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Here's What's Actually Worth Buying On Prime Day

Deals, deals, all type of deals. These are the best of all the deals.

Jessica Probus • 2 months ago

Sorry, Filing Your Taxes On Time Really Does Matter

Welcome to Tax Season 2019! It's complicated and full of scammers.

Jessica Probus • 5 months ago

43 Gifts Under $32.99 That Will Please Literally Anyone On Your List

If your giftee wouldn't like one of these, I'm sorry ladies and gentlemen, but you need to give up on them!!

Jessica Probus • 9 months ago

38 Of The Best Cyber Monday Deals At The Home Depot

THIS IS NOT A ~DRILL~! No time for puns — get deals on furniture, luggage, appliances, rugs, and tools for up to 70% off!!!!

Emma McAnaw • 10 months ago

Here's Why You Should Buy CBD For Everyone You Know This Holiday

Be the trend-setting gift-giver you always knew you could be.

Jessica Probus • 10 months ago
Jessica Probus • 11 months ago

This $40 Pillow Is (Almost) As Good As A First-Class Upgrade

You deserve better than spending hundreds on a flight only to arrive with a stiff neck.

Emmy Favilla • 11 months ago

17 Kitchen Tools Your Mom Will Be So Proud That You Own

Actually *using* them all is a tomorrow problem.

Jessica Probus • One year ago

Find The Best Of Every Product: Introducing "BuzzFeed Reviews"

We've done the testing to find the absolute best products at three different price points, so no matter what you're shopping for or how much you have to spend, we've got you covered.

Adam Davis • One year ago

Amazon's $13 Towels Are The Best Budget Towels You'll Find Anywhere

This set of soft, quick-drying towels is the perfect affordable option for people with small bathrooms, college students, pet parents, or anyone who wants a little color in their life.

Emmy Favilla • One year ago

Get Your Zucchini Out: The Internet's Favorite Spiralizer Is On Sale For Prime Day

And the new folding model is even better than the last!

Jessica Probus • One year ago

8 Prime Day Deals You Won't Regret Buying

There are deals hidden beneath the error messages, and some are truly legit.

Jessica Probus • One year ago

Here Are Some Reusable Straws That Don't Totally Suck

You're the one who sucks! (Get it??)

Jessica Probus • One year ago

Ok, Let's Settle This IMHO Debate Once And For All

Put your money where your H is...

Jessica Probus • One year ago

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on select Olay products (including the new Magnemask), serving carts, electric toothbrushes, and more!

Jessica Probus • One year ago

36 Legitimately Good Cyber Monday Deals From Walmart

Get deals on toys, electronics, home appliances and more!

Jessica Probus • One year ago

Here's What's Actually Worth Buying On Cyber Monday

We've got the tips and tricks you need the make the most of this deal-a-thon.

Jessica Probus • One year ago

Good Gift Alert: Cookbooks Are 50% Off At Barnes & Noble

Get one for every chef or foodie or aspiring-eater in your life today

Jessica Probus • One year ago