What Should Your Name Actually Be?

Don’t let your parents be the boss of you.

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    1. Have feet for hands. (And still have feet for feet.)
    2. Not have hands.
    3. Have scissors for fingers.
    4. Have carrots for fingers.
    5. Have your own hands, but they are glued inside puppets.
    6. Have your own hands, but you can only use them to clap.
    7. Have permanent mittens.
    8. Have hands stuck in the “thumbs up” sign.
    9. Have transplanted gorilla hands.
    1. A kale salad with Dorito croutons and ice cream for dessert
    2. A kale salad and ice cream with Dorito sprinkles
    3. Kale roasted in ice cream sauce over Dorito nachos
    4. Ice cream with a shredded kale and Dorito garnish
    5. What is kale?
    6. It really depends on which kind of Doritos
    7. What are Doritos?
    8. A casserole
    9. I would rather starve.
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    1. Stand still.
    2. Sing.
    3. Pick your nose.
    4. Check your teeth.
    5. Jump up and down between floors.
    6. Flip off the security camera.
    7. Press all the buttons as you get off.
    8. Open the emergency phone hatch.
    9. Fix your wedgie.
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