify His Daughter In New Video Of Nigerian Schoolgirls

"I can't feel that it is her. But I think — I think it could be."

The One Thing You Somehow Didn’t Notice In "Mean Girls" Will Blow Your Mind

Here's proof that Gretchen Weiners really DID live happily ever after.

23 Adorable Side Effects Of Sleepiness

Being so snooze-y isn't all bad.

Clay Aiken Wins Democratic Primary Day After Congressional Opponent's Sudden Death

Update: Clay Aiken has won his primary in North Carolina a day after the death of Keith Crisco, 71, who was challenging the former American Idol runner-up for the Democratic nomination in the 2nd Congressional District.

Laundry Day With Cats!

Covered in cat hair… Doing the laundry can take a little longer when your cats get involved! …. It now takes me 35 mins to make my bed ;) Cole the Black Cat & his new brother Marmalade are always up to something ... Together with their human ‘servant’ Chris they will entertain and educate you! Check out their fun videos to see them in action!

'The Plastics' Release The Worst Music Video Of All Time

These people spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to look marginally like celebrities and release this really impressive music video.

A Brief History Of Solange Knowles Speaking Her Mind

Solange has never shied away from expressing herself, but until now, it usually hasn't gotten physical.

NYPD To Stop Seizing Condoms From Suspects As Evidence Of Prostitution

At a press conference Monday, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio said changing the policy is "the right thing to do."

21 Kids Who Are Absolutely Terrible At Hide And Seek

Dear kids: A pole makes a lousy hiding place.

29 Photos Of The Most Adorable Farm On Earth

So, living on a farm is apparently all about being surrounded by cute animals? Right?

14 Beauty Struggles Only Natural Girls Understand

You all know that I LOVE my natural hair, but sometimes it can be a bit much, and a lot to deal with. Well I've created a list of 15 struggles that only natural girls will understand.

Definitive Proof That Babies And Pizza Are The Exact Same Thing

The two have way more in common than you think.

28 Words Of Advice For Anyone Afraid Of Coming Out

I asked players and audience members for a comforting message at the 3rd annual Drag Queen Softball World Series.

What Type Of Chicken Tender Is Right For You?

Never judge a person until you know their taste in chicken.

22 Things That Happen When You Date Someone Much Older

No, I have not heard of [insert obscure '80s band here].

Key Republican: "Burden" On GOP To Keep Benghazi Committee From Becoming "Kangaroo Court"

"I do think there's a special burden on the Republicans," Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, the deputy whip of the House, said on NewsmaxTV. "If this becomes what appears to be a kangaroo court then I think that will backfire; that will hurt us. If it looks like we're trying to exploit a nation tragedy instead of get to the bottom of it, learn lessons, hold people accountable if necessary. That will hurt."

26 Most Underrated Parts Of Being A Girly Girl

Being girly doesn't mean you don't kick butt.

50 Completely Unexplainable Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use

Well, except for right now. Huge thanks to Awkward Stock Photos and r/wtfstockphotos for a lot of these.

21 People Whose Mothers Should Be Disappointed In Them

Hope you made your mama proud this Mother's Day by not being any of these people.

Top Moments From Season One Of "Orange Is The New Black"!

Sure, you binge-watched all 13 episodes of the first season in one sitting, but that doesn't mean you aren't ready to relive a few of the best Orange Is the New Black moments! Let's take a look back, shall we?

What Kind Of Unicorn Are You?


Klinsmann Names U.S. 30-Man Roster For 2014 FIFA World Cup

Jurgen Klinsman, U.S. Men's National Team coach, selected the 30-man preliminary roster for this summer's 2014 World Cup in Brazil. From this group, a final squad of 23 players will be chosen by June 2.

Who Would Play Your Best Friend In The Movie Version Of Your Life?

It's the most important supporting role in Hollywood history.

41 Photographs That Hope To Change The Way We Look At Post-Pregnancy Bodies

"People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder." —Salma Hayek

This Is What It's Like To Go To The NFL Draft

Put it on your bucket list.

These Two Kids Are The Unsung Heroes Of Mother's Day

The video is from last year, but just now surfacing. Bless these children. And their parents.

9 imágenes increíbles del Concurso de Fotografía de National Geographic Traveler 2014

¿Crees que puedes hacerlo mejor? Las inscripciones cierran el 30 de junio.

Ink Paintings By Ben Sack

Benjamin Sack is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. where he received his BA in Communication Arts. He has exhibited at the Anderson Gallery, The New York Society of Illustrators and the Museum of Russian Art.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" Is Filming In Paris

Pictures from set! November can't come soon enough.

Can You Make It Through These Emotional Sports Moments Without Crying?

Grab a box of tissues and queue up some Sarah McLachlan.

Twitter Officially Rolls Out Its New Mute Feature

Now you can silence users and they'll be none the wiser. Perhaps a tacit admission that Twitter has become too noisy.

Miley Cyrus: "Wrecking Ball" Is A "F--K You" To My Ex

Miley Cyrus says her hit song "Wrecking Ball" is a "f--k you" to her ex (cough, cough, Liam Hemsworth).

Were You A Teen In The Early '00s?

Can you prove you lived through the most fetch time to be a teen: the early ’00s?!

29 Perros que cometieron grandes errores

Perros, para la próxima vez, piénsenlo mejor.

21 Reasons Why Calico Cats Are The Best Cats

Orange, black, white, and awesome.


It's 2014, why don't surveillance cameras have audio? With Solange going straight cray on Bey's man Jay-Z in an elevator at the Met Gala it has everyone wondering what Jay said to Solange.... here are the best of the best of the #WhatJayZSaidtoSolange tweets

Beyoncé Wants None Of This Guy's "Stealthy" Selfie

She sees you when you're sleeping. She knows when you're awake.

This Married Couple Does Choreography Together And It's Super Sexy

Meet Keone and Mariel Madrid, choreographers and dancers (and BABES) extraordinaire.

6 Hilariously Bleak Comics To Put Your Monday In Perspective

"Winning is a useless ideal due to the inevitability of death."

41 coisas surpreendentes que você não sabia sobre os Power Rangers

A Saban, criadora da série, e a Lionsgate, estúdio responsável por filmes como "Crepúsculo" e "Jogos Vorazes", anunciaram que estão filmando o terceiro longa-metragem dos Power Rangers. Comemore o novo filme e morra de saudades da infância bem aqui!

The Solange Knowles–Jay Z Elevator Fight Video Just Broke Twitter

The internet will always react exactly how you think it would.

Kitty Growls Noms & Hisses - Very Funny!

Best dinner conversation ever!

Pinterest Is Revving Up Its Money-Making Machine

After launching promoted pins last year, the company said it was rolling out a paid test today.

Iowa Republican Senate Candidate Still Thinks Iraq Had WMDs

Rising Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst told the Des Moines Register board in a meeting last Friday she still believes Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Este conejito es un pequeño vampiro de frambuesas

Está verdaderamente FUERA DE CONTROL (en el buen sentido).

Vídeo chocante mostra irmã de Beyoncé agredindo Jay Z em elevador

O episódio teria acontecido na semana passada, depois do Met Gala, evento beneficente do Metropolitan Museum of Art, em Nova York.

The "Science" Of Wanting Something You Can't Have

You've totally played this game. (Find more things like this on Tumblr.)

8 Myths That Are Probably Making You Feel Worse About Your Sex Life

Aphrodisiacs kind of work; men don't think about sex every seven seconds. And most people have sex less often than you think.

A Handy Guide On How To Tweet Without Getting Sent To Prison

At least seven people have been convicted for posting offensive messages on social media in the past three years. Here's how to avoid that happening to you.

Shocking Video Surfaces Of Jay Z Being Physically Attacked By Solange Knowles In An Elevator

The fight appears to have happened last week after the Met Gala. UPDATE: TMZ has released another 3 minutes of elevator footage.

The Cast Of "The Nanny" Then And Now

The flashiest girl from Flushing and her family have aged. So. Damn. Well.

Have Clothes Finally Gotten Too Cheap?

Forever 21 just launched an even lower-priced line called F21 red, in a move that should make teenagers with $10 allowances very happy.

Eminem's New Video Features A Gut-Wrenching Apology To His Mother

Spike Lee directed the emotional video, which Em released on Mother's Day.

83 pensamientos que un chambelán tiene de una Quinceañera

Quinceañera (sustantivo): la celebración tradicional para una chica latina que cumple sus 15 años de edad. Chambelán (sustantivo): Escolta, también conocido como el peor trabajo del mundo.

People Are Turning Michelle Obama’s #BringBackOurGirls Pic Into An Anti-Drone Campaign

Many ask: What about child victims of U.S. drone strikes?

22 pessoas no exato momento em que o universo lhes deu um chute

Quando o universo derruba a gente, dói.

This Fan-Made Trailer For A Live Action "Akira" Is Too Amazing For Words

The Akira Project has spent years working on this trailer, starring Osric Chau as Kaneda, and holy crap it's phenomenal.

The 33 Best Chandler Bing One-Liners

Could this post *be* any post-ier?

Which Supermarket Are You?

A scientific examination.

12 Writers On The Women Authors Who Inspired Them

Your new favorite Tumblr features contemporary writers sounding off on their "Literary Mothers."

John Mayer Wears His Bathrobe To The Airport

Or at least something that resembles a bathrobe.

Michael Sam Jersey Sales Surge To No. 2 Out Of NFL Rookies

The NFL said sales of Sam's jersey are "unprecedented," according to a report by OutSports.

Wow, Such Voting For The 2014 Webby Awards “Meme Of The Year”

"The Web is only as miraculous as its memes," goes the saying we just made up. But it's true that memes are like spontaneous little miracles that connect us all. That's why we need you to cast judgment and help The Webby Awards and BuzzFeed decide which meme was this year's best.

13 Women Who Will Change The Way You View Body Hair And Beauty Standards

British photographer Ben Hopper is working to redefine what we consider to be beautiful.

A High School Senior Held Her Graduation Ceremony Next To Her Terminally Ill Mother's Hospital Bed

Officials at the high school were able to put together something special for Megan Snugg and her family.

The 33 Most Brilliantly British Headlines Of All Time

Britain. The land of cheeky seagulls, killer goldfish and people who kick terrorists in the balls.

15 Live Ed Sheeran Performances That Prove His Talent Is Incredible

Mirror, mirror on the wall: who's the most freakin' amazing one of all? Ed's new album is out on June 23rd!

This Man's Epic Worldwide Selfies Will Inspire You To Travel

Thirty-six countries, 600 days, one awesome video.

How To Label Every Trend

Ideas for your next Tumblr music micro-genre by Cat And Girl.

Queen Elsa Is Coming To "Once Upon A Time" This Fall

And she appears to be Storybrooke's next villain. Spoilers, obviously.

21 Ways To Up Your "Game Of Thrones" Finale Party

We must prepare for the long winter ahead. Why not get a head start on your finale party?

Esta modelo con vitiligo posiblemente es lo más inspirador que veras hoy

Prepárate para que verdaderamente te inspiren.

33 More Awesome Facts About Cats

Cats are a riddle wrapped in a mystery. Wrapped in a cat.

19 Of The Most Ridiculous First World Problems Of All Time

Life is just really hard sometimes. Thanks to this Quora thread.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Other Famous People Are Auctioning Off Disposable Cameras

It's all for a good cause. Dibs on Michael Cera's adorable selfies!

Chris Jericho OK With Never Returning To WWF

"You know if I never wrestle again it won't bother me, I don't want the big send-off -- I don't want the big farewell match where I'm in the ring crying in front of 70,000 fans because I'm such a hero and my career is done, I don't look at it that…

10 DIY Ways To Bring A Little Green Into Your Space

Spring up your decor with these incredibly easy planter projects!

The Guardian Thinks Glasgow Is The Capital Of Scotland

This is how to annoy five million people north of the border.

Things I Overheard At A Haim Concert

This weekend, the three-sister pop-rock band jammed out at Terminal 5 in NYC. I attended on Sunday evening, and this is what I heard.

20 momentos que provam que Silvio Santos é o cara mais descolado do Brasil

Quem mais faz concurso de talentos com travestis, grava marchinhas de carnaval de duplo sentido, cai (muito) no palco e ainda se candidata à presidência?

These Disney Princesses Reimagined As Different Ethnicities Are Gorgeous

So disneat. Tumblr artist lettherebedoodles has done some beautiful reimagining.

What Advice Would You Give To Your Teenage Self?

A few wise words can go a long way.

The BNP Attacks UKIP For Being Racist

The British National Party's electoral campaign consists largely of attacks on Nigel Farage. Apparently UKIP's immigration policy is bad for Europeans.

20 Splendid Street Food Vendors To Check Out In London

Check out these hot spots for a tasty feast on the streets of the capital. Yum! #LondonStreetFood.

10 Tips to Surviving and Thriving After College

Words of wisdom by Katherine Schwarzenegger from her new book, I Just Graduated… Now What?

Psychiatrist Testifies Pistorius Suffers From Anxiety Disorder

Oscar Pistorius, who is on trial for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, suffers from "increased stress." South African prosecutors called for the athlete to be placed under observation.

13 veces en las que decepcionaste a este corgi vestido de pirata

Ve a buscarle su bala de cañón inmediatamente.

29 chiens qui ont commis une énorme erreur

Que ça leur serve de leçon.

Rare 'Mono Mono' Twins Born Holding Hands In Ohio

Ohio mom Sarah Thistlewaite gave birth to "mono mono" twins, identical twin girls who shared an amniotic sack.

37 Brutally Accurate Slogans For British TV Channels

The dark recesses of the TV guide.

If Dogs Worked In Offices

Here at Battersea, we love a canine companion in the office and our residents often spend their days chilling out with us while they wait to find new families. However, they don't make the best workers. Here's why.

29 Of The Most Sinister Moments In History

The world is a dark, dark place.

In 2004, Obama Judicial Nominee Tried To Protect The "Sanctity Of Marriage" From "Activist Judges"

The president's controversial pick for the federal bench gave a speech on the floor of the Georgia state legislature to fight against judges expanding marriage rights to same-sex couples.

11 pistas vocales que prueban que las estrellas del pop en realidad cantan con el corazón

La próxima vez que te digan que la música pop está llena de mentiras, envíales esto como prueba. Compadécete del tonto que tiene que tragarse todo lo REAL que quedó en el piso del estudio de grabación.

Este é o roubo mais fofo que você já viu

Quando se trata de biscoitos, apenas os fortes sobrevivem.

12 Pusheen Cats As Characters And Celebs

Amateur reimaginings of the Pusheen cat doing fancy dress. Warning: contains atrocious punning of the feline kind.

Did You Know About This "Monty Python" Easter Egg In "Game Of Thrones"?

It was only a matter of time before this film got referenced...

25 cosas para recordarles a tus hijos cuando sean mayores

Les guste o no, ellos llegarán a apreciarte.

ObamaCare Hurts Labor Participation Rate And That's OK

April represented the end of the open enrollment period for the ObamaCare insurance exchanges. The administration says about 8 million people signed up. Who were they? Some never had insurance before. Some were kids who, like my 26-year-old daughter, had finally exhausted their parents' coverage. But some were people who decided they no longer had to be tied to a job to get health care and took advantage of the knowledge. Think of the 55-year-old computer programmer who runs the numbers and finds she can retire early, if she can find health insurance. She found it. Or the 35-year-old salesman who wants to open a business but couldn't, because of health concerns. Now he can. What the ObamaCare exchange means is people can quit the jobs they hate. It means they can start a new business without putting their families in danger. It's the first leverage workers have gained over their bosses in many, many years. Employer-paid plans started in the 1940s as a way for war plants to keep employees from bolting while wages were frozen. If an employee is making $50,000, and a policy costs $7,500/year, that's a 15% bump in compensation, which lowers the employer's profits. It also lowers the taxes they must pay. The employee does not pay taxes on that $7,500 policy -- they still… The purpose of the ObamaCare "subsidies" is to replicate these tax advantages for the new marketplace created by the exchanges. So what about an employee making minimum wage at WalMart (WMT)? The Obama administration has delayed until 2015 the implementation of its employer mandate that would require firms with more than 50 fulltime employees to provide them with insurance coverage.  At $7.25/hour, 40 hours a week, with no vacation, a Walmart worker makes $15,080. A $7,500 health insurance policy represents a 50% increase in Walmart's costs for that employee. It doesn't pay for Walmart to give that, even with the tax break, and thus they don't want to give minimum wage workers insurance.  With the ObamaCare exchanges, they don't have to. In most states, that employee is eligible for free insurance under Medicaid, which gives them the benefits employers would otherwise bank. And if this newly insured person doesn't like the wages or working conditions at Walmart, they can quit! The insurance is portable.  Even if the employer mandate is implemented, Walmart is on record as saying it would rather reduce employee hours to less than 30 per week, making the workers no longer fulltime and thus sidestepping the company's insurance obligation.

Inside A Nerve Center Of Ukraine's Shadow War

Home to masked militants, a growing number of captives, and a makeshift medical clinic, the separatist headquarters in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk is braced for war. Not far beneath the surface, one already seems to be raging.

This Ad For A London Flat Will Profoundly Creep You Out

And not just because it is wildly over priced.

There Is Now Video Of The Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls

Dozens of girls, kidnapped by the Boko Haram militant group, appear in the unconfirmed video obtained by AFP.

Almost Half Of Children Aged 14 And 15 Say They Are Addicted To The Internet

Children are taking their smartphones to bed and spending up to three hours a day online, according to a new study.

The B-52's: 35+ Years Of Virtuoso Eccentricity

The internet was scoured to collect the best performances (with a couple music videos) of the Athens, GA outfit. In all, from 1978 through 2013, there are 26 perfect examples (in chronological order) of carny music for a future generation.

Russians Are Shaving Their Beards In Reaction To Conchita Wurst's Eurovision Win

If they weren't happy about her taking part, they're even less happy now. (h/t and Vice).

Police Investigate Man For Criticising UKIP On Twitter

Officers from Cambridgeshire Police visit a man's home after he fact-checked a list of ten of the eurosceptic party's policies on Twitter.

35 Ways British Men Can Address Each Other, Defined

Learn to spot the danger signs.

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