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10 Times That Brendon Urie Was Legit Fire

Cause that top hat be poppin

We Tried Kylie Jenner's Line Of $250 Hair Extensions

Six women from BuzzFeed put them to the test.

22 Times "Daria" Got Way, Way Too Real

It's not about being depressed; it's just about being realistic.

"Africa" By Toto Is The Greatest Musical Achievement Of All Time

There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.

Why Women Should Remember To Smile

When men tell you to smile, they've got some good reasons.

15 Super Easy Protective Styles That Anyone Can Do

Because the struggle is too real.

19 Things That Are Actually Terrifying For Worriers

*hears strange noises at night* Ah, yes, my time to die has come.

74 Times "Hannibal" Was The Most Stunningly Beautiful Show On Television

Hannibal is art. Words simply don't do it justice. WARNING: NSFW! SPOILERS!

Amy Schumer Photobombed This Couple's Super Cute Engagement Shoot

The comedian apparently ran up to the couple and asked to get in one of the photos.

This Woman Hit Back At "Make-Up Shaming" With An Incredible Transformation

Vlogger Nikkie Tutorials used make-up on just half her face to show its power.

10 Emotional Self-Portraits That Express The Anxiety Of Body Image

“I think self-acceptance is important at any size. People often think their worth is dependent on their jean size."

25 Things That Will Always Bother '00s Kids

Is it chicken, or is it fish?

Here's A New Way To Take Photos That Look Like Magic

No special effects or green screens needed!

8 Things We Learned About Miley Cyrus From Her Paper Magazine Interview

Honestly, this interview is instantly iconic.

31 Accessories Every '90s Girl Will Recognize

All found at your local mall.

Miley Cyrus' Next Album Is Going To Be Weird, Y'all

Honestly, we wouldn't want it any other way.

Can We Guess How Popular You Were In School?

It's time to sort the cheer captains from the kids who sat on the bleachers.

This 60-Year-Old Woman Absolutely Crushed This Hip-Hop Dance

We all want to be Shirley Clements when we grow up.

How An Atheist Answered Her Daughter's Question About God

What I told my 9-year-old when she finally asked.

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